Best Exhaust Bathroom Fan Guide & Reviews [2019]

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Are you feeling bad with the odors and stuck in a difficult situation to get out of bad odors out from your tiny bathroom? Don’t be stressed and be cool with the solution provided in this article.

If you are in a hurry you can start with Panasonic wall mount bathroom fans. This fan is best overall on our list.

Just a little thing you want to follow is to go through this reviewed article to grasp the solution to your problem with the use of the bathroom fans. The bathroom fans are the very much essential electronic product to be implemented in your bathrooms.

With the use of this bathroom ceiling fans, you can able to circulate the air with the user desirable speeding options in order help for the ventilation purpose and to destroy the entrance of moisture and other unpleasant odor smelling into your bathroom.

Table: 10 Best Exhaust Fans of 2019

PictureNameOur Rating
Panasonic FV08WQ1 70 CFM Bathroom Fan5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
NuTone 9093wh Deluxe Exhaust Fan4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Broan QTXE110FLT 110 CFM Bathroom Fan4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Delta Breez SLM50 50 CFM Bathroom Exhaust Fan4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Hunter Riazzi 83001 Bathroom Fan4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Panasonic FV11VQ5 110 CFM Ceiling Bathroom Fan4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Stiebel Eltron Wall Mount Bathroom Fan
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Broan 512M 6'' 70 CFM Bathroom Fan with 3.5 Sones4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)
Air King BFQF70 4'' Exhaust Bathroom Fan With Lighting Setup4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
KAZE APPLIANCE SE90TL2 Ultra Quiet Fan4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

Best Bathroom Fans- Reviewed

There are different varieties of bathroom fans with variable inbuilt design features and outlook appearances. From all the different types of bathroom fans, I have mentioned some of the top and best-rated bathroom fans to be perfectly fit into your space.

The bathroom fans of variable brands consist of a unique feature that tends to meet the requirement of the user. Making research on best bathroom fan reviews for purchase is a difficult task so I have provided the needed information before choosing the best one to purchase.

1. Panasonic FV08WQ1 Bathroom Fan

The Panasonic FV08WQ1 bathroom fan is one of the energy-efficient walls mounting fans which fully equipped with the AC motor condenser with the absence of noise formation. It includes the durable type of wall cap inbuilt with the back-sided draft damper.

It does not need any equipment to assemble and it is coated with the rustproof painting to prevent rust and dust formation. This contemporary grille design is fully featured with the ventilation, easy installation and high warranted condensed motor. The Panasonic whisper wall includes an 8-inch duct and 70 cubic feet of airflow breezing to cool down the heat effect.

Key Features

Air ventilator

Whisper wall

AC motor condenser


No noise


Avoid odors

This energy-efficient low noise bathroom fan consists of thermal fusion protection against the circuit wiring. It consists of the inbuilt damper unit to prevent the back drafting and noiseless incoming air ventilator to avoid the odor formation.

2. NuTone 9093wh Deluxe Exhaust Fan

NuTone 9093wh Deluxe Exhaust Fan comes with light and heater which produces heat to your bathroom. So you don’t use your heating systems. It reduces your heating bills.

Most of the exhaust fan with heater consumes below 10000 watts its very very low when compared to this NuTone 15000 watt fan. So you can change the heat temperature as per your preference. This fan keeps the temperature. So you can enjoy your shower while chilly days.

Key Features

2 lighting systems

70 CFM ventilation

1500W heating element



Soft Glowlights

Additional decor

Its 1500 Watt heating system and 70 CFM ventilation give an efficient performance to your bathroom. It can maintain a comfy temperature and humidity up to 100 square feet size of your bathroom without any obstacles.

It also comes with two lighting systems that are 100 w incandescent light and 7-watt night light. Both are providing illumination to your bathroom.

3. Broan QTXE110FLT Bathroom Fan

The Broan QTXE110FLT bathroom fan tends to offer the user with the extreme power operating performance of high-quality features. This quite operating bathroom fan comes out with a wide variety of applications such as heater, lights and nightlight options.

It includes a low profile type of grilling with the six inches of superior duct to perform the 110 CFM range. The energy-efficient continuous motor operating mode usually operated at 0.7 sones for each rotation. It is highly designed with the innovative grille design to get rid of the moisture with the use of the rugged type of galvanized steel housing falls in the

It is highly designed with the innovative grille design to get rid of the moisture with the use of the rugged type of galvanized steel housing that falls in the ranging of 26 gauges.

Key Features

Exhaust ceiling

Tapered sleeve

Innovative grille design


High quality

Efficient motor

Easy installation

This bathroom fan series is an exhaust ceiling type of bathroom fan such that includes 13 inches of grilling unit with the hanging bar for easy installation and quick maintenance processing. It consists of the polymeric round damper of 6

It consists of the polymeric round damper of 6 inches that comes out with the affixation of the tapered sleeve and non-metallic clatter to operate the fan in the noiseless mode.

4. Delta Breez SLM50 50 Exhaust Fan

The Delta Breez bathroom fan is one of the efficient exhaust fans with a reliable power operating range. This fan is made of the same sizing but with less noise and low power consumption by means of the brushless type of DC motor.

The retrofit sizing of this Delta Breez bathroom fan does not require any ceiling holes to clamp on such that it need only low maintenance requirements. This quiet performing bathroom fan operates at one sone and it is considered as the less cost-efficient unit. This modern grille design comes out with the LED indicator lighting and attractive grilles to provide fabulous and stylish outlook design.

Key Features

LED lighting

Brushless DC motor

Modern grille design


Quit operation

Prevent bad odor

High-quality design

It is highly designed with the galvanized steel construction to resist corrosion factors. This worry-free safe operating bathroom fan is used for both the implementation of ceiling mount types and wall mounting types. It provides high-quality airflow operation to eradicate the corrosion factors and bad odor formations.

5. Hunter Riazzi 83001 Bathroom Fan

This Hunter Riazzi bathroom fan is a decorative type of bathroom fan which not only provides a stylish outlook in appearance but also helps to remove the moisture and bad unpleasant odors out from your space.

It is fully featured with the architectural beaded type of casting design which comes out with an elegant curve casing to safeguard the wiring. These hunter bathroom fan series provide a healthy environment by means of circulating the air around your space to remove the excess presence of odor forming moistures.

Key Features

Stylish outlook

Elegant curve casing

Brushed nickel coating


Remove moisture

Noiseless operation

Eliminate humidity

This ultra noiseless ranging bathroom fan helps to eliminate the excess humidity present in your space such that it adds perfect good looking to your bathrooms. Its outer cover is made up of the accurate finish of brushed nickel-coated casing of white-colored glass.

6. Panasonic FV11VQ5 Bathroom Fan

This Panasonic bathroom fan is highly featured with the AC motor of enclosed condensing type and double-tapered blower wheel to provide the noise-free quiet performance. It is best suited for the large-sized bathrooms which are a great choice for energy-efficient ventilating.

Its flexible duct layout and design feature helps to position this bathroom fan anywhere you want. This energy-efficient Panasonic FV11VQ5 bathroom fan is easy to install and mount over the ceiling to eliminate the harmful bathroom factors such as mildew, moisture, and mold.

Key Features

AC motor

High-quality blade

Enclosed condenser


Efficient venting

Easy to install

Better air circulation

This long-lasting bathroom fan includes high performance enclosed condenser motors with better efficiency, reduced noise ranging, high-quality blade design and better air circulation performance. Its double hanger bar system makes the installation process easier.

Here is a youtube video explaining the product in brief.

7. Stiebel Eltron Wall Mounted Bathroom Fan

This Stiebel Eltron Bathroom fan is specially equipped with the electric heater which can be easily mounted over the bathroom walls. Its sleek European surface-mount design is quiet in performing the operation.

It is highly implemented with the galvanized steel of squirrel cage blowing motor to reduce the noise level created during the operation. The built-in thermostat in this bathroom fan helps to adjust the temperature and provide the maximum comfort stay for the user during the shower.

Key Features

Down drafting unit

Include thermostat

Sleek European design


Perfect warming

Noiseless operation

Frost protection settings

The down drafting design of this bathroom fan tends to heat your bathroom space in a perfect even manner. Its frost protection setting helps to keep the user in a warm condition during the deep winter season.

8. Broan 512M Wall Mounted Bathroom Fan

The Broan 512M through the wall bathroom fan is one of the best ventilator fans to be perfectly fitted for every bathroom. It helps to increase the ventilation facility and eliminate the humidity present in your bathroom space.

This compatible Broan bathroom fan is usually mounted on the wall that is controlled efficiently through the remote switch to vary the speed option. Its interior sturdy grill design offers a fabulous outlook appearance.

Key Features

Aluminum duct

Interior sturdy grills

Louvered exterior unit


High venting

Speed variation

Eliminate humidity

It mainly comes out with the design feature of the louvered exterior type of wall cap and inbuilt screen to safeguard the wiring unit. This through the wall design is highly equipped with the flexible type of aluminum duct.

Here is a Youtube video that describes the product more clearly.

9. Air King BFQF70 Exhaust Bathroom Fan

The Air-King Exhaust bathroom fan is one of the best suitable bathroom fans with lighting setup and proper venting facilities. Its polymeric grill housing tends to withstand against strong blowing performance.

This ABS polymeric plastic housing bathroom fan comes out with the blower, grills, four-inch circle-shaped duct collar, plastic damper and snap in the bracket to protect the back drafting facility with quiet operating mode. It provides ventilation for the bathroom spacing up to 65 square feet.

Key Features

70 CFM blower

Fluorescent lamp

Polymeric plastic housing


Proper venting

High efficiency

No heavy installation

Its snap-in installation system tends to allow the user to easily install this bath fan without any type of heavy accessories. This bathroom fan contains a high-efficiency fluorescent lamp to offer 100W lighting and its 70 CFM blower quality created 2 sones of quiet operation.

10. KAZE APPLIANCE SE90TL2 Bathroom Exhaust Fan

KAZE APPLIANCE SE90TL2 Bathroom Exhaust Fan has 90 CFM, which eliminates the humidity from your bathroom. This fan is designed with a lighting system, that illuminates your bathroom when compared to the other high power exhaust fans. It had 11 watts LED, and a 2 LED watt night light with 30000 hours of rated life.

The good quality and ultra quite KAZE bathroom fan create the perfect ventilation to your bathroom. In its 0.3 sones rating ensures the noiseless performance. Even at full power, this fan doesn’t produce any noise.

Key Features

Simple grill design

Lubricated motor

Double hanger mounting bars


Easy to install

100 watt light

Noiseless operation

The installation process of this fan is very simple because it comes with double hanger mounting bars, and 4 inch and 6-inch duct adapter. So you don’t have to worry about the metallic clatter.

Things To Be Considered While Purchasing The Best Bathroom Fan

Different brands and types of bathroom fans provide unique features and well-defined qualities based on user desire. When it comes to buying a new bathroom fan, it is best to consider the following mentioned factors before moving on to a purchase.

CFM Rating

Choose the bathroom fan specified with the high CFM rating to handle the air circulation effectively. The Cubic Feet per Minute rating is varied in every brand of bathroom fans such that it refers to the range of air at which it gets exchanged during the operation per minute.

Bathroom Fan Size

The bathroom fan’s size should be chosen based on the size of your bathroom space. Basically, the size of the bathroom fan varies in different brands such that the larger sized bathroom fans contain high capacity than the smaller one.

Noise Ranging

While purchasing your best suitable bathroom fan for your bathroom space, it is necessary to make a note on the noise level ranging during the operation. The bathroom fan should be effectively designed with high-quality motor and durable moving parts to make null of extreme noisy conditions.

Lighting and Wiring Options

Most of the bathroom fans come out with the designed features of attractive lighting and safety wiring facility. Pick the bathroom fan with efficient lighting and easy installation setup to stay comfortably.


Select the bathroom fan with the heater inbuilt option which is an additional feature to be useful for the winters. The bathroom fan with the heater helps the user to stay warm after the bath during the deep winter season.

Venting Facility

Carefully keep in mind about the proper ventilation bathroom fan while purchasing. The bathroom fan with the proper venting only helps to drop out a large amount of hot air out of your bathroom space.

Humidity Sensor

Look into the availability of humidity sensor implementation in the bathroom fan in which it is the smart choice to get rid of the humid air circulation around your bathroom space.

Motor Quality

Choose the bathroom fans comes out with a powerful high-quality motor that requires only little maintenance measure. Most of the bathroom fan is modeled with a motor having heavy-duty winding, lubricated ball bearing and less vibration not to cause extreme noisy operation.

Know More Details About The Bathroom Fan

What is Bathroom Fan?

The bathroom fan is one of the added beneficial measures to your bathroom space. It perfectly fits into the small-sized bathroom area with no ventilation or windows such that you will be greatly benefited from installing large fans.

Exhaust Fan with light in Bathroom

The bathroom fans’ main work is to circulate the air around your bathroom and help to provide the proper ventilation. It helps to eliminate the unpleasant odor sensation, moisture, bacterial and fungal formation present in the bathroom due to the improper water stagnant construction.

Benefits of Having the Bathroom Fans

Most of the people make use of the bathroom fans to treat the wet and heat condition inside the room. Verify the following steps I have mentioned down below to know about why one should necessarily have this bathroom fan in the home.

With the use of this bathroom fan, you can able to prevent moisture, mold, damping and other infectious things. Having the best bathroom fans in your bathroom will ensure you to keep all these harmful activities out from your bathroom space.

Its durable motor performance offers silent operation without any annoying activities to keep you relax during the bath. The bathroom fan helps to divert the unpleasant-smelling odors from your bathroom space. Its inbuilt light implementation offers the user with an additional lightening effect during the bath shower.

Its inbuilt light implementation offers the user with an additional lightening effect during the bath shower.

The bathroom fans tend to remove the humid air present around your bathroom space thereby creates pleasant temperature during the bath. It usually provides ventilation to the bathroom without having any window spacing.

Its energy-efficient quality helps to protect and prevent the dripping of water on the wall paint and other wooden furniture. The automated high tech advanced bathroom fans tend to increase the air circulation inside the bathroom and reduce the high humidity level, molds, bad odors, and mildew.

I have embedded a Youtube Video, which describes on choosing the best fans for your bathroom.

Types Of Bathroom Fans

There are wide varieties of bathroom fans available in the market in which I have mentioned some of the major types of bathroom fans as follows.

Bathroom fan with heater

The bathroom fan with the inbuilt heating elements implementation helps to provide the optimized ventilation. This heating element's main work is to remove excess humidity present inside the bathroom to prevent the unwanted harmful mold and mildew.

Bathroom Fan with Heater

Bathroom window fan

This bathroom window fan is more ideal and easy to install in the bathroom with poor ventilation and windows. It helps to increase air circulation inside the bathroom by means of improved ventilation.

Wall mountable Exhaust Bathroom Fan

It is ideal for small bathrooms with humid air problems and absence of ventilation. This bathroom exhaust fan is usually mounted on the wall to exhaust all the mould formation and mildew deposits. It is energy efficient in construction and it does now produce any unpleasant noise during the operation.

Wall Mountable Exhaust Fans
Bathroom Fan With Humidity Sensor

Bathroom Fan with Humidity sensor

This bathroom window fan is more ideal and easy to install in the bathroom with poor ventilation and windows. It helps to increase air circulation inside the bathroom by means of improved ventilation.

Final Verdict

The bathroom fans are one of the cost-effective equipment need to be implemented in every space to maintain the home’s integrity factor such that it can be easily afforded within your limited budget.

With the simple implementation of the bathroom fans, you can able to eliminate the growth and spread of odor formation, germs, disease exposures, etc.

Before your purchase, I do hope that the above-mentioned information about each product of bathroom fans helps you in the way to choose the suitable and best fans for your bathrooms for satisfying all your needs.