The 10 BEST Ceiling fans in 2019 Review [A Complete Guide]


Hey, Folks, the summer has arrived, and it’s time for getting the Best Ceiling Fans and AC in your home, Office and other important well-equipped areas. Ceiling fans can be used to cool down the room temperature and also pushes the cool air upwards especially during summer days.

I prefer getting different types of fans like ceiling fans, tower fans, window fans, Oscillating fans for my home or office rather than Air Coolers and Air conditioners. There are many benefits of these ceiling fans and other fans when compared to other cooling devices.

I know most of your thinking would also be the same. Am I right guys?

Fans are devices that keep us cool even in hot climates. There are different kinds of fans available in the market; one among them is the ceiling fan, which is fitted on the roof of the houses.

These ceiling fans can be used in various places such as houses, malls, markets, theaters, offices, etc.

Best Ceiling Fans – The great choice to buy in 2019

There are various brands and models of ceiling fans, and one should select the right and the best ceiling fan among them.

Hunter 53091 Builder Ceiling Fan

Premium Pick- Hunter 53091 Builder Ceiling Fan

It delivers a great performance and has a highest airflow this fan will not produce any noise. This fan is one of the most efficient ceiling fans because of its amazing performance. It provides a constant airflow without breaking down which is an important feature to consider.

Westinghouse 78108 ceiling fans

Budget Pick- Westinghouse 78108 Petite Reversible Fan

Westinghouse 78108 is relatively cheaper and consumes very low power than other models. It saves on both electricity and budget. This fan can run at a speed of 220 CFM and has an efficient motor that make your surrounding comfortable and soothing even in hot summers.

For user convenience, some top rated ceiling fans with high performance are listed below.
Product Name
Our Rating
View On Amazon
Hunter 53091 Builder Ceiling Fan
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
Westinghouse 78108 Petite Reversible Fan
3.8 Stars (3.8 / 5)
Hardware House 543611 Aegean Fan
3.4 Stars (3.4 / 5)
Ellington Litex E-Ub48bc4c1 48-Inch Ceiling Fan
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
Emerson Ceiling Fans Cf712orb Pro Series
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Hampton Bay Hugger 52 In.Ceiling Fan
4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)
Home Decorators Collection- 52 In.Windward
4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)
Fanimation Of110bl Extraordinaire Ceiling Fan
4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)
Harbor Breeze 44-In Indoor Ceiling Fan
4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
Canarm Cf42new5orb 42-Inch Ceiling Fan
3.8 Stars (3.8 / 5)

#1-Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan

The Hunter ceiling fan is the top rated ceiling fan in the market. This ceiling fan is designed with 5 blade system and this is used for circulating the air with high performance.

The device is equipped with Whisper wind motor which offers high performance in less noise conditions.

The motor used within the device can also be built with the speed adjustment system within the device. In addition to this, the motor has also reverse features by which the fan can be operated with reverse spinning technology.

The blades used within the devices are angles with 12 degrees for higher performance. Further, the device uses a pull chain for speed adjustment and the operation of lights placed within the fan.

The lights used within the device are the incandescent light that operates in 60 W. the fan can be operated with or without light. Check out the complete Hunter Builder Deluxe 5 Blade Ceiling Fan Review here.

Hunter 53091 Builder Ceiling Fan

#2-Westinghouse 78108 Petite Reversible 3-Speed Hugger Six-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Petite ceiling fan is a high quality six blade ceiling fan that is equipped with light. The operation of the 6-blades is unique so that the device can be used with any kind of rooms.

This fan cab is even equipped with small rooms. The motor used in the fan is powerful, and it also has speed adjustment mechanisms with it. The speed of the motor can be adjusted at three different levels for comfort.

Further, the motor also has the reversible mode with it, so that the device can be operated easily in various climatic conditions. Single incandescent light is used within the device with opal mushroom glass covering with it.

The power usage of the fan is less, and it is about 45 watts without lights. Further, the design of the fan is unique, and it offers higher performance to the users.

Westinghouse 78108 ceiling fans

#3-Hardware House 543611 Aegean Flush-Mount 42-Inch Ceiling Fan

The Hardware House Ceiling fan is a 42-inch 4 blade ceiling fan that offers higher performance to the users. The design of this fan is very attractive and it is designed with stamped steel and cast aluminum.

The head and the blades of the fan are made durable with the help of satin nickel coating with it. The motor used within the device is powerful, and it also offers reversible operation.

In addition to this, the motor also offers speed variation feature with it. With this, the user can operate the fan with higher comfort. This fan also uses high-quality light fixture kit. 60 W incandescent lights are used within the kit for durability.

The power used by the ceiling fan is less, and it can be used as an energy efficient system with high performance.

Hardware House 543611 Aegean Fan

#4-Ellington Litex E-Ub48bc4c1 Urbana 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

Ellington Litex ceiling fan is also a high quality ceiling fan that can be operated effectively with the help of five effective chrome blades and single light kit.

The lights used within the device are 60 W candelabra bulbs that can be used for the higher performance and efficiency. This device offers down rod mounting installation for operating the entire device. The fan body is also made up of durable, high-quality material with sleek metal chrome finish.

The motor used within the device is also powerful, and it ensures quiet operation within the device. This device also offers speed control feature and reversible operation with it.

The design and the features of this device are highly effective, and so the durability and efficiency of the device are high. This device also has the long lifetime with it.

Ellington Litex E-Ub48bc4c1 48-Inch Ceiling Fan

#5-Emerson Ceiling Fans Cf712orb Pro Series Ceiling Fans

Emerson Ceiling Fan is a popularly used indoor ceiling fan that is designed and available in various attractive designs.

The blades used in the device are made up of dark-cherry and medium oak blades. Totally five blades are used within the device for high performance. The design of the ceiling fan is made attractive with an oil-rubbed bronze finish in it.

Further, the device has wooden chain pulls for operating various functions and operations within the ceiling fans. The motor used within the device is powerful, and it also offers the reversible operation to the device.

Installing this device in houses in very easy and it can be done with the help of mounting bracket with down rod mounting.

This fan also has the light system with it, and this kit uses three 60W candelabra bulbs for operation.

Emerson Ceiling Fans Cf712orb Pro Series

#6-Hampton Bay Hugger 52 In. Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

This is a high performance five blade ceiling fan with 52 inches diameter. This fan is operated with reversible blades that have a walnut finish on one side and maple finish on the other side.

This device is coated with brushed nickel to make the device durable. The motor used within the device is powerful, and it has the multi-capacitor design to reduce the noise within the device.

This device is most widely preferred for interior use, and it has flush-down mount installation with it. The lights used in the device are of high performance, and it uses a medium base bulb for operation.

The entire device is durable, and it can be used for both interior and exterior operation within the device. If you are still confused, check the YouTube below for the details description on product.

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 In.Ceiling Fan

#7-Home Decorators Collection- 52″ Windward Iv Large Room Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fans from Home Decorators Collection offers high efficiency with a powerful motor. The motor used with this device can be operated with various speed limits at high performance.

Further, the motor can also be operated with a reversible operation, so that the blades can be operated from both sides.

This device has five high-efficiency blades that are coated with the black finish for durability. The blade also provides high air flow and greater air movement within the region. This device is also equipped with the help of light that is covered with frosted opal glass.

Programmed thermostatic remote control is also used, and it controls the temperature and light within the rooms.

The installation of the device is very simple, and it can be done with Tri-mount installation. In addition to this, it is an energy efficient system, and it has energy star rating with it.

Home Decorators Collection- 52 In.Windward

#8-Fanimation Of110bl Extraordinaire Ceiling Fan

Fanimation brand of ceiling fans are advanced extra ordinate ceiling fans that can be operated with 3 blades.

This fan is manufactured with the help of retro chic with modern engineering technology. This fan is efficient and can be used in interior places that the exterior places.

The design and performance of this fan are completely different compared to ordinary ceiling fans. This motor used within the fan is powerful, and it can be rotated continuously within the ceiling bases so that the range of air flows within the device is high.

Further, the installation and performance of the device are easy and powerful, and so the device can be used durably in various places.

This ceiling fan is placed within the black finish cages so that it can be kept safe from external disturbances.

Fanimation Of110bl Extraordinaire Ceiling Fan

#9-Harbor Breeze 44-In Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze is a 44-inch ceiling fan with three silver finish plywood blades for operation.

This fan is also equipped with a lighting kit and remote for high performance. The lighting kit uses an incandescent bulb for durable operation.

The motor used within the device is also powerful, and it is reversible with the three-speed control setting in it. This motor has programmable devices that can be utilized for interfacing the device with the help of remote.

The design and finish of this device are very attractive so that many people use this device for interior decorations. The durability and the lifetime of the device are high, and so the device can be used long time operation.

Harbor Breeze 44-In Indoor Ceiling Fan

#10-Canarm Cf42new5orb New Yorker Dual Mount 42-Inch Ceiling Fan

This is an attractive ceiling fan with colorful blades and light kit. This ceiling fan uses five blades for durable operation, and these five blades are coated with a durable material so that the lifetime of the device is high.

The blades can also be used for reversible operation with a dual finish. The dual finish includes the walnut design on one edge and medium maple on the other. The light kit uses three optimal light bulbs for operation.

Canarm Cf42new5orb 42-Inch Ceiling Fan

These are the top rated best products in the market.

Why are Ceiling Fans best compared to other cooling devices?

The ceiling fans are considered as the best alternative to air coolers and air conditioners. These devices can be afforded easily at less cost and can be fitted in the walls or ceilings easily.

The ceiling fan just re-circulates the air within the room or area, so that these fans can be used in both cool and warm climates.

Ceiling fans are electrically powered mechanical fans equipped with leaves and rotor. These fans are fixed and suspended down from the roof with the help of hub mounted system.

There are various types and varieties of ceiling fans which can be used based on the places and region of use.

Why should you buy a Ceiling Fan?

The ceiling fans are considered as an effective means that can be used for replacing costlier air coolers and other air sources within the houses.

The cost of the ceiling fans are less compared to other devices and so many people can afford the fans easily.

Few Benefits of Ceiling Fan

In addition to this, there are various advantages and important features with this ceiling fan. These advantages are useful, and they stand as the best choice for selecting the ceiling fans.

These benefits are listed below.

  1. Reduced cost
  2. requires less power for operation
  3. Can be used both in cool and hot weather
  4. Long life than other conventional coolers

Do you know how to install a Ceiling Fan? Here is a clear video explanation on installing the video fans in your home or any other place.

What are the important factors to consider when buying a ceiling fan?

The user should select the perfect and suitable ceiling fan for their use. There are certain points that should be kept in mind while selecting a ceiling fan.

  • Always the ceiling fan should be designed with a reversible motor so that it can swing in two ways.
  • The fans should also be equipped and used with speed variation devices so that the fan can be operated at various speeds as per the need of the user.
  • The blades should have angles with them because these blades will circulate air at the higher amount that of the normal ones.
  • Select a fan that operates with very less input power, so that the energy bill of the user can be reduced.

If you get a ceiling fan with above factors, your fan will have long device durability with high power and performance.

Problems Equipped With Ceiling Fans

As mentioned above ceiling fans are useful devices that act as effective replacements for conventional air coolers and other cooling systems.

But there are some problems equipped with this device. A major problem with the ceiling fan is the mounting process.

Mostly many house owners feel some difficulties with the mounting process of the ceiling fan; this is because they use standard mounts for mounting the device.

The best alternative to solve this problem is using angled mounts so that the fans can be fixed accurately within the ceiling. Some houses are designed with the lower ceiling and these homeowners also have some problems in mounting the fan.

This is because the rod used within the fan is 2-3 feet in length. To avoid this, the house owner should choose the best ceiling fans with 4-inches small.

Another problem faced with ceiling fans is the blades. Mostly many ceiling fans are made up of natural material that contracts by time.

Further, the wooden blades split with time. So the house owner should prefer plastic blades over the blades made up of natural material.

Final Words

I hope you got a clear idea on Ceiling Fans from the above guide. What type of Ceiling Fans do you use for your home or office purpose?

Having any queries regarding the above guide? Feel free to shoot your queries in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many blades should a ceiling fan have?

When a fan has fewer blades there is less drag on the motor and it can go faster and move air more efficiently. It will create a chill effect and make your space feel cooler. If the blade pitch is high it can replace the air easily.

  1. What is the right size ceiling fan for a room?

The most popular size for a ceiling fan is 60” these extra large fans are not only used in large rooms but also can be placed in average size living rooms. It can spread the airflow more evenly throughout the room.

  1. How can you choose the ceiling fan?

The ceiling fans make great additions to the home and they cool us down in summer and warm up in winter. These fans are at an optimal height for air movement when they are 8 to 9 feet above the ground.

  1. How do ceiling fans work?

Ceiling fans can make life more comfortable and they can save money on cooling bills as well. The electric motor inside the fan converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. It circulates air through the room as it replaces the air pushed down from the ceiling.

  1. Do ceiling fans have motors?

The ceiling fan motors consume less power and it requires only one power phase for operating. Fans that are equipped with large and high-performance motors are much more durable and efficient.


  1. I am looking for the best ceiling fans for my newly built house. The ceiling fan that, I am searching for should cool down the room’s temperature by consuming less power. So could you suggest me an apt ceiling fan for my house?