Best 10 Cooling Fans For Rooms Review 2019

After some months of testing, we have found the best 10 products that are efficient in cooling as well as performance. Find the best less expensive cooling fan from our product lists to strike away from the summer heat instead of having the bulky air conditioner system. Make your rooms chilled with the fresh cool air circulation to keep you cool this summer.

If you are not interested to spend a little more time, you can start with Dyson air multiplier cooling fan. It is the best overall cooling fan. It is an ideal choice for your home, office, etc.

The cooling fans have the ability to provide the continuous circulation of natural cool air to calm down your sweating problem thereby helps to remove the air pollution. This cooling type of room fans gains its good popularity due to the less expense ranging without disturbing the user from sleep with the noisy operation.

If you wish to stay cool during the extreme summer seasons, then make use of this room cooling fans to satisfy all your needs.

Our Top Picks

Premium Pick

Noiseless operation

Air multiplier technology

Energy efficient quality

Budget Pick

Efficient performance

Portable Handle

Reduces energy cost

The cooling tower or floor fans are one of the best solutions to keep your rooms cool. In order to overcome all the difficulties in choosing the best cooling fan and other cooling applications, I have down listed some of the top rated best cooler room fans for your quick and easy reference before moving on to purchase.

Top 10 Cooling Fans-Reviewed

1.  Dyson AM07 Air Multiplier Room Cooling Tower Fan

The Dyson air multiplier is one of the best high-velocity air cooling fans which mainly works based on the air multiplier technology to amplify the dynamic range of air flow. This air cooling fan is highly equipped with the noiseless operating parts to provide the user with an unobtrusive operation.

The moderate spinning bladeless design of this Dyson cooling fan series tends to offer safe performance and easy cleaning option. It also includes sleep timer to program the fan with different intervals settings for the user comfort. This cooling fan is specially included with the remote control for easy controlling over the cooling options.

Air Multiplier technology

Fast spinning blades

LED digital display

Brand Dyson

Weight 9 pounds

10 precise airflow settings

It is highly inbuilt with oscillation control features with high energy efficient quality. This lightweight compact design comes out with the excellent design to be perfectly fit into any space. It is designed to decorate your space with the stylish oval shape of white color outlook.

2. Vornado 660 Full Room Air Circulator Cooling Fan

The Vornado 660 cooling fan makes use of the vortex cool air circulation technology to provide a high range of cooling air flow. It consists of the deep sized of propeller blades to move the air for covering the larger area around your space. This Vornado 660 cooling fan comes out with the design of the four-speed setting to customize the cooling operation.

It includes the feature of complete tilting pivot head to make a full adjustment for controlling the cool air flow around your space. This Vornado 660 cooling fan also equipped with the removable grills for easy cleaning operation. It is an energy saving design to circulate the existed air from the cooling system for efficient operation.

Signature Vortex Technology

Chrome glide bar

Push-button controls

Brand Vornado

Weight 4.25 pounds

Height 11.25

This multi-directional airflow cooling fan constitutes the ability to work with both heat and cool air flow operation. This dramatic gross exterior finish is designed to tune the cooling option with low, moderate, high and turbo speeding such that it is quite in its operation.

3. Rowenta VU2660 Electronic Table Fan

Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Silence Extreme Electronic Table Fan’s sleek minimalist design creates the contemporary look to your home. In its 12″ blades brings extreme fresh air up to 1700 square feet size of the room.

It offers 35 dB whisper quiet performance at any speed. This ultra quiet fan is an ideal choice for office and homes. The electronic control panel of this fan includes a 5-speed setting, turbo boost for extra power, and silent night mode.

 Fast-whisper-quiet operation

User-friendly control panel

5 effective blades

Brand Rowenta

Weight 8 pounds

12 inch diameter head

The 5 effective blades of this rowenta fan deliver an extreme cool air to your room without any noise. It comes with a handy remote control so you can change the settings as per your preference while you are sitting couch or bed. It has one ergonomic handle in the backside, it ensures easy transportation. You can also check out our list of the best ceiling fan for more great products like this.

4. Lasko 42″ Wind Curve Tower Fan

Lasko oscillating cooling tower fan comes with fresh air ionizer technology. This ionizer protects the air from odors, pollens, and even virus. This feature helps to prevent you from allergy, cough, and sneezing problems. It delivers the fresh air into the room, so you can easily breathe. In its sleek design requires small space to store. It provides quiet and high air circulation at 42.5 heights.

This fan offers three-speed settings. You can customize the settings by using a multifunctional remote. You can use this remote for power on/off the fan, adjust the speed, oscillation settings, and fresh air ionizer from anywhere in the room.

Air ionizer technology

Multi function remote control

3 speed settings

Brand Lasko

42.5 inch height

15.5 pounds weight

The Lasko cooling fan is an ideal choice for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and RV room. You can relax and enjoy your free time with the Lasko oscillating cooling fan.

5. New Air Indoor/Outdoor AF310 Portable Evaporative Tower Cooling Fan

The New Air cooling tower fan is designed with triple usage features to be used as humidifier, fan and swamp cooler. Its multi-functionality cooling unit is used for providing the 60-degree oscillating movement to improve the circulation of air flow in a wider range.

It includes a remote controller, electrical timer setup and ultra slim design for user convenience. This lightweight compact design tends to save enough storage space to the user for storing other accessories.

60-degree oscillation

7.5 hour timer

Cools 100 square feet

Brand New Air

Weight 11.6 pounds

Air flow capacity 312.37 cfm

This New Air cooling fan is best suited for evaporative cooling over wide area coverage with an extreme cool effect. Its multifunctional air circulation unit helps to cool off space with the usage of swamp function to circulate the fresh dampened air.

6. Honeywell HT 908 Cooler Fan

The Honeywell HT 908 Turbo Force Floor Fan is efficient for the intense cooling effect to make you fresh, cool and clean without the sweat. It tends to make an adjustment with the heat portion that can able to rotate up to 90 degrees in every direction.

It does not need any kind of installation set up for air cooling option. This Honeywell floor fan consists of turbo heating system to increase the air flow rate to improve the performance. It also includes 70 CFM and quick detachable grille for medium comfort to easy cleaning. This aerospace turbo design offers the maximum range of air movement around your space with less power consumption.

90-degree pivoting head

Aerodynamic turbo design

Energy-saving air circulation

Brand Honeywell

Weight 5.7 pounds

90 degree pivot angle

It is lightweight in design to deliver powerful performance with the absence of noise formed during the motor operation. It constitutes the ability to provide the cooling range of up to 32 feet away from the device. This easy portable device includes the powerful air circulator with the convenient top-mounted three different speed controlling settings.

7. Holmes 12 Inch Blizzard Remote Controller Cooling Room Fan

The Holmes cooling fan is well known for its blizzard formation of the cooling effect due to the special implementation of the motor. The fan blades are efficiently designed to provide powerful cooling air circulation even in the larger sized rooms. It outcomes with the well-qualified features of integrated handle for portability, cord storage, and automatic shutdown option.

The three speeds setting motor includes the rotating grill for covering a wide range of area to cool down. It includes the remote controlling option to keep the user in the comfort zone. This Holmes cooling room fan is effectively featured with two major modes such as sleep and breeze mode.

Rotating grill

Automatic shutoff timer

Convenient remote control

Brand Holmes

Weight 5.51 pounds

Voltage 120v

It consists of different rotating speed to control the fan and it also includes the option for making an adjustment with the fan head to rotate in the user desirable rotation. The Holmes cooling fan tends to offer maximum cooling effectiveness without making any kind of unpleasant noise.

8. Avalon 16 Inch Room Cooling Fan

The Avalon 16 inch adjustable floor fan is an innovative stylish outlook device which comes out with the durable energy efficient design. This Avalon cooling fan constitutes the ability to make some adjustment up to the range of 360 degrees in different angled direction.

It is a medium sized cooling fan which is well suited for most of the small to medium-sized rooms. The powerful copper motor is inbuilt within the fan to make different angled rotation without creating any noise formation. It is usually made of high-quality plastic material of stylish black color.

3 energy efficient speed settings

High velocity fan 

16 inch blade

Brand Genesis

Weight 8 pounds

Tilt 360 degrees

This lightweight Avalon 16 inch cooling fan can be adjusted with the three different fan speed setting based on the user desire. The fan head includes the durable type of copper motor to withstand the strong speeded circulation of the fan to result up to extreme cool effect.

9. Honeywell HT900 Turbo Force Air Circulator Cooling Fan

The Honeywell HT 900 Turbo Force Cooling Fan is used for the intense cooling effect to make you fresh, cool and clean without a sweat. It is specially designed to make an adjustment with the head portion that can able to rotate up to 90 degrees in every direction.

This aerodynamic turbo design tends to provide the maximum range of air movement around your space with less power consumption. It is light weight in design to deliver powerful performance with the absence of noise created from the motor operation.

90-degree pivoting head

Quiet operation

Robust Construction

Brand Honeywell

Weight 2.6 pounds

Height 15 inch

This cooling fan does not require any kind of installation to set up for air cooling option. It constitutes the ability to provide the breezing range of up to 27 feet away from the device. This easy portable device includes the powerful air circulator with the convenient top-mounted three different speed controlling settings.


If you are searching for the fan with affordable price, Black and Decker BFSR18B 18 inch standing fan is the right choice for you. It comes with 3-speed settings, 18-inch blades, and a handy remote. It builds in rock-solid engineering technology which brings the perfect fresh air to your room.

You can adjust the height and tilt of this fan as per your preference. In its attractive design is an additional decor to your room. The automatic shut off timer function is the great safety feature of this standing fan.

Adjustable tilt angle

Energy saving shut off timer

Full function remote control

Brand Black + decker

Weight 17 pounds

Height 18 inch

By using a remote control, you can customize the settings without leaving your seat. You can also change the settings by using the electronic control panel, which is located in front of the fan.

In order to keep you with a high cooling effect for preventing the unpleasant smelling caused due to sweat, choosing the perfect fitting cooling fan for your room is important.

What is Cooling Fan?

The cooling fan is one of the most effective types among other fans because it effectively circulates the air around your space by forming the draft throughout the space. It is a simple fan that can cool off a larger space with ease and it comes with a sleek, glossy finish that may complement most décor styles.

With the use of the cooling fan, you can save your cooling bills on the large air conditioner which further consumes a large amount of power. Thus the energy efficient cooling fan helps you in providing extreme cooling effect under noiseless operation and less expensive cost.

Benefits of Cooling Fans

There are several beneficial factors involved in having the cooling fan into your space that perform unbelievable high cooling effect to your rooms. Here I have down showed some of the most important beneficial measures before making your purchase.

  • The cooling fan helps to minimize the cost afforded and provide more comfort, style and beautiful outlook appearance. Using cooling fan makes you to acquire gain in both fashion outlook and its high qualified functionality.
  • The cooling fan helps you reduce your money wastage involved in power consumption and repairing problems. It usually minimizes the temperature present inside your space and makes you feel cool and comfortable to stay without making much noise.
  • It comes out with different varieties in outlook appearance, design, structure, shapes and technology involvement.
  • The cooling fan tends to offer versatility for different kinds of rooms. Most of the cooling fans are inbuilt with different features such as remote control option, lighting effect, high tech blade design and powerful motor.

What To Look For While Buying The Best Cooling Fan For Rooms?

Choosing the right brand of a cooling fan is one of the risky and tricky factors before move on to purchase. It is hard for most of the users to pick up the best cooling fan among all different varieties of fan available in today’s market for your space.

When you go through this buying guide, surely you will be benefited with the information given below to make the best decision in buying the suitable cooling fan to your space. The factors to be considered while purchasing the best cooling fans are as follows.

Placement Consideration:

The first most things to make a note before having the new cooling fan is the choice of placement involved in your space for storing the cooling fan. Be sure about your storage space to fit the new cooling fan in a perfect manner.

Cooling Effect:

While buying the best cooling fan for your space, it is best to verify the energy efficiency of the fan to provide the extreme cool effect to chill down your space. The cooling effect of the fan is based on the high technology implemented inside the fan.

Ionizing Quality:

Pick the cooling fan with the greater ionizing quality in order to enable the feature of air purification inside your space. The fans with the ionizing option help to filter the air to keep the dust and other impurities away from you and provide fresh cool air circulation.

Adjusting Functionality:

Look for the easy adjusting option inbuilt within the fan for your comfortable stay and easy convenience. With the adjustment in height, portability, detaching grills, fan head rotation, and speed settings, you can stay comfortably without making any kind of physical effort.

Timer Setup:

With the timer option, you can easily preset the timing to operate the fan at your desirable timing and it also offers the facility to automatically shut down the operation of the fan during user unnoticeable period.

Remote Controlling Option:

Select your cooling fan with the remote controlling facility to easily make some adjustment over the advancement inbuilt in the fan. It offers an easy controlling option without making any moves.

Wrapping Up

I do hope that the information about the top rated cooling fan review gives you an outlook to know about how varied the price, features and product availability in the market when it comes to deciding the good cooling fan for your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do cooling fans work?

Cooling fans make you feel cooler when it blows away. The breeze from the fan carries hot air away and then effectively cools you off. The air flow removes the heat from the coolant which is created by the engine and uses the radiator as the conductor.

2. Do fans lower temperature?

When the fan is turned on it doesn’t reduce the temperature of the room but it minimizes the temperature of your body through evaporation. A fan circulates the air and evaporates the sweat over your body to make you cool.

3. Do oscillating fans cool better?

Oscillating fans cool better because they rotate and allow good airflow around the room. It also provides maximum ventilation and aids the efficiency of air-conditioners that are running at the same time.

4. How to cool a room with a fan?

It generates a cool airflow within the room and then refreshes you by circulating the air all around the room. It becomes easier for the fan to cool the room by bringing in fresh air from outside and driving the stale air out.

5. Do ceiling fans work efficiently?

The ceiling fans are capable of cooling the entire space and it can work as much as 20% more efficiently than other fans. You can run a fan with a larger blade which is a good idea to cool a room quickly and efficiently.

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