The 10 Best Oscillating Fans [2019] | Review & Guide

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Looking forward to buy an Oscillating fan? Here we reviewed the top 10 best fans which can blow cool air. We have tested over 50 fans and found the best which are effective in performance.

If you get stuck with the worst type of hot weather, then take a look down to this article for finding the best way of comfortable staying. While considering both the air conditioner and air oscillating fans, the oscillating fans serve its best under less energy consumption.

If you are in a hurry, you can start with Rowenta VU5551 Oscillating Fan. As per our testing, this fan caught the #1 place.

When it comes to your purchase for choosing the best oscillating fan, there are many things to note down before investing all your money in having the suitable oscillating fan for your space.

The oscillating fan constitutes the ability to swing in the front and back direction which can also be affixed to a certain location.

What Is Meant By Oscillating Fan?

The oscillating fan is also referred to as a table fan or desk fan which is small in size when compared to other types of fan. It is specially designed to provide the air circulation in a small sized room to medium sized room which is less expensive to afford within your budget limit.

The oscillating fan does not require large space for storing option, and it performs the rotation process in a quiet manner. The oscillating fan constitutes the ability to rotate its head from side to side during the air blowing operation.

It creates the cool breeze airflow throughout the room instead of blowing out the air in one direction.

Premium Pick- Hamilton H01SF010 16″ Oscillating Fan

It is possible to get a good airflow in front of the fan and all the way across the room. This oscillating fan is easy to use with a multifunctional remote. Being reviewed by our experts we have chosen this product as the best one to buy. It will do a good job of circulating air in a small to medium-sized room.

Budget Pick- Lasko 4930 35″ Oscillating Fan

This one is best to buy because of its features and functionalities. It is affordable to buy but also blows a stronger air across the room than immediately by the fan. The remote works from all areas of the room to offer good convenience to the users.

List of Best Oscillating Fans

There are numerous varieties of oscillating fans that all featured with different kinds of features and qualities to perform their cooling function.

With this broad variety of variations in oscillating fans, most of the people suffer from taking the best decision to buy the good one. To neglect this kind of suffering, here is a top rated oscillating fans list for easy pick up on the best one you want.
Product Name
Our Rating
View On Amazon
Rowenta VU5551 16" Remote Control Oscillating Fan
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Hamilton H01SF010 16" Oscillating Fan
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Lasko 4930 Remote Control 35" Oscillating Fan
4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
VonHaus 1500W Ceramic Oscillating Fan
4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
Holmes HAOF90UC Oscillating Table Fan
4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
Ozeri Ultra 42" Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Air King 9018 18" Commercial Grade Oscillating Fan
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
LavoHome Black 16" Floor Standing Oscillating Fan
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Proctor Silex 16" P01SF012 Oscillating Stand Fan
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
NewAir 18" AF520B Misting Oscillating Fan
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

#1-Rowenta VU5551 Oscillating Fan

The Rowenta VU551 oscillating fan is one of the powerful oscillating fans which works based on the four different speed of rotating options to make the adjustment with the fan head to oscillate.

Rowenta VU5551 16" Remote Control Oscillating Fan

It is mainly built with the high-quality plastic material of very high durability to provide the dynamic range of air flow.

The pivot head propeller of this Rowenta Turbo Silence oscillating fan series is highly designed with the five blades of extra powerful equipping to provide noiseless operation and perfect tilting up to 90 degrees in all directions.


Uses German technology
Powerful and quiet blades
Easy to adjust the height


Small power cord

It constitutes the ability of flexible quality to make some adjustment with its height for user comfortable usage. The built-in handle is included with the sturdy, stable base to easily move anywhere around your rooms.

It provides the immediate response to cool air sensation within a few minutes under the absence of any noisy operation.

This oscillating comfort fan is slightly cost effective when compared to other kind of oscillating fans.

#2-Hamilton H01SF010 Oscillating Fan

This 16 inches Hamilton oscillating fan helps the user to stay cool during the worst case of hot summer. With this Hamilton oscillating fan, you can able to make three different types of adjustments for fan speeding options.

Hamilton H01SF010 16" Oscillating Fan

It is efficiently designed with the option to make some adjustment to the height of this Hamilton stand type of oscillating fan. The Hamilton H01SF010 oscillating fan included with the inbuilt metal grill and an integrated handle for user’s convenient usage. This lightweight compact design is easy to move anywhere around your room.


Light weight
Reduce electricity bill
Adjustable speed and height


Body built in plastic

The Hamilton H01SF010 oscillating fan is highly implemented with the three wing blade of the banana shape to provide the dynamic range of air flow. It is specially featured with the sturdy construction of the round base to withstand against the strong rotation to provide the desired range of cooling air into your space.

#3-Lasko 4930 Oscillating Fan

The Lasko 4930 oscillating fan is a high-velocity fan which is designed to operate and adjust the cool air flow circulation with the help of the remote control facility.

Lasko 4930 Remote Control 35" Oscillating Fan

It is featured with the three speeding option of low, moderate and high to perform the wide range of coverage based on the airflow need for a particular area.

High velocity fan
Three speed settings
Clear LCD display


Blue light may distract at night

This modernized oscillating fan is equipped with the design feature of a streamlined body to offer the precise means of airflow delivery. It consists of the convenient grip handle for easy portability to move anywhere around your space. This oscillating fan also includes the handy timer set up with electric automated off an option to help the user to save more amount of energy. If you are searching for the best oscillating fan for your bedroom, Lasko 4930 oscillating fan is a perfect choice.

#4-VonHaus 1500W Ceramic Oscillating Tower Fan

The VonHaus oscillating fan is a type of ceramic coated tower fan to keep the space cool and fresh with the two settings at 900W and 1500W. It is specially equipped with the 50-degree oscillation to offer the wide cool air flow circulation even in the dynamic heat distribution.

VonHaus 1500W Ceramic Oscillating Fan

It works based on the use of PTC technology to attain the fast cooling response period for transferring the high electric power percentage into a regular heat. The power on indicating the light is included in this oscillating fan to denote the on or off state of the device when not in use.


PTC technology
Sleek design
Digital display


Make some noise

This VonHaus Ceramic oscillating fan is inbuilt with the crystal clear display of digital LCD screen for easy user reference. The automated reset option is included in this oscillating fan for the safe set up against the overheat protection. This modern, sleek design is a light weighted device for user comfort to carry anywhere based on the user wish.

#5-Holmes HAOF90UC Oscillating Table Fan

The Holmes HAOF90UC oscillating table fan is designed to blow a high range of air to offer the user with the quick relief from the hot summer condition. It can be fixed anywhere on your desk, table or anywhere around your space. This oscillating fan also constitutes the ability to mount on the wall to provide enough space for the user.

Holmes HAOF90UC Oscillating Table Fan

It is highly flexible to make a full adjustment to tilt the fan head based on the user’s desirable direction to cool down within a short duration timing. The advanced type of blade system is equipped with the three powerful rotation speeds to provide the maximum circulation of air flow.


Runs quietly
Simple to use


Made of plastic

The quick detachable metal grill is inbuilt in this Holmes HAOF90UC oscillating fan for easy cleaning option. This oscillating design tends to cover a wide range of area to blow out the cool and fresh air. It is one of the best oscillating table fans.

#6-Ozeri Ultra Oscillating Tower Fan

The Ozeri oscillating fan makes use of the noise reduction technology to reduce the vibration interference during the fan blade rotation process. It’s ultra slim and stylish outlook is one of the most impressive features highly inbuilt in this oscillating fan.

Ozeri Ultra Bladeless fan

Its modern, streamlined design tends to enhance your room decoration, and also it saves your storage need for fixing this oscillating fan. It usually generates air circulation with extreme air velocity to reduce noise formation.


Stylish and space saving fan
Has 12 hour timer
3 preprogrammed airflow


Top is too heavy

This oscillating fan includes the programmable timer, LED digital display, three-speed settings, and three airflow patterns such as relaxation, comfort, and foster sleep option. Its quick detachable column extension is used for adjusting the height of this oscillating fan.

#7-Air King 9018 Oscillating Fan

This Air King Oscillating fan series is one of the best solutions to blow out the fresh and cool air efficiently. It is highly designed with adjustable head tilting, powerful water-resistant motor and hardware mounting to circulate the air under noiseless condition.

Air King 9018 18" Commercial Grade Oscillating Fan

This mountable wall type of oscillating fan comes out with the three-speed option and 18-inch blade sized to withstand against the strong air flow. It is well designed with guard materials of impact resistive plastic and steel type to safeguard the device against worst weather condition. It is the best wall mounted oscillating fans to place in your home or office.


Built in metal front grill
Polypropylene blade
Durable pull cord switch


Create crackling sound

The polypropylene blade material is implemented in this Air King Oscillating fan for effective airflow. Its powerful motor is highly inbuilt with a one phase permanent lubricant and 1/20 HP, 120V power efficiency.

#8-LavoHome Black Oscillating Fan

The LavoHome oscillating fan is one of the new modern designed outcomes in the market that bring fresh and cool air for making the extremely hot summer with the breeze air flow. The powerful noiseless motor is highly implemented for providing the noise-free air circulation.

LavoHome Black 16" Floor Standing Oscillating Fan

Its three-speed rotations such as low, medium and high option are inbuilt for the user convenience such that it is highly portable to move anywhere around your space. The quick detachable grill of metal type is highly equipped with this oscillating fan to improve the safety measure.


Metal mesh grill
Ensure child safety
Quiet operation


Base is flimsy

The removable grills involved in this LavoHome oscillating fan are used for the easy cleaning process. Its adjustable tilting fan head facility helps to make a rotation up to 90 degrees. This lightweight compact device comes out with the sturdy design construction to blow strong air.

#9-Proctor Silex Oscillating Stand Fan

This Proctor Silex oscillating fan is one of the best free-standing oscillating fans used for powerful air circulation. It consists of three adjusting rotation speed and vertical height adjustment for this oscillating fan.

Proctor Silex 16" P01SF012 Oscillating Stand Fan

Its inbuilt metal grill of the quick detachable facility comes out with the ergonomic type of handle for user convenience. The same type of three wing blade is equipped with this oscillating fan to provide the quiet air circulating operation. It is one of the best quiet oscillating standing fans to buy.


Quiet motor
Perfect airflow
Durable and lightweight


Difficult to assemble

The Proctor Silex oscillating fan is the lightweight compact device which consists of stable and sturdy base construction to withstand against strong air flow. Its powerful motor is well qualified in innovation and design features to perform the effective air blowing ability.

#10-NewAir Oscillating Fan

This misting oscillating fan is designed with a stylish outlook to be used for outdoor purposes. Its powerful cooling effect makes the user stay comfort and relaxes. It is well designed with 18-inch oscillating fan heat to offer the extreme cooling over large distance area of 500 square feet.

NewAir 18" AF520B Misting Oscillating Fan

With the use of this oscillating fan head, you can able to make some adjustment in the vertical direction and height to provide high reliability and quickly cooling effect. Its three-speed rotating option makes the user convenient to adjust the fan speed based on their desire.


Sturdy construction
User-friendly buttons
Slim and adjustable design


Installation process is quite hard

Its high durability, dynamic flexibility and push button controlling option make the oscillating process an efficient one. The energy efficiency of this misting oscillating fan is higher when compared to another type of oscillating fans. It is the best oscillating fan for the large rooms.

Types of Oscillating Fan

In general, the oscillating fan consists of sturdy stand like structured housing in which it allows the fan head to rotate for blowing out extreme cool effect.

There is numerous kind of oscillating fan with the different set of features and design qualities that I have down mentioned as follows.

Wall Mount Oscillating Fan

This oscillating fan is a mountable wall type of fan used for oscillating the extreme cool airflow with the use of button option whether to oscillate in all direction or a particular direction.

Its wall mountable design feature helps to blow out high cooling when compared to the fan placed in the center portion of the room.

Portable Oscillating Fan

The portable oscillating fan is one of the most convenient oscillating fans used by many users. With the use of this portable oscillating fan, you can able to easily move anywhere around your space.

This portable oscillating fan makes use of the rolling wheels implemented in its sturdy base for user comfy usage.

Misting Oscillating Fan 

This oscillating misting outdoor fan can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes such that it blows out all the air with the facility of water sprayer to cool down your space with an extremely cool effect.

This misting type of oscillating fan comes out in different varieties to be used as the handheld, free-standing and table fan.

Pedestal Oscillating Fan

The oscillating pedestal fan consists of four sturdy base legs with the telescopic shaped tube for varying the height of this oscillating fan. Its height usually varies from 15 inches to 28 inches.

The pedestal oscillating fan blades make use of different rotation speed through button options.

Clip Oscillating Fan

The Clip oscillating fan is a small oscillating clip fan which is good to cool off the small areas. This oscillating fan comes out with the clipping design to be fitted anywhere around your space. 

Floor Oscillating Fan

The Floor type of oscillating fan consists of the sturdy base to fit onto the floor, but it is not designed with the tall structure as like the pedestal fan.

This oscillating floor fan can be tilted and adjusted with three different speeds to make some adjustment over the fan blade rotation.

How to Choose the Best Oscillating Fan?

Most of the oscillating fans come out with the combined designed feature of heat setting and cool setting. Every oscillating fan differs in their oscillating features and design implementations that create confusions in most of the consumers to purchase.

To avoid such a situation, I have narrated some of the consideration factors while buying this best oscillating fan.

Oscillating Ability

While purchasing the oscillating fan type, it is necessary to make the note about how far the blades of the oscillating fans are rotating in its path.

The oscillating fan usually constitutes the ability to rotate up to 90 degrees such that some of the oscillating fans consist of shorter and taller rotating spans.

Noiseless Performance

Features-oscillating fans

The most important thing to take notice is about the noise level while buying the new oscillating fan to your space. Most of the consumers wish to buy the good oscillating fan with the quiet performance for providing the user with the relax sleeping. The noise-free operation of the oscillating fan tends to offer the user a stress-less lifestyle.

Construction Outlook

The shape, size, and design outlook of the oscillating fan should be checked for their well-improved performance measure. Make sure to verify the size and shape of the oscillating fan to be perfectly fit into your space before affording your money. The fan should be fitted in the best-suited place to provide enough storage requirements to the user.

Blade Quality

The oscillating fan should possess the strong and sturdy construction rotating blade to withstand against the high rotating speed operations. With more number of the rotating blade, you will be benefited with fresh air at extreme cooling effect.

Warranty Period

Before choosing the best oscillating fan for your space, you should make a research about the different brands and their lifetime warranty period available in today’s market.

Make sure for selecting about the high quality and durable oscillating fan to be last long with high lifetime guaranteed assurance and maximum lifetime warranty period.


There are several beneficial measures involved in this oscillating fan, and I have highlighted some of the important, useful factors of this oscillating fan as follows.

  • It consists of the ability to blow out the air in the larger distance ranging throughout your space.
  • This oscillating fan posses the ability to oscillate its head from the left side to the right side direction instead of blowing it in one single direction.
  • Oscillating fans provide high-performance air which is assured with the quality to blow the air with an extremely cool effect.
  • It includes the freestanding, wall and ceiling mountable facility to circulate the air in your space.
  • This compact lightweight device is highly portable and durable to perform their fan rotation process such that it does not require much space for storing.


With the high rotation speed option, it tends to make some noise during the air circulating performance. Some of the oscillating fans are designed to move only in one direction such that it reduces the air blowing capacity in all direction accurately.

Final Words…

While buying the best oscillating fan, it is necessary to make considerations about how much space it occupies over your rooms and how it will perform the air flow operation.

I hope this reviewed article about the top-rated oscillating fans helps you to solve all your purchasing considerations to choose the best type of fans among the above-listed products in order to meet all your worst summer problems.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What are oscillating fans?

An oscillating fan rotates side to side while blowing. It is a great alternative to box fans for cooling rooms and this type of fan creates a cool breeze throughout the room. It blows in all direction rather than just moving in one direction.

  1. Do oscillating fans cool better?

Yes, oscillating fans provide a better airflow to circulate the room. It also enables better ventilation and aids in maximizing the efficiency of air conditioners and heaters running at the same time. 

  1. Which is the best quiet oscillating fan?

The pureFlow QT7 bladeless fan features a good strong air movement and maximum noise level of 43 decibels. It is uniquely designed to cycle air more quickly than other fans and keeps your room temperature comfortable.

  1. What to look for in a sleeping fan?

When you search for the floor fan for your bedroom start with where you want to put the fan. If your room is small then you don’t need a large floor fan which takes up valuable floor area. How big is the space you want to cool? This will determine how much space it needs to oscillate.

  1. How much electricity does a fan use overnight?

Fans help to cool a room by moving the air which causes evaporative cooling. Fans range in size from 36 inches to 56 inches uses 55 to 100 watts but a 48-inch ceiling fan will use 75 watts. A ceiling fan is cheaper to run than an air conditioner.

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