2019’s Best Ceiling Fans- 10 Top Models [+19 Special Picks]


The right ceiling fan can offer you great comfort by circulating cool breeze into your room. The first rotary ceiling fan was found in the 1860s in the United States. Old age ceiling fans were functioning by a turbine and belt instead of electric motors.

If you are in a hurry, this model from Hunter has won through all our tests and is ranked as the best ceiling fan of 2019

Best Overall

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe

» Candelabra incandescent bulbs
» Ultra Power airflow
» Reversible Motor
» Pull Chain

The first electric power ceiling fan was created in 1882 by Philip Diehl. After 1920s ceiling fan has become one of the most common appliances in home, office, schools and other places.

Ceiling fans have become extremely popular around the world. You can’t imagine an hour without a ceiling fan in a hot summer afternoon.

The Encon ceiling fan is the first model manufactured by Casablanca Fan Company in 1974.

After 2000, ceiling fans made by popular companies such as Monte Carlo, Minka Aire, Craftmade, Litex, and Fanimation are available in the USA. They provide top-quality ceiling fans with a variety of designs.

Modern Ceiling fans are available in a variety of styles to match the decor of your home and different rooms like the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and porch.

There are many ceiling fan brands are available in the market that offers great performance, good price and an array of features. (Source)

Most ceiling fan brands in the US have priced their model ceiling between $100 to $500

If you are researching online to find out the best Ceiling Fan for your home, Office or other places, you have come to the right place.

The right Ceiling fan must be able to offer you maximum comfort no matter where you fit it. But choosing the right one can be a tedious process due to the number of models in the shelf.

If you are able to buy the right ceiling fan, tower fan, window fan, floor fans or Oscillating fans, they can be more convenient than Coolers and Air conditioners which eat out a lot of electricity.

We’ve researched and tested more than 50 models of the ceiling fans. After comparing the features, price, quality, energy usage, we have made the list of best 10 best ceiling fans of 2019. We hope this list will benefit you when shopping for a ceiling fan.

Did you know? Fans are giving cool air without having any blades. The bladeless fan’s simple design creates an elegant look to your home and office.

If you want a ceiling fan for your whole home tryout the Air Vent Whole House Fan. It brings fresh and cool air yo your whole room. These fans are designed for the entire house. Whole House Ceiling fans are helps to reduces your electricity bills.

Table: 10 Best ceiling fans of 2019

Product Name
Our Rating
View On Amazon
Hunter 53091 Builder Ceiling Fan
4.8 Check Price
Minka Aire Wave ceiling fan
4.6 Check Price
Westinghouse 78108 Petite Reversible Fan
4.5 Check Price
Hardware House 543611 Aegean Fan
4.4 Check Price
Ellington Litex E-Ub48bc4c1 48-Inch Ceiling Fan
4.2 Check Price
Emerson Ceiling Fans Cf712orb Pro Series
4.2 Check Price
Monte Carlo 5DI52PND Ceiling fan
4.2 Check Price
Hunter 53237 Builder plus Ceiling Fan
4.1 Check Price
Fanimation Of110bl Extraordinaire Ceiling Fan
4.1 Check Price
Harbor Breeze 44-In Indoor Ceiling Fan
4.0 Check Price

Best ceiling fans- 10 fans reviewed

Here we have listed the best 10 ceiling fans of 2019. We have also mentioned the reviews, features, pros, and cons of the fans nearly by their descriptions.

1. Hunter 53091 Builder Ceiling Fan

The Hunter ceiling fan is the #1 rated ceiling fan in the market. It excelled in all of tests and emerged as the best model available as of now.

This ceiling fan is designed with a 5 blade system which circulates air effectively and offers high performance. The 13-degree blade pitch optimized in this model ensures ideal air movement and provides peak performance.

This ceiling fan is designed with a 5 blade system which circulates air effectively and offers high performance. The 13-degree blade pitch optimized in this model ensures ideal air movement and provides peak performance.

The motor of the Hunter ceiling fan offers high performance but is not so noisy like other models. This motor has a built in speed adjustment system.

The fan has pull chain using which you can adjust the fan speed settings and also switch on the light present in it. This fan can be operated with or without light being switched on.

It is easy to install this fan. It Can be installed using the provided 2-inch or 3-inch down rod for low or standard ceiling heights and also on longer down rod for higher ceilings, it can accommodate angled ceilings up to 34°.

The traditional style of the hunter ceiling fan adds attraction and aptly fits large rooms in your home. It is available in a variety of finishing.

The energy efficient LED bulbs in this fan shine through the glass bowl to illuminate your room.

This fan is equipped with whisper wind motor

12 degree Blade angle for high performance

This fan can be operated with reverse spinning as well.

Wattage: 64 Watts

Airflow: 5110 CFM

Material: Metal

Bottom Line

Hunter 53091 Builder Ceiling Fan is the best overall when compared to the other models of ceiling fans. It was multiple points ahead of all the other models, That’s why we ranked it as the best.

Check out the complete Hunter Builder Deluxe 5 Blade Ceiling Fan Review here.

2. Minka Aire Wave Ceiling Fan

The eye-catching design of the Minka Aire wave ceiling fan offers an elegant look to your ceiling.

It comes with a remote control. So you can change the speed setting while you are sitting on the couch or bed. It has a 3 speed settings using which you can control the cooling.

Another notable option is the wall control. You can also control the ceiling fan using the wall switches.

One of the prime feature of this ceiling fan is the LED light which consumes only 17 watts. It brightens the whole room.

You can also set the light to low voltage settings which will further reduce your electricity bills.

The 52 inch blades of this fan is attached with a head. This design is unique when compared to most other ceiling fans.

It provides a very powerful performance since all the materials & coils are of top class quality.

The important feature of this ceiling fan is the downrod which allows customizing the height of the ceiling. It is available in 60, 48, 36, 24, 12, and 3.5 configurations.

Designed with energy efficient technology

Distressed koa finish motor

17 watt LED light

Wattage: 65 Watts

Airflow: 6580 CFM

Material: Metal

Bottom Line

If you want to decorate your ceiling, you can buy a Minka Aire ceiling fan. It acts as an additional décor thing to your home. To know about more details of Minka Aire ceiling fan click here.

3. Westinghouse Petite Fan

The Westinghouse Petite ceiling fan is a high quality six blade ceiling fan. This version comes in a reversible white washed pine blades, and is also available in antique brass with reversible walnut/oak blades.

The blades are constructed of MDF and have an 18-degree pitch. It measures 30 inches in diameter by 12 inches tall.

The motor has a reversible mode in it for reverse rotation. Single incandescent light is present within the device with opal mushroom glass covering with it.

The power usage of this fan is less which is about 45 watts without lights. The Petite’s single light fixture operates on one candelabra-base, globe-style.

This fan features a whisper-quiet motor with a three-speed reversible switch that allows for customizing air movement. It increases your comfort level in summer and lowers energy costs in winter.

With its unique design and higher performance, this is the third best ceiling in our list.

Has speed adjustment mechanisms

Can be operated easily in various climatic conditions

Power usage of the fan is less

Wattage: 45 Watts

Airflow: 3925 CFM

Material: Glass

Bottom Line

One of the best bedroom ceiling fans is the Westinghouse Petite ceiling fan. Most people choose this model to use it in the bedroom due to its awesome design and performance.

4. Hardware House Ceiling Fan

The Hardware House Ceiling fan is a 42-inch 4 blade ceiling fan that offers immaculate performance.

It has one of the best design among ceiling fans in 2019.

Hardware House has created a truly convertible ceiling fan with its Aegean series.

You can install it with or without the included light-fixture hardware. One 60-watt candelabra base bulb can be housed in the opaque glass light covered for a sophisticated look.

The hardware house fan can be used to enhance your room with its simple yet stylish blades.

The blades are the simple yet elegant shape that is complementing to both traditional and contemporary designed homes.

The Aegean ceiling fan is one of the best when it comes to the ceiling fans with light. They both work seamlessly without any issues.

It is available in two finish combination: black or light maple and white or light maple.

Ceiling-mounted lighting option is optional, you can buy the light fixture kit only if you need it.

The fan uses bright light fixture kit

Made of Durable blades

Higher comfort ceiling fan

Wattage: 45 Watts

Airflow: 4000 CFM

Material: Nickel

Bottom Line

Hardware house is the perfect ceiling fan with lights for your kitchen. It is low – cost but looks smart in its design and functioning. This model is hence ranked 4th in our list of best ceiling fans.

5. Ellington Litex Urbana Ceiling Fan

Ranked 5th in our list is the Ellington Litex fan. It is such an awesome breeze maker for your home. You get a great feeling when you relax under this fan.

It operates using 5 effective chrome blades. The Ellington Litex Urbana model has a modern design which makes people keep looking at it the moment they see it.

This fan also offers speed control feature like other models and also has the reversible motor operation in it.

The size and shape of this fan will get you a lot of compliments. These ceiling fans produce a wind chill effect that makes the room eight to ten degrees cooler during warm summer months.

The lights present are 60w candelabra bulbs which offer ideal lighting. This fan comes with a  down rod using which you can install it.

Smooth movement, quiet blades, and designer style are few features of this Craftmade outdoor ceiling fan with lights making this as a wonderful choice for shoppers.

These durable ceiling fans are wet-rated with sealed motors encased in rust-resistant housing which allows you to install them outdoors and feel confident that they will survive the seasons.

Fan made up of durable

Sleek metal chrome finishing

It’s a quiet ceiling fan

Wattage: 60 Watts

Airflow: 6555.9 CFM

Material: Metal, Glass

Bottom Line

Ellington is considered as the best decorative ceiling fan. It suits for your home, office, etc or porch. It is one of the very few reliable exterior ceiling fans which you can also use in outdoor conditions.

6. Emerson Cf712orb Ceiling Fans

Emerson ceiling fan is a popularly used indoor ceiling fan that is available in various attractive designs.

It includes hand polished plated finishes, hand-carved blades, and quality motors for a long-lasting.

This fan also has a light system with it which uses the 60W candelabra bulbs for the operation that provides functional and task lighting.  You can easily remove the light fixture and use the fan without light.

This Emerson ceiling fan is considered as one of the best low profile ceiling fan.

It has Precision-Lock blade arms with pre-attached screws which allow for quick and easy assembly of blades.

The five blades of this fan are made of dark cherry and medium oak blades.

In summer, it makes you feel cooler at seven degrees wind chill effect. In winter you just need to flip a switch to generate hot air in the room.

Emerson fans are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. These fans with lights can also add functional lighting to your patio or porch and help cool you down in the hot summer months.

5 blades ceiling fan

Low profile ceiling fan

Oil-rubbed bronze finishing

Wattage: 60 Watts

Airflow: 5224 CFM

Material: Wood

Bottom Line

If you are searching for the best indoor ceiling fan, you can check this model. Priced just over a hundred dollars and with lots of positive reviews, this is definitely one of the best ceilings fans that money can buy.

7. Monte Carlo 5DI52PND Ceiling fan

The Monte Carlo ceiling fan is made of polished nickel and American walnut blade design. It includes 5 blades, fan light kit, a pull chain control, true down rod and halogen bulb.

It comes with a mini candelabra bulb. It consumes 75 watts and is one of the models with the brightest light option.

It provides an ultra quiet performance due to the torque-induction motor in it.

The important feature of this model is the blade. It has 5 blades that facilitate wobble-free operation. The 12-degree pitch blade is specially designed to circulate air perfectly into your room. It is perfectly suited for the living room and large rooms.

It has the reversible function to rotate clockwise which can keep you warm during the winter.

Another important feature is a pull chain. It has a standard pull chain for changing the speed. Otherwise, you can also use the wall switches or remote control.

Using the remote control, you can operate the fan by sitting anywhere in your room. The wireless remote with this model has long distance coverage.

It delivers 5209 cubic feet of air per minute, so you get a comfy sleep during the night.

Torque induction motor

52 inches elegant blades

Triple capacitor

Wattage: 75 Watts

Airflow: 5209 CFM

Material: Wood

Bottom Line

The Monte Carlo 5DI52PND Ceiling fan is an energy star certified model. The great design and performance of this model help it to rank 7th in our list.

8. Hunter 53237 Builder Plus Ceiling Fan

The hunter 532337 builder plus is perfect for a 485 square feet room. Its 13 degrees positioned 5 blades can handle even large spaces. The wooden finish bladers in it help to increase air circulation due to its perfect fitted angle.

It comes with a swirled marble glass for fitting the bulbs. It has three 60 watts candelabra bulb. This is detachable so you can install the fan with or without this bulb.

The whisper wind reversible motor of this ceiling fan ensures low noise, so it is the perfect choice for home and office.

You can change the direction of the fan as per the weather. It has two modes that are downdraft and updraft. During summer you can change the fan into downdraft mode and updraft mode for winter.

It has 3 fan speeds that are low, medium, and high. You can control the speed settings using the pull chain or wall switches. This fan consumes only 66 watts of power.

It has a three position mounting system for easy installation. This installation kit comes with all necessary accessories. With these options, you don’t need specialist help when installing.

Wobble-free performance

3 position mounting system

Reversible blade design

Wattage: 60 Watts

Airflow: 5049 CFM

Material: Metal,Glass

Bottom Line

The hunter 532337 builder plus ceiling fan comes with a classic look. That is suited for all homes and creates the elegant interior look. Added to that, the hunter has so many fanboys who claim Hunter is the best in the ceiling fan segment.

9. Fanimation Of110bl Ceiling Fan

Fanimation extra ordinate ceiling fans come with 3 blades. This fan can be used in interior places or places where you do not want lighting. It is one of the best ceiling fans without lights.

This ceiling fan comes with black finish cages to keep it safe from external disturbances. The design and performance of this fan are completely different when compared to ordinary ceiling fans.

The motor used within the fan is powerful, and it can be operated continuously within the ceiling bases so that the range of air flowing within the device is high.

This fan can be mounted on a ceiling with up to a 50-degree slope and includes a 6″ down rod. This fan includes wall control for ease of light and speed control.

This fan has 360 degrees of continuous orbit to move air to every corner of the room.

Manufactured by retro chic technology

The high airflow device

Black motor finishing

Wattage: 69 Watts

Airflow: 1468 CFM

Material: Bronze

Bottom Line

If you want to buy a power saving ceiling fan, you must like this Fanimation brand of ceiling fans as it is the best power saving ceiling fan.

10. Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

The Harbor Breeze is a 44-inch ceiling fan. There are three silver finished plywood blades in this model. It is one of the best flush mount ceiling fans with lights.

The design and finish of this device are very attractive so that many people use this device for interior decorations. The durability and the lifetime of the device are better when compared to other models, and hence the device can be used for a long period of time.

It can also be operated in reverse and the blades facilitate this. It is also energy efficient that help you lower your energy bills substantially. This ceiling fan has a bit of more contemporary design similar to other models in this list.

It can be controlled with a remote that allows you to effortlessly change speeds. It is very sleek and looks modern.

This fan does not provide lighting as this fan doesn’t include a light kit, but it is light kit adaptable, so you can install later if you want.

Coherent and compact design

Uses an incandescent bulb

Three speed control settings

Wattage: 18 Watts

Airflow: 4545 CFM

Material: Metal

Bottom Line

Harbor Breeze fan is the best ceiling fan for low ceiling. The Harbor Breeze Platinum Kingsbury 70-in Oil Rubbed Bronze Indoor also comes in a classic wood design that is more catchy than traditional white.

What is the Best Ceiling Fan for Your Home

Best Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

People always search for a special and attractive model for the bedroom. It must look good but at the same offer, maximum comfort as the bedroom is the place where you spend 40% of your life.

Best Ceiling Fan for Bedroom

That being said, we analyzed so many models and concluded one model as the best ceiling fan model for your bedroom. It adapted well for both summer and winter and comfort under this ceiling fan was similar to those air coolers and air conditioners.

That’s why we consider Westinghouse 7226520 Xavier ceiling fan as the best suited for your bedroom. It has a 44 inch 5 blade with three spotlights.

It is convenient and has an awesome design, so we guess you won’t find a better model for your bedroom.

Best Ceiling for Summer

Summer can be punishing at times, with the heat that fries you outside, there are fans which can do the same even in your bedroom. They generate hot air which can make you sweat under your ceiling fan.

Best Ceiling Fan for Summer

That’s why you need a powerful ceiling fan for summer which is capable of lowering your room temperature and offer you a cool breeze.

Ellington Litex E-Ub48bc4c1 48-Inch Ceiling Fan is the best choice for this summer. The size and shape are the advantages of this fan. It produces extreme cool air even during hot summer days.

Best Ceiling Fan for Small Room

If you are looking for ceiling fan for small rooms, then the Harbor Breeze 44-In Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan and Hunter 53091 builder deluxe 52 ceiling fan is the right choice.

Best Ceiling Fan for Small Room

The Harbor breeze comes with a metallic sleek mid-body design. So it is very compact. The powerful 5 blades of the hunter  53091 ceiling fan circulate the air in every corner of the ceiling fan.

Best Ceiling Fan for Large Room

Hunter 53237 builder plus ceiling fan offers cool air up to 480 square feet size of the room.

Best Ceiling Fan for Large Room

So it is perfect for a large family room. It also has an optional three-light kit. So you can install the fan with or without the light. You can adjust the fan speed using the pull chain.

Best Ceiling Fan for Living Room

It is very important to pick the right ceiling fan for your living room since the living room is the center of focus for your home.

Best Ceiling Fan Living Room

All your visitors may not reach your bedroom or kitchen, but everyone stays in the living room and may look at the fan in the living room.

So you must choose the best fan for your living room. Not all the fans offer an elegant look to your living room.

Fanimation Torto 52 inch ceiling fan makes your living room beautiful and its curve blade circulates enough cool air into your living room. It is available in black, metro, gray, matte white and oil rubbed bronze, so you can choose it as per your indoor designs.

Best Ceiling Fan for Bathroom

For years, people have only used an exhaust fan in the bathroom. But times have changed an people are now using ceiling fans even in the bathroom.

Best Ceiling Fan for Bathroom

If you are searching for a ceiling fan for your bathroom,  to make your bathroom modern you can use a ceiling or wall fan. But there are fans specially designed for the bathroom which can be the ideal choices.

To remove the bad odors from the bathroom could use the Delta Breez SLM80 Slim 80 CFM Exhaust Fan. Check out the complete review of the bathroom fans in our article.

You can pick the best bathroom fans with the help of our review.

Best Ceiling Fan for Baby Room

Kids are very special to everyone. Ceiling fans are completely safe for the babies. Before you can buy a ceiling fan for your baby you should check the safety features of the fans.

Best Ceiling Fan for Baby Room

Craftmade is the best kids ceiling fan overall. It comes with a light and a pull chain. As per our testing, we’ve made the list of top 10 best kids ceiling fan for your babies.

Best Ceiling Fan for Kitchen

There are different types of models, shapes and sizes of the kitchen ceiling fans are available in the market. The fanimation studio collection vintere ceiling fan is a cage-like ceiling fan. 

Best Ceiling Fan for Kitchen

This fan is made from aged bronze and antique finishing. It consumes only 40 watts of power. It reduces your electricity bills. It comes with remote control, so you can change the setting while you are cooking. If your home looks like a traditional style, this fan is going to perfectly suit.

Best Ceiling Fan for Garage Gym

Fitness center is one of the important places for everyone. The best ceiling fan gives you a comfortable and cool atmosphere.

Best Ceiling Fan for Garage Gym

The air king 9718 ceiling fan can provide a cool breeze to your fitness center. It made from the powder-coated steel and high-quality durable materials, so it lasts for a long period of time.

BestCeiling Fan for Outdoor and Porch

Most of the people are interested to relax their self in the backyard or porch of their home. For this reason, we’ve researched the 50 models of the ceiling fan and listed the best 10 outdoor fans.

Best Ceiling Fan for Outdoor

Most of the outdoor ceiling fans have three or five blades. It comes with a plastic, wood, metallic and steel model. Emerson cf144ww ceiling fan is the right choice for your outdoor. It is a low profile hugger and comes with a light and remote.

Best Ceiling Fan with Light

The coherent and compact design of the harbor breeze mazon is the best ceiling fan with light.

Best Ceiling Fan with Light

It has a matte opal glass kit. The kit includes the 18 watts powerful LED bulb for energy-efficient brightness. It offers the perfect vision to the entire room. Using the remote you can operate the light.

Best Ceiling Fan with High Airflow

Are you searching for the ceiling fan with high airflow? Then check the Fanimation stellar 84 wet energy ceiling fan.

Best Ceiling Fan with High Airflow

It offers 9470 cubic feet of air per minute in medium speed and produces 13389 cubic feet of air per minute at high speed. It is the highest airflow when compared to the other brands of ceiling fans. It consumes only 18 watts power. That’s why famination stellar is the best ceiling fan with the high airflow.

Best Ceiling Fan with Remote

In modern ceiling fans, are comes with a remote control to control the settings of the ceiling fan. It is an important feature to consider while you purchase the ceiling fan.

Best Ceiling Fan with Remote

The Minka Aire f843 DK wave ceiling fan is one of the best ceiling fans with remote control. It covers a long range of distance. So you can change the settings wherever in your room.

Best Ceiling Fan with Remote and Light

The splendid ceiling fan comes with a remote and light. The hunter 53091 builder deluxe 5 blade ceiling fan has a remote and 120 watts light fixture.

Best Ceiling Fan with Remote and Light

It includes two 60 watts candelabra incandescent bulbs for producing the brightest vision. It is detachable so you can install the ceiling fan with or without the light.

Best Ceiling Fan Industrial

Generally, industries occupy a large amount of space. So the ceiling fan must produce the air up to the long distance. High ceiling fans are the right choice for manufacturing companies.

Best Ceiling Fan for Industry

You should buy the ceiling fans made from the metal or hard plastic materials. Emerson ceiling fan HF956BQ offers excellent cool breeze into the manufacturing industries. This fan comes with a J hook, so the installation process is very simple. It is also the best choice for open spaces, marriage halls.

Best Ceiling Fan for Office

If you are searching for a ceiling fan for your office, choose the ceiling fan which is creating a professional look.

Best Ceiling Fan for Office

At the same time, the fan must create a classy feel to the office. Hardware house 41-5976 ceiling fan creates an excellent look to your office. In its white sleek blade offers the fresh breeze everywhere.

There are many varieties of price ranges of ceiling fans available in the market. Among them, we’ve classified the best into as per your budget.

Best Ceiling Fan for Under $300:

If your budget is on and around $300, this Minka Aire F844 DK light wave ceiling fan is the right choice.

Best Ceiling Fan Under $300

Minka Aire F844 DK light wave

Technical Info

   » Size: 52 inch
   » Color: Brown
   » Dimension: 10.5 x 10.5 x 13.5 inches


   » 52-inch blade design
   » Dimmable LED lights
   » Eliminates the nuisance

Best Ceiling Fan for Under $200

If your budget is on and around $200, these Litex E-UB48BC4C1 Urbana ceiling fan, Hunter 53237 builder plus ceiling fan, and Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 Ceiling fan are the best choices.

​Litex E-UB48BC4C1 Urbana

         » 48-Inch Ceiling Fan
         » Brushed Chrome Blades
         » Includes a 6-Inch down-rod

​Hunter 53237 builder plus

         » 52-Inch Ceiling Fan
         » Swirled marble glass
         » 3 positions mounting

Westinghouse Lighting 7876400

         » 2,897 CFM airflow
         » 3 fan speeds
         » Reversible switch

Best Ceiling Fan for Under $100

If your budget on and around $100, these Hunter 52089 Watson 34 inch ceiling fan, Westinghouse 7801665, and  Westinghouse 7861400 industrial Comet ceiling fans are perfect choices.

Hunter 52089 watson

             » WhisperWind motor
             » 34-inch fan
             » 13-degree blade pitch

Westinghouse 7801665

           » Matte black finish 
           » Reverse functionality 
           » Dual installation system

Westinghouse 7861400

          » 56-Inch Three-Blade 
          » Sleek brushed nickel finish
          » 5,973 cubic feet per minute

How to Purchase a Ceiling Fan – Features You Should Look

Fans come in all shapes and sizes: with or without a lighting fixture, and with three, four, five or even six blades. Learn about the basic you should consider before you buy a ceiling fan.

Blades/ Size of the room

Choosing the blades for a ceiling fan will depend on your room size. Nowadays the ceiling fans usually come with 4, 5 even 6 blades, that help to improve your interior style.

The blades should have angles with them because these blades will circulate air to a higher amount. The number of blades doesn’t make efficiency. The blade doesn’t affect the performance of the ceiling fan.

The modern ceiling fans come with a reversible blade. If you want to change the look of your ceiling fan, you can reverse the blade. The number of blades and shapes are used to enhance the décor of the ceiling.

Blade design and motor speed determine the fan’s performance. Here I listed the top four main blade materials for you.

  1. MDF
  3. WOOD
  4. META


The modern ceiling fans are designed with the lights. It was located in the center of the blades. This light offers more brightness to your room. The intensity of the light can be adjustable. The lights can be controlled using a remote control or a pull chain. Usually, the ceiling fans come with a detachable light. So you can install the ceiling fan with or without lights.

The modern ceiling fan offers three types of lights.

1. LED – The LED lights are uses very low energy. It reduces your electricity bills.

2. Halogen – The halogen lights consume 15 percent low energy when compared to the incandescent lights.

3. Fluorescent – Fluorescent lights absorb 75 percent low energy when compare than the incandescent lights.


There is a different kind of motors are used in the ceiling fans. It is the main factor of the ceiling fan. If the ceiling fan had a perfect motor, then it will give the high performance.

Always the ceiling fan should be designed with a reversible motor so that it can turn in two ways.

The best motors are sealed with zinc, metal. The noise-free ceiling fans have unsealed motors. The motor attached with a ball bearing drive, it reduces friction and making it quieter.

153 mm Provides less air movement
172 mm Better air movement
188 mm Excellent air movement


The quality of the ceiling fan depends upon the airflow. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is used to measure the airflow of the ceiling fan. The size of the blades plays an important role in airflow.

Good CFM ranges from 4000 to 5000 Hardware House 543611 Aegean Flush-Mount 42-Inch Ceiling Fan
Better ranges from 5000 to 6000 Hunter 53091 Builder Ceiling Fan
Best is over  6000 Minka Aire Wave ceiling fan

Highest air flow of the ceiling fan delivers more air and uses less energy. The high airflow ceiling fans are the right choice for the garage, storeroom, etc.

Energy Consumption

The power/energy consumption of ceiling fan is depending on the fan’s size and what kind of motor uses it. The ordinary ceiling fan consumes more power compare than energy efficient ceiling fan.

20 to 30 watt Consume less energy Harbor Breeze 44-In Brushed Nickel Flush Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan
35 to 50 watt Highest speed energy consumption Westinghouse 78108 Petite Reversible Fan
50 to 65 watt Consume the lowest wattage Ellington Litex E-Ub48bc4c1 Urbana 48-Inch Ceiling Fan
65 to 80 watt Consume a lot of energy Monte Carlo 5DI52PND Ceiling fan

Before you buy a ceiling fan you must check whether the ceiling fan is energy star certified or not.

Colors and Finishes

Most of the ceiling fans are white & black and the common thing is wood finishing and metal finishing.

Although many other colors and textures and shapes are also available. Painting your fan blades is also available in modern. You can choose the ceiling fans as per your indoor styles.

If you got a ceiling fan with the above factors, your fan will last for a long period of time with high power and performance. If you are looking for the best cooling fans for your room, try out the Dyson Cool Air Multiplier cooling fan.

Things to Know Before Choosing a Ceiling Fan

Top Brands of Ceiling Fans

There are many brands of the ceiling fan are available in the market. Each brand produces a no of ceiling fans. We’ve listed the top brands of ceiling fans.

Top Ceiling Fan Brands

You can pick the ceiling fan from the above brands.

Types of Ceiling Fans

There are various brands and models of ceiling fans, and one should select the right and the best ceiling fan among them. Two types of ceiling fans are here. Changing the direction of the ceiling fan in the summer and winter session makes you feel comfy always.

1. Summer Ceiling Fan

 In summer days, the ceiling fans are should rotate in counterclockwise to push the cool air skywards. This cool air creates the chill effect in your room make you feel fresh.

2. Winter Ceiling Fan

Did you know the ceiling fans are also suitable in winter session?

Ceiling fans are also suitable for the winter session. In winter days, the ceiling fans are should rotate in clockwise to push air downwards. This air makes your room warmer. It decreases the usage of the heating device.

Ceiling Fan Accessories

If you want to modify the ceiling fan you can use these accessories.


Ceiling Fan Accessories

You can change and increase the ceiling fan as per your need by using these accessories.

Benefits of the Ceiling Fan

In addition to this, there are various advantages and important features with this ceiling fan. These advantages are useful, and they stand as the best choice for selecting the ceiling fans.

The benefits of the ceiling fan are listed below.

  1. Reduced cost
  2. Requires less power for operation
  3. Can be used both in cool and hot weather
  4. Has Long life than the other conventional coolers
  5. Adds a style statement in your house
  6. Gives different looks to different rooms
  7. Ability to be used outdoors
  8. Lowering the ambient temperature
  9. Comes with a remote and a pull chain

Problems with Ceiling Fans

As mentioned above ceiling fans are useful devices that act as effective replacements for conventional air coolers and other cooling systems. But there are some things to improve the ceiling fan.

  1. Doesn’t provide much light
  2. Some fans can be noisy
  3. Difficult to clean
  4. Mounting is the big issue
  5. The low ceiling might be dangerous
  6. Increased complexity and maintenance

How We Pick the Best Ceiling Fan

We’ve bought a top 15 brands of ceiling fans, and our research team tested it daily. Our team members are noted the ceiling fans coverage, energy consumption, and remote control’s coverage area, and pull chain capacity. After that, we’ve made the list of top 10 best ceiling fan.

Why Ceiling Fans are Best Compared to Other Cooling Devices?

  • The ceiling fans are considered as the best alternative to air coolers and air conditioners. These devices can be afforded easily at less cost and can be fitted in the walls or ceilings easily.
  • The ceiling fan just re-circulates the air within the room or area, so that these fans can be used in both cool and warm climates.
  • Ceiling fans are electrically powered mechanical fans equipped with leaves and rotor. These fans are fixed and suspended down from the roof with the help of a hub mounted system.
  • It comes with a remote and a pull chain. So you can change the settings easily.

Ceiling Fan Cleaning Tips

Ceiling fans are easily gathered dust in their blades. Cleaning process of a ceiling fan is a difficult task for everyone. Here we’ve listed few tips to maintaining the ceiling fan.

Cleaning Ceiling Fan by Using Pillowcase

Use your pillow cover, then put it around into the blades. After that, wipe out the dust from the blades.
You can also wipe the dust by using a vacuum cleaner.
To remove the dust from the light bulbs, you can use the microfiber cloth.
Remove the glass globe and rinse it in mild soapy warm water.

Your proper cleaning and maintaining the ceiling fan help to increase the life of the fan.

Ceiling Fan Installation Tips

After buying a ceiling fan, you can install in your home or office. The installation of the ceiling fan is very simple because it only requires a few hours to fix. Before you start your work, you should shut the power of the circuit box.

Tools Required:

  1. Adjustable spanner
  2. Driller
  3. Voltage detector
  4. Wire cutter
  5. Pincer
  6. Screwdrivers
  7. Insulated tape
  8. Step stool
  9. Safety glass for eyes
  10. Dust mask for face

Installation Steps

  • Shut off the circuit power
  • Fix the U bolt and new outlet box
  • Install the mounting box
  • Attach the fan parts
  • Fit the downrod
  • Connect the wires for light and circulation
  • Assemble the blades
  • Connect the switch
  • Shut on the power of circuit box
  • Test the ceiling fan

If the fan is not working then recheck the wire’s connection.

Final Verdict

Ceiling fans have continuously been India’s warming solution. Modern high-speed ceiling fans are not only helping to keep you cool but also it helps to decorate the style to your home. The durability of the ceiling fan is based on your cleaning and maintenance. I hope this guide will help you to choose the right ceiling fan for your home or office.

Having any queries regarding the above guide? Feel free to shoot your queries in the comment section below.

How does a Ceiling fan Work?

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are the great way to cool off during hot summer days and in the chill season; it keeps you warm with an optimal temperature. The rotation of the ceiling fan is built in a way to attract the warm air upwards when the hot air rises up, the blades of the fan push it down.

It moves the air around your room and naturally makes you feel cool. It can make the life more comfortable so that you can get a good relaxation when it passes over your head. A ceiling fan is constructed with few basic parts like an electric motor along with the blades and the irons that hold most types in a place.

Some of the fans have a control that is wall-mounted or a hand-held remote. There are wide varieties of styles so you can be able to mix and match the different parts to create your own style. It is just a mechanical fan which is electrically powered and is suspended from the ceiling of a room to circulate the air.

Let’s see the parts of the ceiling fan:

The ceiling fan is designed with different components which are then mingled together to create a cool air throughout the room. There are a lot of electrical parts involved but some of the main parts are needed to make the fan better.

The electric motor is the machine within the ceiling fan which can easily convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The blades are made of plastic, wood, plywood or aluminum and you should connect it with the motor. The fan is mounted to the ceiling and held on it with the help of the mounting device.

Here are some important parts of the fan:

  • Electric motor
  • Blades
  • Capacitor
  • Blade irons
  • Flywheel

The coils are gently rolled around the metal base and when they rotate, you can get a cool air in the whole room. The magnetic field produces rotation either in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The flywheel is well-attached to the shaft of the motor and the blade irons; the inner ring is locked to the shaft by a screw. This rotation moves out the hot air from the ceiling and keeps you cool.

How does it work?

The ceiling fan is connected to the top and it can be easily controlled by the remote or a switch mounted on the wall. The speed at which the blade rotates is very important because changing the speed settings can allow creating a cool air. It depends on the outside temperature. The blades start to rotate when an electric current reaches the motor and then enters the coils of wire which are wrapped around the metal base.

Works effectively:

The fan will circulate only if the current passes through the wire and it will be rotated in a clockwise direction to change electrical energy into mechanical energy. It works effectively to move out the hot air from your room when the warm air reaches the building; it gently creates heat in the entire room. The fan should be kept clean because the dust can cause damage if you leave it without proper maintenance. It is also essential to check whether the bolts and nuts are properly mounted to the ceiling. It must be lubricated at least once a week to ensure the better rotation for the room.


The ceiling fan offers a simple and easy way to change your room temperature and also keeps you cool and fresh always. It not only cools down the room but also the right style and color adds an extra beauty to the entire area. But proper maintenance is essential to increase the cooling effect.

Benefits of a Remote for your Ceiling fan


A remote control fan gives you a more versatile option for fan operation. One of the biggest benefits of using the remote control for your fan is, if you wish to use a light kit on your ceilings it is easy to operate. Ceiling fans now are often controlled from a remote that allows you to adjust the fan speed and turn the lights on or off from your comfort level.

You no need to walk extra miles just to switch off or on because we live in a remote control world today. It offers a lot of convenience to the users because with the help of remote we can change the speed, rotation from anywhere in the room.

Install a ceiling fan with remote:

When you install the ceiling fan for your room starts with a remote, if the remote is ready then you can proceed with the installation of the ceiling fan. The first step when installing a ceiling fan with remote is switching off the breaker on the circuit panel. Batteries are needed for the remote so the circuit or junction box should be always ready.

You may not have access to run the wiring through the ceiling and down the wall to install a wall control. If there is light in a room, you can replace the light with a fan and use a remote option to control them both.

You can check and make sure that the ceiling can support the weight of a new remote installed fan. It should be secured and tightened using the screws so that you can use it for a long time. Test the remote after installing the fan to the ceiling, if it doesn’t work shut the power off and reconnect the wire nuts. 

Offers more Comfort:

The remote-controlled ceiling fans are advantageous for many people. If you look for convenience then this fan could be your pick, if a person has a difficulty to move around then it is better to use the remote to change the fan’s operation.

There are options to slow down your fan speed if you are in the middle of a room. You can be able to just set the fan to spin the amount of air you need, without losing your comfort. These remote control fans are developed to improve the purpose of making life more comfortable because everything can be done easily without even standing up.

Uses of Remote-controlled ceiling fans:

The ceiling fans have three modes of control for switching it on and off, one is you can just pull a chord from the motor, second is to control on the wall in the image of switches and the last one controls the fan using a remote. Usually, the remote control fans are very efficient and offer many advantages.


  • You can stay updated with a trend because we can have our hands on the remote control to operate which makes the life simple. It also gives a new experience and offers a flexibility to handle the fan just like the air conditioner.
  • It is possible to set timers for your ceiling fans. When you sleep you can use this feature and it will go off once you wake up. So you don’t want to switch off the fan again and again. Having a timer will also help to save you from unexpected heavy electricity bills.
  • It is easy to install and there is no necessity for adding extra fitting components to use the fan, efficiency is another important factor. Because it offers a lot of versatile option and is convenient to use.


The ceiling fan is a great addition to any room which can add comfort and pleasure to your home. It is essential to invest in a ceiling fan, with a remote that fits your room to enjoy the air circulation and also adds a lot of comfort to you.

Ceiling fan Maintenance Tips


Do you experience some wobbling with your fan? Try tightening all of the blade and blade iron screws until they are snug. It is essential to turn off the power and also check that the hanger ball is properly seated. Then it is necessary to change the direction and to reduce the noise if it is too loud. Maintaining ceiling fans are very important in your homes as they make you cool during summer and keep you warm during winter. It can also help to avoid potential safety hazards in case of faulty fans if your fan got damaged maintaining is very easy and simple task. Ceiling fans are the most important item to consider for maintenance.

Tips for maintaining the ceiling fan:

  1. Clean the fan:

You need to keep the fan’s blade neat and clean so it can run smoothly for a long time. It is a good idea to use the vacuum brush to carefully clean the top and the bottom portion of the blades. Sometimes the blades may be filled with a thick layer of dust so just follow up with a damp microfiber cloth and wipe all the areas of each blade.

You can also use a feather duster or other type of dry duster after the blades to make it dry. Gently use these techniques to clean the fan so don’t bend the blades and never use any harsh cleaner on the blades. It is also essential to clean the vents and light fixtures if any are on the ceiling. An excess amount of dust can make the fan’s motor too hot and the blades will begin to wobble.

  1. Make sure that the screws are tightened:

If you fan produces any noise or if it shakes then you can fix the problem by simply using the screwdriver to tighten all the screws used in the fan. Just remove the screws holding the housing around the fan’s bracket with a driver, locate at the bolts and nuts to tighten it. Make sure that the screw attaches the blades to the blade mounts and to the fan motor are tight.

If the still produce wobbles, then check the blade alignment by keeping the tape measure against the ceiling. If anyone of the blade is off, you might be able to slightly bend the metal blade to align it. Sometimes while the fan is running, it generates vibrations that may loosen some of the screws. So it is important to detect loosen screws through a noisy or shaky fan, simply use a screwdriver to tighten back the screws.

  1. Lubricate the fan:

Some ceiling fans require timely lubrication to operate smoothly. So you can apply oil to your squeaky ceiling fan to fill the hole that is located on the top side of the motor. Gently turn off the fan and wait for some time to completely stop. Locate a small hole in the upper section of the motor and pour few drops of oil into the hole.

If the fan makes odd noises or if creates a burning smell when it runs, then it is necessary to lubricate it. Wipe any excess oil off the exterior of the fan with a clean damp cloth; turn on the fan to test it. It should be able to run quietly and smoothly, don’t ignore the noise and smell coming from the fan. Because it can shorten the life of the fan’s motor or potentially cause an electrical fire.

  1. Check for movement:

It is very essential to check the movement of the fan blades just to verify whether it creates wobbling or vibrating noise. Sometimes wobble may be because of the loose bolts and screws. The blades can hang loosely with continued usage and causes undue noise. The center portion of the fan should not make any side movement while the fan is running; if it does then the fan needs to be balanced. When you fix the fan on the ceiling just note that all the blades are properly arranged, if something is missing then fit the sufficient number of blades. You should not bend the blades while cleaning with a cloth or vacuum cleaner. It should be perfectly mounted on the top of another.


With proper maintenance, your fan can run for a long time without any issues. Now you know the ceiling fan maintenance and cleaning tips, so you can easily avoid any kind of ceiling fan repairs.

How to choose the right size of a ceiling fan


Choosing the perfect ceiling fan and picking the right size is a quite challenging task for you. First, you have to decide what type of ceiling fan you should add to your room, so it is necessary to know about the size of the fan, airflow, CFM, length of the blades, materials and more. Ceiling fans make the great addition to the home year-around, they cool us during summer and warms up in winter. If your ceiling fan is too small for your room, it won’t move the air effectively and efficiently. If it is too big then it could create the feeling of being in a wind tunnel. So it is important to pick the right-sized fan for your ceiling.

Check out the following tips on how to choose the right size ceiling fan:

  1. Choose the large size fan:

When you choose the ceiling fan for your home, always look at the big-sized fan to get the more cooling effect. You can get the direct airflow and wind-chill cooling effect and works effectively right outside the area. The size of the fan is very important to actually feel the breeze where you need it. To determine the room size, just multiply the length of the room in feet by the width of the room because it provides an accurate representation of the amount of space to keep you cool. The ideal size of the fan depends on the size of the room. For larger rooms like living rooms and dining areas, it is better to fix the fan with 120 mm blade span.

  1. Pick the right blade span for your room:

It is better to use a smaller ceiling fan for tiny rooms and larger fans for a larger room. Most of the ceiling fans come with a right number of blades to offer a cool and refreshing air. It gives an aesthetic feel to your room when it comes to the airflow the motor and blade pitch are very important to keep in mind. You can choose 12to 15 degree blade for optimum air movement, there are a variety of products which are designed with steeper blade angles. If the numbers of blades get increased, then the fans work quieter and circulate less air. Additional blades increase the drag on the ceiling fan’s motor and slow it down.

  1. Measure the size of the room:

Most ceiling fan sizes are determined by the size of the room they will be placed in. the first important thing to consider when deciding your ceiling fan size is the size of the room because if it is too big or too small for space then the air will not circulate properly. Measure the room’s length and width in feet and multiply the width by a length to find your room’s square footage. Use the fan according to the size of the room, for the kitchen you can use a smaller blade diameter but for the living room, it must be larger. Keep the appropriate distance between the fan blades and the ceiling to ensure efficient circulation of air.

  1. Check the ceiling height:

You must ensure the height between the floor and your ceiling and also you can have a different range of selection of fans to choose from. If your room has a tall ceiling then you need to choose a fan with a down rod to suspend it far away from the ceiling. For better air circulation the fans will be hanging 8 inches or more than from the ceiling. If the room with ceilings eight feet or shorter then it is good to pick the flash mount fans because it hugs the ceiling to create a low profile. To hang a fan at the appropriate height in a room with ceiling nine feet higher, it is ideal because more space between the blades and the ceiling will give more air circulation. So pick the right fan by checking the ceiling height. 

  1. Look for the number of angles and blades:

When it comes to airflow, it is important to consider the motor as well as the blade pitch. The airflow determines the amount of air a ceiling fan delivers which is measured by using CFM and it stands for cubic feet per minute. When the fan is kept at the high speed, then the value is taken in watts. If the CFM is higher, then more efficient the fan is and the more air it moves around.

It is better to choose the fan with at least 15-degree blade pitch and angle to rotate the cool air throughout the entire room. The main features of these fans are to gently provide air in the room, rather than to create a cooling wind blow. If you use the fans for long hours such as in a living room or bedroom then this quality is especially important.

Wrapping Up!

Choose the fan that perfectly suits your ceiling, size is an important factor to keep in mind while choosing the fan. A ceiling fan is there to make your life more comfortable and allows you to enjoy the cool air.

Useful Tips to INSTALL and REPLACE the ceiling fan


A ceiling fan looks stylish and functional also adds an extra décor to your room.  Ceiling fans are heavy to fix so they require some additional support. When you choose the fan make sure that it is convenient for your room. The larger the room, the bigger the fan, so take an exact measurement to fit the longest wall in the room.

If you are planning to install the ceiling fan that already has an existing outlet then it is same as wiring any ceiling fixture. If the room doesn’t have the overhead box, then install the electrical box and fix the wires through the walls and across the ceiling.

To install and replace the ceiling fixture follow these tips:

Turn off the power at the fuse or circuit panel:

When you fix the ceiling fan first thing to consider is where you will be getting power. Because you may find a lot of pairs of wires in the ceiling box, so some may be wired to the circuits other than the one you are using. It is a good idea to use a voltage tester just to check the screw terminals on the side of the switch. Make sure that they are not electrically charged if you are sure then gently push the switch and wire out of the box. If the wires are mounted to the back of the switch then push the screwdriver into the rectangular slots next to the wire holes.

Install the Fan Mounting Bracket:

Most of the ceiling fans come with a mounting bracket if your fan doesn’t have this feature then buy the separate mounting kit. Gently attach this bracket to the ceiling box to get more stability. The bracket is designed with a circular receptacle for a ball mounted which is installed on the fan motor or to the extension rod. Choose the fan with corrosion-resistant stainless steel or by plastic parts to stand up to high condensation and humidity. If you use the extension rod to suspend the fan, then you can temporarily tape the ends of your fan motor and just pull the wiring through the rod. This can reduce the heat when you use it for a long time.

Remove the wires from the existing ceiling box:

While installing the ceiling fan gently loosen the cable clamp which secures the incoming cable to the box. Replacing the room’s ceiling fixture with a ceiling fan includes its own lighting process, first turn off the electricity at the home’s main panel to the circuit that powers the light and its switch. Use a circuit tester to ensure whether it is in on mode or off mode.

To replace the existing fan, just disconnect the wires and remove the central mounting nut and the screws that hold the old fixture. Because normally fans can weigh up to 50 pounds, so you must choose the right spot to hang your ceiling fan. Turn off the power to the existing fan or light at the main fuse or circuit box also use the circuit tester to check whether the power is on or off.

Install the adjustable hanger bar and ceiling box:

You can install the hanger bars by pushing them into the hole where the old ceiling fan is left by the electrical box. If you have the hanger bar completely within the hole then it is easy to rotate the blades perpendicularly or straightly to the ceiling joists. The bar slightly expands until it gets engaged to the ceiling; the ceiling fans are very heavy so they require adequate support.

The ends of the hanger bars are attached and equipped with sharp steel pins which can dig into the wood joists when the bar is stretched. It is also possible to attach the special ceiling box to the hanger bar and lock it in a secure place to provide a good and safe base for the fan.


Some fans have a smart electronics so you can easily control various functions by the single switch for offering convenience to the users. Before you fix the new ceiling for your unit, recheck the existing switch wiring with a tester to ensure that the power is off.

Top 10 Best Bladeless Fans – Beat the Heat


Disclaimer: Each and every product is independently chosen by our editors. We may get commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

After analyzing thousands of bladeless fans we have listed best picks for you. Bladeless fans are an innovative technology which has no blades. It is simple but effective to use in your home or office, they are quieter and very easy to maintain. It is very safe and powerful enough to cool the entire room.

If you are in a hurry, you can start with Dyson Cool Air Multiplier. As per our research, Dyson captured the 1st place in best longboard of 2019.

These are quite flexible when it comes to flow the air towards any direction as they may be rotated vertically or horizontally. The Bladeless fan has the advantage of providing an aesthetic feel for your home and the structure is more complex than the traditional one, but it gives you long-lasting support.

It is highly safe and suitable for homes with children and they use much less energy to circulate a lot of air, so you may stay cool and fresh always. It multiplies the air flow coming out, which offers much better cooling.

It has a built-in LED control that makes it simple and easy to use even in low light. Blades are the very basic component for a fan that keeps the ventilation good while they make airflow as a breeze in a room.

Best Bladeless fans- The smart choice to buy in 2019

The bladeless fans are very comfortable and convenient since they have minimal noise and it is energy efficient. An ultimate idea for using this kind of fan is to provide an excellent air conditioning solution without having to deal with any rotating blades.


Dyson Air Multiplier AMo6 Table

Premium Pick- Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan

The Dyson Air Multiplier provides powerful and efficient airflow in a simple little package. Being small and compact it can be placed anywhere but also provides better air circulation. It is one of the top rated products to buy for your home or office. Compare and buy now to enjoy its benefits.


Lasko AC600 Air Logic Bladeless Tower Fan

Budget Pick- Lasko AC600 Air Logic Bladeless Tower Fan

This model is the perfect value for money which is also good in performance and safe to use. It produces good airflow and ventilation to keep the atmosphere cool and fresh. With its efficient functioning, these fans fit well in limited space because of its sleek and compact design.

Best Bladeless Fans

After being reviewed by our experts for more than 50 days we have chosen the best 10 products for you. Get the best product and always buy the best.
Product Name
Our Rating
View On Amazon
Dyson Air Multiplier AMo6 Table Fan
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Lasko AC600 Air Logic Bladeless Fan
5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
Turcom AirLight Bladeless Fan
4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
Dyson Pure Hot Cool Bladeless Fan
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Viatek UBF01-B Bladeless Fan
4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
GreenTech Environmental pureFlow QT7 Fan
4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Honeywell HTF210B Tower fan
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Ozeri Ultra Bladeless fan
4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Lohome Mini Portable Bladeless Fan
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower Fan
4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

#1-Best bladeless fan for home- Dyson Air Multiplier AMo6 Table

The Dyson Air Multiplier Amo6 Table fan offers you the powerful airflow without the use of any spinning blades; it is the most perfect safety device for the home. It is modeled with a new advanced technology which helps to deliver the cool fresh air; this fan is one of the unique air circulators when compared to other products.

Dyson Air Multiplier AMo6 Table


The Multiplier technique makes the air to pass through the blades and a fan grill that creates a smooth stream of cool air. This Dyson Amo6 model will be great for your personal use; it is one of the compact portable fans which feature the remote control and a sleek silver finish.


The head part of the Dyson fan is a loop air multiplier which will make you clean easily; it has an open circular shape that looks very attractive and safe to touch. It has an innovative look which may be very different from traditional fans; it also works efficiently and smoothly. The fan is designed with a brushless electric motor which has precise control of the speed and increases the air flow.


The fashionable features of this fan maybe it is a lightweight, powerful, sleep timer with a good amount of intervals from 15 minutes to 9 hours. It is also constructed with many adjustable height settings; this type of fan can stand 5 feet tall which offers enough cool air for the whole family.


The entire control of the fan is attached to the top of the ring which can be operated using a remote control. The AM06 offers better performance and style and available in a variety of colors.


Luxury look
Quiet Operation
Convenient Control


Difficult to wash

#2-Lasko AC600 Air Logic Bladeless Tower Fan

The Lasko AC600 bladeless fan offers the latest technology which is portable and has uniquely designed cool grills that direct and focus the fresh air for whole room circulation. It has built-in EZ touch controls that make use of remote control which provides efficient performance.

Lasko AC600 Air Logic Bladeless Tower Fan

Unique Bladeless Feature:

This fan comes with a unique bladeless structure also with a good filter so it may be easy to clean and use. The Lasko Tower fan has an elegant look and powerful functioning so it fits in limited space because the design is sleek and compact.

Speed Settings:

It uses the multi-patented technology to provide good airflow and cooling for a large span, and this will be the right choice for anyone with a big space. It offers you the three different speed settings with a timer which makes the fan to automatically deactivate in 30 minutes for 8 hours, it has a power saving feature.

Improved Oscillation:

It gives more power and versatility because of its user-friendliness, ionized-air purification, and convenient operation. The Lasko Tower fan has an improved oscillation that makes you feel cool and comfortable; it has a 36-inch bladeless structure with a sleek and modern look.

Air Functionality:

This makes the fan to evenly distribute air for the whole big room. The fresh ion technology gives both positive and negative ions to refresh and clean the air. The remote controls along with batteries have the full power to operate the fan.


Excellent cool breeze
Convenient remote control
Perfect for all rooms


Make some noise

#3-Best bladeless fan with light- Turcom AirLight LED Desk Lamp with Bladeless Cooling Fan

If you need a perfect cooling fan for your room, office, bedroom or a dorm room this will be the better choice, it is ideal for reading, studying or even working.

It comes with a bladeless three-speed fan features sensor buttons and an adjustable dimmable light along with a non-flickering illumination.

Turcom AirLight


It has a washable fan air filter and it is a user-friendly product. The LED desk lamp has a speed bladeless cooling fan which makes you very comfortable and fresh while you work or read.

32’ LED light:

You can just simply use the touch-sensitive panel to adjust the height settings, speed, and many other things. The AirLight uses the 32’ LED’s to offer the bright lighting for you without producing any glare or shadows which will be found on classic light bulbs.


It is fully adjustable because of its sleek and perfect design so you can rotate up to 240 degrees tilt and focus the airflow in whichever direction you like. This bladeless fan provides effective cooling with a smooth stream of gentle cooling air flow. The LED lamps are elegantly designed with a modernized or fashionable white or gray colors, it has an on/off buttons for fan and light brightness.

The airflow comes from the inner chamber for providing the constant air without the uncomfortable buffeting effect that might be seen in fan with blades.


Ergonomic design
Adjustable LED lights


Unstable light

#4-Best bladeless fan humidifier- Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Air Purifier

It is one of the most innovative purifiers which not only cleans the air in your home but also works as a fan or heater, it constantly monitors the air quality and purifies whenever needed. It also offers a unique mixture of features what make it an ideal fit for keeping your house cooler during summer and a bit warmer during winter and it is highly breathable.

Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link

Better Airflow:

It has a shiny plastic, elegant look and delivers airflow slowly even at lower control settings; you can manually control all the aspects of a fan, purifier or a heater it is possible to set fan speed according to the desired temperature.

Wifi Connectivity:

It is very adaptable to connect with your home’s Wifi network and control your device or monitor the air quality remotely through Dyson smartphone app for Android or iPhone. This type of fan is easy to move around, that may fit even in a small space.

Remote handy:

The air that produces in your home will be cleaner and fresher so it gives you a pleasant and fresh feel to live in. There will be a small remote control at the top of the machine to operate the purifier from any place.

The auto mode facility makes the purifier to adjust the needs of your room and cleans it with optimum air quality. It is the smartest choice for you because it comes with a HEPA filter that collects all the harmful pollutants from your home and makes it very hygienic and clean.


Auto switch function
Voice and remote control
Ideal for asthmatic and allergic people


No Dust filter

#5-Bladeless fan with desk- Viatek UBF01-B Breezie Table Top Bladeless fan

It is the best bladeless fan which can be powered either using the battery or USB connection; if you need to charge the fan using USB port just simply plug the cord into the side of the fan.

Breezie Table Top Bladeless fan

Angle Adjustability:

The Breezie Bladeless Table fan comes with an adjustable angle back so it can direct the airflow from any directions. You also have a chance to power the fan with a desktop computer, laptop or any other USB outlet for charging.

Fresh air circulation:

The Breezie fan has a built-in cooling sponge to activate the chillness and cool feature, if you immerse the sponge with water and freeze in a perfect shape that fit the fan correctly then it may produce the fresh air for the whole room.

The cool air has to channel through blades and the fan grill that makes the air choppy and uneven. It has a well-designed motor at the bottom of the fan which amplifies it and instantly offers cool air around the space; it also gives steady and powerful airflow.

Lightweight Design:

It is the energy efficient product with an attractive lightweight design which is equipped with an adjustable remote control setting, so it can fit at any place. You can apply some fragrance to the cooling sponge to make it like an air freshener which gives the pleasant and glowing feel to your home.


Adjustable angle
Energy efficient
Perfectly fits in all place


Louder some times

#6-GreenTech Environmental pureFlow QT7

It is uniquely designed to circulate your room’s air with peak performance, efficiency, and power, with no blades it is very easy to clean while the children’s are kept safe. It offers the air more quickly than traditional fans that make your room comfortable and cool.

GreenTech Environmental pureFlow


It is mainly designed to reduce the power and increase the airflow. It produces an unstoppable flow of smooth air which is distributed evenly and naturally, so the air may be passed to every corner of the room.

It is the compact portable fan that fits even at smaller space; it uses advanced technology to deliver the refreshing breeze of cool air.

12 Speed settings:

There are many adjustable fan settings like you can manually fix the speed of your fan which gives a gentle breezy airflow to a full gust of wind and everything in between. The 12 speed ensure that you will enjoy the good amount of flow and you can control the fan using a remote handy.

Pure air circulation:

The pure flow QT7 features a tilting and oscillating head to provide extra air circulation with an efficient operating display as well as remote. It gives you the natural cool air at an affordable price.


Very safe to children
Reasonable price
Perfect amount of airflow


Creates chemical smell

#7-Honeywell HTF210B Tower fan

The Honeywell tower fan is small, easy to move around and it looks very elegant and quiet, it is the compact and efficient fan which fits perfectly in limited spaces, or for people who travel regularly.

Honeywell HTF210B Tower fan

Provides refreshing air:

It has a built-in oscillating function that increases the airflow and makes you feel fresh and cool. This is the desk fan which is an amazing addition to any desktop, nightstand or a horizontal surface.


It is an ultra-compact fan which delivers a refreshing stream of fresh air around. It has hidden blades inside the pedestal base to offer a gentle air flow; this can be powered by a USB cable that can connect to a computer, laptop or any other devices.

Speed Settings:

It is modeled with three speeds that can be precisely controlled by the remote which is handy, so you can adjust the level of speed from anywhere. The Honeywell fan has LCD display for easy control, the air filter is washable so that you can enjoy a clean and hygienic air always.


The size of this fan is small so you can move to anywhere and make a difference. It is designed with a DC motor so the fan works very efficiently than one with AC motor; this comes with an auto shut off timer which can automatically control the speed of your fan.


Great pedestal base
USB power connection


Grill gathered dust easily

#8-Best bladeless fan ceiling- Ozeri Ultra Bladeless fan

It is one of the most impressive tower fans which have a sophisticated and stylish ultra-slim design which provides the refreshing circulation of air all around. It keeps you very cool at hottest nights and equipped with three airflow patterns designed to foster sleep, relaxation, and comfort with three-speed settings to offer better sleep.

Ozeri Ultra Bladeless fan

Powerful LED light:

It has a multi-colored bright LED screen which can be activated by an enhanced range remote or the built-in control panel. It is designed with a new and improved LED screen which gives a light dimming night mode that can dim the screen for light-sensitive sleepers.

Less noise:

This is the very thin tower fan that has an impressive number of features which also reduces the noise produced from the fan to promote a more peaceful environment for you so that it will be comfortable to sleep.

You can also monitor the performance of this tower fan by remote control, the sleek and compact design makes you adjust it wherever you want.


Ultra slim look
3-speed settings
Multicolor LED screen


The app doesn’t connect quickly

#9-Lohome Mini Portable Bladeless Fan

It has a wonderful white design; the Lohome bladeless fan is portable that hides the blade inside the pedestal base to offer an excellent airflow that is redirected to the attractive air-foil shaped ramp.

Lohome Mini Portable Bladeless Fan

Powered USB cable facility:

It is very easy to clean and maintain. the Lohome can be powered by a USB cable that can connect to the mobile, computer or any other electrical device with an amazing USB port.

Offers ultimate cooling:

It uses an airfoil to create a cool blast of smooth and fresh air without any unpleasant buffeting caused by the fans with blades. This works best in areas with limited floor space and it features four-speed settings; it offers an ultimate cooling which you may control with the remote handy and has a one, two, four or eight-hour auto shut off timer.

Easy to transport:

It is designed with an easy to carry handle so you can transport this fan from room to room and the ionizer provides the clean air to breathe. This also gives you a gentle airflow for the whole day.

It can circulate air throughout the entire room because it can turn 90 vertical and horizontal direction, it provides more safety than other traditional fans because of its bladeless cooling design and lightweight structure.


Excellent air flow
Auto shut off technology


Both high and low speeds are same

#10-Best to buy- Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower Air Circulator

The Vornado 184 whole room air circulator offers a more effective way to pass an air with V-flow circulation, so the air continuously moves throughout the room which creates a quiet and comfortable environment.

Vornado 184 Whole Room Tower


It has a very stable design so the fan can last for a long time and it is not robust when compared to other types of fans because the air does not blast in one direction. There are four adjustable speed settings and the LED timer can give the one, two, and four or eight hours of operation.


It can be controlled by the remote and the sensor is fixed at the top of the tower. The entire performance in keeping the room cool is extraordinary so that you may feel fresh and enthusiastic always.


It produces very less noise when you are operating it at different speeds; the Vornado adds extra versatility and flexibility to the users. The centralized air conditioner helps to keep your entire office, room or the house cool which actually maintains an amazingly pleasant experience.


Excellent LED timer


Consume high power

What to consider before buying a bladeless fan?

The Best bladeless fan must follow all the following criteria to ensure that it is a fair product! It is important to see whether all these qualities are available before buying the product.

Good cooling performance:

You want a fan to provide adequate cooling for your place so that you can enjoy the chillness and stay fresh always. So it is important to carefully look for a fan which can give good cooling and power enough for space.

If the controls are easy to use then the airflow will be gentle and smooth. The fan must have a powerful airflow, innovative technology, and better convenience, it must also have advanced air conditioning solutions.

The fan must have a fantastic aesthetics which adds an extra addition to your space; the spherical shape fans are an ideal cooling option for any space, it blends well with your home design and adds aesthetic value to the home.

Ease of use:

If you are a smart buyer then you must buy the product with much usability and feasibility; it must also have an efficiency to use. This will be done with remote controls and timers.

The remote control can be used to control the airflow speed and direction from wherever you are; it must add better convenience and comfort for the users.

The timer will help you to preset your fan’s operating cycle in hours, and it automatically shut the fan after the given amount of time.

This important feature will help you to stay stress less when you sleep and give you the peace of mind. You no need to get up and disrupt your comfort; you can just adjust the speed with a simple press on a button.

Noise levels:

You must be sure to buy a fan with reduced noise levels because fans with high noise can disturb your conversations or fall asleep in the room. If you want to enjoy the cool and fresh air then choose the fan with quieter operation, if you love to have some noise in your room then it will be a good idea to choose the louder fan. The fan should provide you good comfort and freshness for the entire day.

Buffeting produced by the fans can be irritating and be disrupted but it may not be possible in a bladeless fan, they are much quieter than traditional fans. Some fans will have a noise level which will be mentioned in their description, so testing is very important before buying a fan.

Ease of cleaning:

The bladeless types of fans are naturally easy to clean because of its design and lightweight, it’s very easy to wipe them clean and dust. It uses an airfoiled shaped ramp which makes the air very fresh and cool. It is also possible to add some fragrance to the sponge and clean, so the room will have a good odor.

If your fan is modeled with a grill make sure that it is easy to remove to offer good cleaning. Most of the fans have a different type of speed settings so you can choose low, medium or a high level if you need.

The oscillation is needed if you want everyone in the room to feel the breezy and cool air, a fan with the larger oscillating head can give a good amount of air to every corner and it will be easy to maintain.

Here is a video for how to clean the Dyson bladeless fan.

In a nutshell:

The bladeless fan is a modern invention to provide the people with a better and efficient airflow at home. Just always check the feature of each fan because it can help you to pick the best product! If you have time, you can also read the best and top-rated fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does bladeless fan work?

A small brushless electric motor runs a tiny fan together with aligned blades which easily pushes the air to create a smooth airflow. Dyson introduced a product called the Air Multiplier which was quieter and more efficient than the other types.

  1. Do Dyson fans cool air?

The Dyson Air Multiplier has blades but they are hidden inside the pedestal stand. It also has an oscillating unit that helps to circulate air around the room. This little fan will not heat the room it will actually cool the temperature of the room. 

  1. Are Dyson bladeless fans quiet?

Dyson bladeless fan is designed with a quieter motor without reducing the fan’s performance. This fan would produce the same amount of air with half the energy used before which makes the motor quieter and sound nicer.

  1. How does a fan cool a room?

The bladeless fan cools like air conditioner it provides more than 80 degrees of oscillation so it may cover a bit of room for a small fan. The fans are used to cool people and it removes the heat from our body also provides a chill feel.

  1. Do fans increase room temperature?

The bladeless fans provide airflow and cooling along with a large space which would be perfect for anyone with a big space to cool. It is powerful, energy efficient as well as easy to clean. These fans take out the hot air inside the room to keep you cool.

Top 10 Best Kids Ceiling Fan


Disclaimer: Each and every product is independently chosen by our editors. We may get commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Children are wonderful boon bestowed by God on human and their mischievous activities always brings happiness to the spectators and at times people become rude to them due to some strong loss. We might have seen that a kid’s room which would be quite different from the room of their guests and parents and what is the reason for this change? We must always remember that the mind of a kid is always happy and has no worries regarding their health, money, house, profession, etc.

As per our testing, Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan got the #1 place in our list. In its candelabra light gives an extreme illumination in your kid’s room.

Their bed, their floor mats with the colorful and interesting design is one of their valuable treasures. Availability of large windows through which they can peep into their room is an added enjoyment to them moreover; kids with their pets would prefer to have a pet crate very near to them. Wallpapers like butterflies, Mickey Mouse’s, garland, space, dream and attractive furniture’s and paints, fans are also factors which make them live in their own land. A ceiling fan is one of the essential things while considering the kid’s room. So you should the best ceiling fan for your nursery. 

Top Ten Best Kids Ceiling Fans

Here are some of the popularly available ceiling fans specially designed for the children’s use which will be a humble guide in assisting you to buy a new fan. Each fan has a unique feature which should be noticed and matched with the profile of your kid’s interest in purchasing it.

Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan

Craftmade WB348TS3 kid ceiling fan

Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan is an inspired aeronautically designed ceiling fan which is similar to a shark designed warplane. It is a surface mounted ceiling fan which can be installed and fastened to the ceiling easily. This ceiling fan has 3 blades which are designed to be a warplane blade which is painted with a rich wood finish and it is slightly tilted not only to provide an efficient airflow but also to provide a perfect design of a rotating propeller moreover the diameter of the fan is around 48 inches which are long enough to demonstrate that it is a real propeller hanging down the ceiling.

Additionally, you can expect three flavors in this ceiling fan, namely, black sheep, sop with camel and glamorous glen but all the three are similar in their propeller model with little variations in their designs. This Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan seems to be a shark protruding out of the ceiling with its nose having an eminent propeller whose real model was called as P-40 fighter jets which were used in World War 2. Moreover, the construction of this ceiling is very dynamic in such a way that it has 3-speed controls to control the speed of the motor and this control can be done by simply pulling a chain.

The central part of the dome of the ceiling fan consists of a candelabra light which gets illuminated when the system is switched on and note that the power rating of the light is 60 watts which provides a good intensity of light helpful to do their homework, daily tasks, etc. This aviation inspiring warplane type ceiling fan would definitely drive the kid to become a pilot, astronaut in one or the other day in his life

Roundabout Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan

7247500 Roundabout kid ceiling fan

Roundabout Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan is one of the spectacular and cute little ceiling fans for kids who prefer to own a cool and simple fan. This kid ceiling fan is brushed with nickel to provide a charismatic and able appearance to the children. This nickel indoor ceiling fan is made up of 5 different colored blades moreover the principle of Newton’s color wheel can easily be understood by simply operating the fan. It is nothing but a small experiment which teaches the children about the combination of the VIBGYOR colors forms the white color.

So, when the fan spins no color can be evidently visible except a blank white color and by installing this fan there a good possibility for the children to learn practically about colors. This Roundabout Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan has a doom in the middle which produces a bright luminance effect providing a dynamic night lamp to the kid. Even though the size of this indoor ceiling fan is very small, the amount of air circulated by this eminent equipment is nothing short of abundance and it can even propagate adequate amount of air for a spacious room of about 100 square feet’s. Moreover, the motor which plays a vital role in this ceiling fan is of high ranking quality ensuring proper rotation and thus providing excellent ventilation to its surroundings.

The most attractive feature of this Roundabout ceiling fan is that it has a reversible switch, which can be used to spin the motor in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction and this improvises the use of this ceiling fan to be used in both warm can cold conditions. At warm conditions the ceiling fan circulates the wind from the open windows spinning in counterclockwise direction, and at cold conditions since all the windows would be kept closed and when the fan is operated in the clockwise direction to re-circulate the hot air from the ceiling circulates into the room again and again thus reducing the use of a heater and also reducing the power wastage by 30%.

Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Company kid ceiling fan

Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan is robust and 3d illusionary flyer ceiling fan designed especially for the inspiration of the children. This kind of ceiling fans due to their external structure attracts the children very much and gives them a feeling that they are really under the propeller of an aircraft which instigates them to become a pilot. Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan also motivates a kid to be a part of ruling the air.

This dominant model of ceiling fan consists of an ultra-powerful motor which spins fast providing surplus ventilation to the room and also the motor provides a quiet performance without even making any noise thus soothing the kid to have a silent nap. This ceiling fan doesn’t have a long shaft to connect itself to the ceiling and so it is very much suitable for the rooms which are very much lowered probably opt for a ceiling below 8 feet. The tail and the land gear setup are supposed to be stuck on the ceiling using tape and some people prefer a double-sided tape which serves the cause very smoothly.

The Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan is equipped with a reversible switch so that it can rotate in both the direction ie) in counterclockwise and clockwise directions. During summertime, the switch can be adjusted to spin the fan in the counterclockwise direction providing fresh air ventilation in the room, whereas during the winter time, the switch can be adjusted to make the fan to in the clockwise direction to provide hot air inside the closed room. Moreover, the switch is off pulled chain type which can provide 3 different speed adjustments and also the motor used in this ceiling fan is issued with a lifetime warranty.

Craftmade Prostar Basketball Ceiling Fan

Craftmade PS52BB kid ceiling fan

Craftmade Prostar Basketball Ceiling Fan is a smart looking ceiling fan which is very similar to a basketball and a net is also associated with it. The silicon steel is used to make the basketball with the realistic leather grain texture and so it is not a real basketball which houses the efficient motor. Additionally, a 17-inch opal glass light is fabricated at the base of the housing thus serving as an appropriate night lamp to the kid.

Since the glass of the light is made up of opal the brightness of the light would not affect the tendency to sleep and no doubt this Craftmade Prostar Basketball Ceiling Fan would be a dream to be installed in the canopy of every basketball fan’s room. There are four blades which are installed to the silicon steel which are made up of four maple plywood blades. Moreover, this ceiling fan is furnished with the remote controller, so that no child needs to feel indolent to find the switch at the late night to switch if off.

By using this remote controller, the kid can control the speed of the fan in 3 varying speeds, and also the fan can be made to spin in the reverse direction also just by pressing a key in the remote awarding a peaceful sleep to the kid. The light system in the middle of the fan seems to be a ball of glowing fire which could also be easily adjusted with the remote. This Craftmade Prostar Basketball Ceiling Fan has a diameter of 52 inches thereby occupying a large area providing immense airflow which is very much close to5000 CFM where CFM refers to cubic feet per minute.

Aire Ryder Vaxcel Alice Ceiling Fan

Vaxcel FN44322W Alice Ceiling Fan

Aire Ryder Vaxcel Alice Ceiling Fan is breathtaking and meticulously crafted equipment designed for ensuring a good amount of air and elegance. This dreamy product comes with a light pink color blade with the soft milky white dome which suits more for the girl child because as you know pink is meant to be girly. The structure of the fan blades seem to be oval and the 5 petals incorporate with each other and thus making the kid below the fan to visualize a pink flower with 5 petals swirling around her.

The fan has a small extension of the doom which is in the shape of a butterfly over which the pink petals are fixed. The central dome which is creamy white has two strings which allow you to control the operations and speed of the fan and it includes three different speeds in which it can be operated based on the need of the kid. Moreover, the blades used in this ceiling fan are of reversible types which contain dotted designs at it back and so the fan blades can also be flipped while installed thus providing two designs in a single fan.

The central dome also contains a 19-watt bulb which produces a bright radiance enough to illuminate a room of 100 square feet’s and the diameter of the fan is around 44 inches and so it can provide airflow event to rooms of greater sizes. This Aire Ryder Vaxcel Alice Ceiling Fan does not contain a remote control feature and so controlling can be done only with the strings hanging down from the doom. Moreover, the height of the fan from the ceiling is about 20 inches and so it would be installed very near to the ceiling and so this fan would not be suitable for the rooms with the standard heights.

Hunter Space Discovery Brushed Nickel Ceiling

Hunter Space Discovery kid ceiling fan

Hunter Space Discovery Brushed Nickel Ceiling is an ideal and unique ceiling fan specially designed for the kids interested in space explorations. This ceiling fan consists of five blades which are kept at an equal distance from each other and the blades are fashioned with a galactic outlook which includes asteroids, comets, stars, etc. Moreover, the blades are manufactured with a dust armor nanotechnology which allows the fan to prevent the accumulation of dust at the sides of the blades whose presence would considerably reduce the amount of airflow.

The blades are also reversible moreover; one among the two designs like black and black moon with stars can be displayed on the blades as per the kid’s wish. Moreover, Hunter Space Discovery Brushed Nickel Ceiling fan is bolstered with the 3-speed adjustment technique, and also the speed adjustments can be made in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction.

This vibrant and dynamic design in this ceiling fan would always keep an absolute room temperature inside the room as required by the kid by spinning the fan in the counterclockwise direction at the summer time and doing vice versa during the winter time.

The central doom is made up a translucent cup which has the decors of a globe and also two CFL bulbs each rating 14 W is placed inside the doom to provide adequate light to the room. Since two bulbs and a motor are used while operating this model of the ceiling fan the equipment may have power hunger little greater than other model and also the Hunter Space Discovery Brushed Nickel Ceiling fan is a flush mount ceiling fan in which the motor housing is directly fixed to the ceiling. So there is no rod available to provide an adequate extension to this model of the ceiling thus making it reliable only for low profile ceilings.

Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Designers Kids ceiling fan

Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan is a long and slender ceiling fan for kids which made up of a white finish over which lies small themes of sports like basketball, football, etc. These humble Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan is a flush mounted fan whose motor housing part is mounted below the ceiling unlike a typical fan with a long hanging shaft. The central part of the doom has a CFL lamp which rates around 60 watts and due to its high power rating, the light would be enough to illuminate a wide room of more than 100 square feet’s.

The size of the blades and the number of on the fan can be preferred by the buyer while purchasing it moreover when the kid in the room becomes tired of seeing a sports theme on his/her fan blade then the blades can be flipped thus providing a neat and milky white finish to the child. The Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan can be made to spin in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction allowing the kid to enjoy the warm and cold climates by providing exact room temperature inside the room.

Suggesting a 42-inch blade or a 52-inch blade lies in the hands of the buyer and whatever may be their suggestion due to its admirable length the Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan can provide an excess amount of air circulation. This ceiling fan is also equipped with the easy pull chain facility to control the motion of the fan with various 3-degree speeds and also the double seal bearings and the self-aligning blades eliminate the noise and wobbles offered by the fan. If you are searching for the fan for your kid’s playroom, Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan is a perfect choice.

Craftmade, Bloom Ceiling Fan

Craftmade BL52W, Bloom Ceiling Fan

Craftmade, Bloom Ceiling Fan is a funny and infantile piece of ceiling fan whose structure very much resembles an origami structure done with colored papers. This incredibly looking fan is not flush mounted like other fans on this list but it is supported by a slender shaft to mount this heavy fan with the ceiling. This Craftmade, Bloom Ceiling Fan consists of two sets of fan blades with one bigger set and a smaller set; the fan blades of the bigger set contains 5 blades made up of plastic which are fixed exactly to the motor at a particular angle whereas the smaller set fan blades also contains 5 small blades which are not fixed to the motor, instead they are just connected to a bearing outside the motor and so the smaller set of blades are free from motor rotation.

Once the fan is switched on the bigger set rotates and brings the air down which when incident on the smaller blades they also start to spin but in the opposite direction. This feature allows the cute looking fan to supply ample and stable supply of air to the room regardless of all climatic conditions. Moreover, this ceiling fan can also be operated in reverse direction by pressing a single key in the TCS hand-held remote; while operating in the reverse direction the bigger blades rotate in the reverse direction but the small blades rotate opposite to that of the ceiling fan. Contrasting colors like pink and green are used to visualize the elegance of mixing of colors. Additionally, the doom in the center has two 60 watts candelabra lights of which only one can be illuminated at a time.

Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove Ceiling Fan

Home Decorators Collection kid ceiling fan

Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove Ceiling Fan is a floral structured fan with numerous inbuilt surprising qualities which surprises the buyer after purchase. It is ceiling fan with five well-designed petals with a teak finish moreover, the  blade surfaces are carved with appropriate designs to make efficient friction with air while circulating the same and also Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove Ceiling Fan is a multipurpose fan which can be fitted to the ceiling with any type of mounting that includes standard mounts- mounting a typical fan with a slender shaft; flush mounts – mounting the motor housing just below the ceiling; and angle mount – mounting the fan vertically on an angled rafter of a roof.

Down rods are also available to mount this ceiling fan in the standard mount mode. It seems to appear that the motor of this ceiling fan is housed inside a natural iron housing which gives a gem look and at the same time the opal glass light at the base of the mount draws the attention of all the viewers and this opal glass houses two 9.5 W LED bulbs inside it and thus makes the room still brighter. Also, this ceiling fan posses the quiet motor technology which makes the motor free from noise, regardless of its speed. This exquisite and crafty ceiling fan has to be controlled by the strings and not with the remote and also this dynamic equipment can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes also.

Batman Superhero Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Designers kid Ceiling Fan

Batman Superhero Ceiling Fan is one of the specially designed and majestic ceiling fans suitable for kids to extend their happiness. It consists of four spectacular blades with a white polished surface over which runs the pictures of the batman thus proving true to the name. It is a flush mount ceiling fan which should be fixed to the ceiling but down rods can also use it to change the ceiling fan to be standardly mountable also.

The light kit of the Batman Superhero Ceiling Fan is of alabaster style in which the light seems to glow inside a cup; moreover, the 60-watt bulbs attached inside the cup gives enough illumination. This ceiling fan can be tuned to run at 3 different speeds as per the user’s need moreover, the direction of the rotation can also be reversed thus making the fan a dual purpose fan which brings in air and takes out air when operated in two different modes.

Additionally, the diameter of this Batman Superhero Ceiling Fan is about 52 inches which is quite longer to bring enough ventilation into the room moreover, two down rods with variable sizes like 2” and 4” are provided with this ceiling fan and so these fans should be used in high ceilings when they are used with the down rods.

Benefits of Nursery Ceiling Fan

All they need is the happiness which they can get by speaking to themselves having their own imagination about some characters shown in their favorite TV shows. They start living with those characters, and they so want the pictures of their beloved character drawn on the walls of their room moreover children’s mentality is to be always ahead of others and almost they prefer to sleep upstairs or even they prefer the top rack in a double bed.

They would keep dolls and the 3d structure of their favorite stars, all kinds of games some of which may cause uneasiness to their parents. Children would always prefer multifunctional furniture’s which could be within their reach. For example, a table and a chair which can be folded easily and kept beneath the bed and they require immediate access to the remote of the television near their bed.

Why they need an attractive fan for their room?

Kids often dream to have a specific world for them and keeping this in mind there is a more popular story of Alice in Wonderland which is purely whimsical; while they go to bed their eye and mind starts to dream and think on seeing the fan. A professionally designed fan doesn’t create any sort of happiness and privacy in their minds whereas a colorful fan can do so additionally, the size and the color of the fan should be as per their requirement.

Ceiling Fan in Kid’s Room

Most children like to have a fan which would match the color of their room with designs and cartoons over it and if it is built with any of the designs from his book that provides an additional happiness to the kid because he starts to feel as if he create that stuff and he knows everything about a fan. But parents would spend and try a lot to satisfy the thirst of their kid with a fan something short of his expectation they would feel bad but once they get used to the one the parent has bought then he/she would be ok.

Buying Tips

Moreover, this is different for a boy and a girl, as you know the girl child would prefer her room, bed, fan to be pink in color whereas the boy would prefer his room to be little messy, scientific and adventurous. Knowing the mindset of kids this article provides sufficient information not only to the parents but also to all the folks about picking a ceiling fan for a kid which suits his/her taste very much. There are some factors that the parents should be aware of before purchasing a ceiling fan for a kid. Scroll your mouse to know it one by one.


The first and foremost factor for a kid to become excited with a ceiling fan is the attractive and bright colors of the newly purchased fan. Colors help them in the connection of the neuropathy in the brain. Each color plays a very vital role in a child’s life, blue enhances the cool and a feeling of relaxation, red amplifies the passion and strong feelings, yellow – accumulate happiness, green gives abundance and health, pink for calming, purple for attraction and orange for memory and thinking capacity. So do not bother about the color about your liking and provide importance to the interest of the kid while picking a new one which would make him very dearly to the ceiling fan.


Some of the kids prefer to have a big sized ceiling fan which has huge blades, and it would be pretty much obvious that they won’t worry about the amount of air it circulates. Parents in such a situation can afford to buy a motor with good power rating which would provide enough air and less maintenance. Some kids, especially girls would suggest their fan to be very small and cute, and it would be always in such a way that no one other the kid would get air from the fan moreover small fans are speedy and requires a low power motor only. So, understand the mentality of the kids properly and then pick the size of the fan which matters greatly after you purchase one.


The most required factor in purchasing a new fan is the safety of the kid. Some motors would be made up of cheap quality and due to that design; it may cause power leakages, short circuits which is an impending danger to your kid. So always make sure that the fan is mounted on the ceiling beyond the reach of your kid. The wires in the fan should not be allowed to hang anywhere because kids are totally unaware of electricity; they may pull the cord thinking it be a string for a balloon. Place the power socket away from the bed and window which would immune the kid from electric fires moreover avoid daisy chaining in your kid’s room.

Final Verdict

We feel very glad to submit this kid’s ceiling fan buying guide to our viewers and hope it has yielded you very much. Checking the power rating and the safety issues is a mandatory factor to get the desired product. Apart from that the airflow efficiency, the brightness of the light is to be examined carefully and then fetch a fan which suits your ceiling and is sure about not purchasing a fan which is very heavy. You can see more ceiling fan reviews in this part.

Best 10 Low Profile Hugger Ceiling Fans

Low Profile Hugger Ceiling Fans

Ready to style your home with interesting concept of Hugger Low profile fixtures?

Low profile ceiling fans also known as hugger or flush fans provides a coller solution as they are installed without using downrod and are installed flush against the ceiling, this allows the fan to hang according to the NEC recommendation of seven feet above the floor.

In the case of shorter ceiling, these hugger mounts are preferred as per the choice of the user. Today we will check out top 10 best Low profile hugger ceiling fans in depth.

Top 10 Best Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fans

Choosing the best ceiling fans is the most important part, check how to choose the top notch ceiling fan from our article here.

The following best picks of Low Profile Hugger Ceiling fans are  based on performance, quality, the right hanging distance, customer reviews, ratings and much more.

Minka-Aire 52” F844-DK Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F844-DK

There is no wonder in Minka-Aire ranking first in our best picks of low profile hugger ceiling fan as they have developed number of products with successful preference from customers for their performance and reasonable rate.

The manufacturer has developed the ceiling hugger low profile fans in attractive three colors namely White, Brown and silver, the ceiling fan motor comes with the dimension of 172X144mm, the air flow of the fan is about 5024 CFM and comes with 0.54 Amps, 139 rotation per minute and 65.3 watts.

The flush ceiling fan indulges three koa blades that are distress and measures 52 inch span for the 48 blade pitch, the RCS213 is a handheld remote with three speed that is able to produce the light dimming with full rage. The manual reverse switch on motor helps for the non reversing module.

There are about 17W led light modules that can be dimmed in an Etched lens, the air flow produced is best to opt for any sized room which is the highest benefit of the low profile hugger fans, the additional features indulged in this ceiling fan includes Energy Star Certified, California Title 24 Compliant, ADA compliant, 4.5 and 6 inches downrod and much more.

The modern styles with distressed koa finish is the main reason why people prefer them, they are made of premium quality wood for durability. The led bulb is perfect for indoor use and the manufacturer offers 52 lifetime warranty so that you can get the fans without any hesitation.

The price of the product is expensive but worth the money invested on the hugger low profile ceiling fan, measures about 14 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 10.5 x 10.5 x 13.5 inches.

Casa Vieja Brushed Steel Habitat Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Casa Habitat Brushed Steel Hugger Ceiling Fan

The second product in our best picks of hugger ceiling fan is for the reliable manufacturer Casa Vieja who develops successful products for their customers with all necessary features indulged, available in two size namely 44 and 52 inches, the manufacturer has developed the ceiling fan in four attractive colors namely Brown, Silver, White- Ivory and Bronze.  

The style is modern and they are called as the habitat ceiling fan with hugger style properties indulged in, they are developed with brushed steel with white blades, reversible silver and motor with advanced power for the coolness.

The manufacturer has included a light kit which comes in frosted white glass and they also contains pull chain operation for the exceptional result. Comes with double 60 watt bulbs and 44 inches blade span, the height you can hang them involves 6 ½ inches which is the best height range according to the professionals.

The highlights of the low profile hugger ceiling fan includes brushes steel finish, 44 inches blade span, frosted white glass kit, wall control(optional), wires for installation etc. The price of the product is high but worth the money invested on the hugger ceiling fans.

The modern style ceiling fan is made of premium quality steel materials for the durability, measures about 44 inches in diameter, the manufacturer offers one year warranty and therefore you can get the product without any hesitation.

Westinghouse Xavier 7234265 Low Profile Hugger Ceiling Fans

Westinghouse 7234265 Xavier II 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

The third product in our best picks of flush low profile ceiling fans is for the reliable manufacturer Westinghouse who has developed a lot of indoor and outdoor products for their customers, this ceiling fan includes all necessary features that a low profile hugger style should contain.

The manufacturer has designed the ceiling fan in two attractive colors namely brushed nickel and the same along with the Gunmetal Accents, the fan is 52 inches and  contain about 5 blade which is opt for indoors and other rooms which range 18 by 20 feet and up to 360 square feet.

The ceiling fan is made of premium quality silicon steel materials and therefore you are assured for the durability, they come with three fan speeds namely low, medium and high, comes with triple capacitor and the reversible switch within the hugger ceiling fans are best to use for one year.

The airflow the fan produce is about 5063 CFM and the fan produces energy which make use of 67 watts without any lights, the efficiency of the airflow is about 76 CFM per minute.  The fan contains 78 inches lead wire, three halogen light bulbs with GU10 50-watt for the reliable use.

The additional feature involved in the low profile hugger ceiling fan includes the reversible airflow, the material metal is made of high quality and therefore last long for an extended period of time, 5 different blades and comes with downrod mounting type.

The price of the product is expensive but worth the money spend over the low profile ceiling fan, produces 120 volts of voltage and developed in modern style for attracting customers. Measures about 20.2 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 23 x 13 x 10 inches. The manufacturer offers two year warranty and lifetime motor warranty, therefore you can get the product without any hesitation.

Hunter Fan Company 53091 Low Profile Hugger Ceiling Fans

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade

The fourth product in our best picks of best flush hugger ceiling fans is for the affordable and high quality manufacturer Hunter Fan Company who has garnered different awards from their customer from their high performing products in the market.

The 52 inches size low profile hugger ceiling fan comes in two beautiful colors namely Stained Oak and Cherry, also the combination of them provides the pleasant look to the fan.

The motor of the hugger ceiling fan is derived as the WhisperWind as they are developed to provide whisper quiet performance so that cooling power is produced without any noise production which is the benefit of the low profile ceiling fan.

The manufacturer has offered dual 60W candelabra incandescent bulbs indulged within the product, the pull chain helps in adjusting the range and also for easy and quick on and off variations, the motor is also designed to run reverse and this is best for indoor use.

The 13 degree blades are optimized to provide with peak performance and ideal air movement,  the variable speed is added as the additional feature, the new bronze finish provides you an alluring look to ceiling room.

The price of the product is reasonable and therefore you can get the product without any confusion, the manufacturer provides a pull chain and a ceiling fan set with the product, measures about 20 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 13.1 x 25.2 x 9.1 inches.

The manufacturer offers lifetime limited warranty for the motor, one year warranty for the glass globes, light bulbs and for the parts included excluding motor.

Casablanca 54103 Low Profile Hugger Ceiling Fans

Casablanca Fan Company 54103

The fifth product in our best picks of low profile ceiling fan is for the effective manufacturer who has produced thousands of successful indoor and outdoor fans for their manufacturer at a reliable rate, this comes in two sizes namely 44 and 54 inches, available in three colors namely Nickel, White and Bronze.

The BLades are coated with nanotechnology dust armor that is patented and avoids building up of dust in the fan, the motor in this ceiling fan is derived as direct drive motor as they are designed to offer unparalleled power, higher reliability and best performance.

The low profile housing is best for the rooms that have low ceiling and the hanging is done to the height settings that recommended by NEC. The manufacturer offers pull chain which helps in adjusting the fan as per you prefer, the manufacturer offers one year warranty for the parts excluding motor as they provides lifetime warranty for the motor.

They are made of premium quality meal and comes with flash mounting type which ensures the longevity of the ceiling fan, the pull chain is developed with 4 speed and consumes about 120 volts. The price of the product is reasonable, measures about 20 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 54 x 54 x 14.8 inches.

Emerson CF711ORS Oil Rubbed Low Profile Flush Ceiling Fans

Emerson Ceiling Fans

The sixth product in our best picks of low profile ceiling fan is for the efficient developer of indoor and outdoor fan products, Emerson which comes with advanced characteristics to showcase them top among other competitors.

The manufacturer has designed the ceiling fan in three different sizes namely 36 inches and less, 42 inches and 50 inches, comes in different style namely traditional, pro series, pro series II, Pro series ES.

Emerson has developed the ceiling fan in various attractive colors namely Oil Rubbed Bronze with or without Anbe Scavo glass, oil rubbed bronze,Appliance White, Brushed Steel, Antique Brass and much more so that you can choose the one as per you prefer. The ceiling fan comes with medium oak dark cherry and dual finish to showcase them alluring and unique.

The 4-½ inches downrod helps in quicker mounting and also offers standard installations, they can be mounted with the help of the close the the ceiling method which does it based on various lower ceiling applications.

There are five reversible blades, snap on glass, precision lock blade arms which comes with pre attached screws, slip on mounting bracket which makes the installation easier. Switch cover can be replaced instead of light fixture that can be removed. The manufacturer offers lifetime limited warranty for the motor and one year warranty for the other parts excluding motors.

The price of the product is reasonable and falls within your budget, measures about 22 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 17.2 x 17.2 x 12 inches.

Hampton Bay Low Profile Hugger Ceiling Fan

Hampton Bay Hugger fan

The seventh product in our best picks of huggers flush ceiling fan is for the high performance manufacturer Hampton Bay who has designed multiple products for their customers at an affordable rate, the manufacturer has come up with all necessary functionalities in the ceiling fan to show themselves top among other low profile ceiling fans.

Hampton Bay has developed the ceiling fan with five reversible blades with bleached oak finish on one side and white finish on other side for the alluring look, there are three speed reversible option control available for the airflow to be passed with versatility.

The hanging of ceiling fan is made in the desired height range as per the recommendation of NEC, the installation of lower ceiling are made easier with different downrod mounting types and this comes with medium base bulbs for the extended use.

The modern style with white color provides a different look to your hugger ceiling fans, made of premium quality glass and therefore ensures durability of the product. The price of the product is affordable and falls within your budget, measures about 13.68 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 52 x 52 x 11.8 inches.

BayCheer Low Profile HL371436 Hugger Ceiling Fan

BAYCHEER HL371436 Industrial Vintage style

The manufacturer who has garnered multiple award for their reliable performance and affordability BayCheer ranks eighth in our best picks of low profile hugger ceiling fans, this includes all essential features a low profile ceiling fan should indulge.

Available in different attractive colors namely Antique Copper, Black, White and much more, the flushmount is semi type and can be used in different areas like restaurant,indoor lighting, warehouse,hallway, barn etc. The one downside is that they cannot be used for outdoor use.

Different bulb types namely LED, Edison Bulb, Incandescent etc are some of them available and the base that support is E26 or E27. The installation, setup and assembly is made easier, you can checkout the manuals for clear instruction, the voltage used is about 110 to 120 volts.

The plate size is about 12 cm, the fixture width is about 54 cm, the height of the fixture is about 26 cm, you can also choose larger ones as per your need. The price of the product is affordable and falls within your budget so that you can get it without any confusion, measures about 5.75 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 22.4 x 5.1 x 22.4 inches.

Prominence Home Low profile 40270-01 Hugger Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home 40270-01 Brealey Hugger Ceiling Fan

The ninth product in our best picks of hugger flush ceiling fan is for the preferred manufacturer Prominence home who develops number of successful fan and other outdoor and indoor products for their customers at an affordable rate.

The lower profile design indicates that they are designed for rooms which requires extra space, the ceiling fan is perfect for medium size room which comes with 350 square feet and some examples include bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms etc.

The motor within the ceiling fans are designed to be reversible and made to be ultra quiet for the powerful performance, comes with three speed and this can cut down your energy cost to the higher level and also best in rotating warm air, there are two sided ceiling fan blades for the perfect match finish which looks perfect for your ceiling fan blades.

The manufacturer provides lifetime limited warranty for the motor, one year warranty for the other parts excluding motors, included components of low profile hugger ceiling fan includes screws, motor, blade irons, bulbs, pull chains, blades etc.

The voltage produced is about 120 volts, the price is affordable and falls within your budget. Measures about 13 pounds in weight and come with the dimension of 23.5 x 12 x 9.5 inches.

H & H 42 Inches Hugger Flush Low profile Ceiling Fans

Oil Rubbed Bronze 42-Inch Hugger fan

Last but not the least, the final product in our best picks of low profile ceiling fan is captured by the manufacturer who has been awarded for their high quality products and reliable performance in the market.

The motor come with a clean and good quality finishing of Oil Rubbed Bronze which provides the different look to the low profile ceiling fan, the span of the blade is about 42 inches and available in flush mount for the desired use.

The light kit is included in the ceiling fan product but the ceiling fan can also be installed without the light kit, the hugger fan is made of premium quality wood and metal materials which ensures the durability of the product.

The flushing ceiling fan is only best for indoor use and not for outdoor use, the diameter assembled in the ceiling fan is about 42 inches, measures about 4.45 pounds in weight and comes with the dimension of 10.8 x 7.6 x 17.3 inches. The price of the product is less when compared to other low profile ceiling fan listed above.

The manufacturer offers one year warranty for the parts excluding motor and limited lifetime warranty for the motor so that you can get the product without any hesitation.

Bottom Line

Hope the above clear products picks helped you in choosing the right low profile Hugger ceiling fan.

Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts on the low profile hugger ceiling fans are welcome.

Have you used any of the above low profile ceiling fan before? Share your experience through the comment section below.  

How to save your Money and Energy Using a Ceiling Fan instead of an Air Conditioner


Finding the right and proper ceiling fan is possible if you have faced any critical situation with the previous ceiling fans. Before few years I too had some bad experience with some of the cheap ceiling fans. After a more in-depth research on these ceiling fans and air conditioner, I have few details below.


How to go with the best ceiling fans?

As I said before, research on ceiling fan helped me to know about them in detail,

  • The fan with sealed bearing has high chances for longevity
  • It’s important to look the size of the room before you choose a ceiling fan.
  • All favorite brands of Fans will not be the right pick or the best choices.
  • Even the ceiling fans that are less efficient can reduce your electricity bill by ten times when taking an Air conditioner.

Why are ceiling fans considered to be an alternate option to AC?

Most people go with Air conditioner during the summer times, but there are many benefits if you use the ceiling fan as the alternate option. I agree, most of the people who suffer a lot tend to go with the Air Conditioners, fortunately. I could say Ceiling fan cannot be the best replacement but better ones when compared to other fans out there and can be considered an alternate option.

You can find vast differences between an Air Conditioner and Ceiling fan. The fan does not produce any noise and is silent so that you can have a pleasant sleep.

Having a gentle and comfortable breeze from the ceiling fan would be so satisfying, and therefore they are entirely different from a table fan, window fan or a tower fan.

Some people love ceiling fans when compared to the Air conditioner, few of them like to use both Air conditioner and the ceiling fan at the moment with less cold to be more comfortable. The fact everyone should accept is that AC removes the humidity with less air circulation that a ceiling fan will not be able to provide.

While considering a ceiling fan, it works for you to step away from the heat that is distributed around the room and best of the heating season.

Ceiling Fans costs less than AC

I hope everyone might have known how Ceiling fans save your energy from the above explanation; now it’s time to save your money too. Yeah, a best ceiling fan will cost ten times less than an Air Conditioner would cost. Mostly the cheaper things that do not come for years are mostly energy intensive and expensive as they need more manufacturing, materials, shopping, etc.

Ceiling Fan vs. AC | How can you save energy and money efficiently

  • Its simple, you need to turn up the thermostat temperature which will increase the efficiency and thus ceiling fans can help in saving both energy and money efficiently.
  • Getting a programmable thermostat is another brilliant idea to save money, the thermostat can adjust the cooling level based on the room temperature of your room and thus a more excellent plan for saving your energy and money.
  • There is programmable thermostat that can decrease your electricity bill so go for the better ones for the longevity.
  • Getting a new Ceiling fan or Air Conditioner can help you in achieving the goal.

Final Thoughts

Ceiling fans can provide you the breeze feel while you sleep, they are going to save your energy and money reliably when compared to the Air Conditioners.

It’s important you act smart and brilliant in choosing the right ceiling fan for achieving the action.

Any ideas, thoughts, and queries on the Ceiling Fan vs. AC are welcome.