How does a Ceiling fan Work?

Ceiling fans are the great way to cool off during hot summer days and in the chill season; it keeps you warm with an optimal temperature. The rotation of the ceiling fan is built in a way to attract the warm air upwards when the hot air rises up, the blades of the fan push it down.

It moves the air around your room and naturally makes you feel cool. It can make the life more comfortable so that you can get a good relaxation when it passes over your head. A ceiling fan is constructed with few basic parts like an electric motor along with the blades and the irons that hold most types in a place.

Some of the fans have a control that is wall-mounted or a hand-held remote. There are wide varieties of styles so you can be able to mix and match the different parts to create your own style. It is just a mechanical fan which is electrically powered and is suspended from the ceiling of a room to circulate the air.

Let’s see the parts of the ceiling fan:

The ceiling fan is designed with different components which are then mingled together to create a cool air throughout the room. There are a lot of electrical parts involved but some of the main parts are needed to make the fan better.

The electric motor is the machine within the ceiling fan which can easily convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The blades are made of plastic, wood, plywood or aluminum and you should connect it with the motor. The fan is mounted to the ceiling and held on it with the help of the mounting device.

Here are some important parts of the fan:

  • Electric motor
  • Blades
  • Capacitor
  • Blade irons
  • Flywheel

The coils are gently rolled around the metal base and when they rotate, you can get a cool air in the whole room. The magnetic field produces rotation either in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The flywheel is well-attached to the shaft of the motor and the blade irons; the inner ring is locked to the shaft by a screw. This rotation moves out the hot air from the ceiling and keeps you cool.

How does it work?

The ceiling fan is connected to the top and it can be easily controlled by the remote or a switch mounted on the wall. The speed at which the blade rotates is very important because changing the speed settings can allow creating a cool air. It depends on the outside temperature. The blades start to rotate when an electric current reaches the motor and then enters the coils of wire which are wrapped around the metal base.

Works effectively:

The fan will circulate only if the current passes through the wire and it will be rotated in a clockwise direction to change electrical energy into mechanical energy. It works effectively to move out the hot air from your room when the warm air reaches the building; it gently creates heat in the entire room. The fan should be kept clean because the dust can cause damage if you leave it without proper maintenance. It is also essential to check whether the bolts and nuts are properly mounted to the ceiling. It must be lubricated at least once a week to ensure the better rotation for the room.


The ceiling fan offers a simple and easy way to change your room temperature and also keeps you cool and fresh always. It not only cools down the room but also the right style and color adds an extra beauty to the entire area. But proper maintenance is essential to increase the cooling effect.

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