Hunter Bayview Provencal Ceiling Fan Review

Nowadays, people give more importance to household decorations; they buy modern things and decorate their house with such things.

Due to this factor, various household accessories like fans, lights, etc. has been designed with various attractive designs. Hunter Bayview Provencal ceiling fan is one among them that is very attractive and can be used for decorations.

The Hunter Bayview Provencal ceiling fan is an advanced ceiling fan that is operated with high efficiency and performance. This is an advantageous fan, and it is manufactured from a brand with high reputation and advancements.

Mostly all the products from the Hunter brand are durable, and these products offer advanced uses to all the people.

Hunter Bayview Provencal Ceiling Fan

Hunter bayview Provencal ceiling fan

The Hunter Bayview Provencal ceiling fan is a model of ceiling fan that is designed with advanced technology and functions. The design of this fan is traditional, and so it is commonly found in various traditional houses.

This fan is manufactured with various advancements and advantages. Some important features and advantages of this fan are given below.


The features of this fan are similar to all the other Hunter brand fans; the only variation is the design. The durability and performance offered by this device are high, and some of the advanced features of this device are given below.


This is the important advantage of this product. The design of this product is similar to traditional designs. The entire fan is designed Provencal gold color or white color.

The Provencal gold color is very attractive, and it is used for traditional designs and white is used for giving a standard look to the houses.


The motor used within the device offers high-performance to the user. The motor is equipped with a capacitor model that allows the device to operate at various speeds. The direct drive method is used for driving the blades by the motor.

The motor used within the device is the whisper motor that offers the quiet operation to all the users. Further, this motor is durable, and it is equipped with a lifetime warranty to all the users.


Five blades are used within the device, and these five blades are made up of plastic. The blades are designed in the form of palm leaf, and this design gives an attractive look to all the users.

Further, the plastic blades ensure durability, and so this device and are used in various climatic situations and environments.


The blades and the motor used within the device are equipped with the reversible operation for increasing their performance. The reversible operation determines the product can rotate both in clockwise and in an anti-clockwise direction.

This feature will allow the fan to circulate, cool air in hot conditions and hot air in cool conditions.

Variable Speed

The Hunter Bayview Provencal ceiling fan offers variable speed operation within the device. Three variable speeds can be used for the operation, and these three variable speeds can be determined as low, high and medium.

All these three speeds are effective, and it offers high performance and efficiency features to all the users.

Other Features

In addition to these features, various other features are also equipped with the device. The coverage range of this ceiling fan is high, and this fan can be used within the houses with 485 square feet. This fan is listed by ETL, and it satisfies all the safety standards.

Further, this fan is durable, and it can be installed easily with the help of additional accessories. The mounting system used is also effective, and it can be adjusted to three heights based on the need and the comfort of the user.


The advantage of this product purely depends on various useful features of this product. The variable speed operation, three position mounting system and easy installation features increase the durability and offer a high level of comfort and performance to all the users.

The important advantage of this device is that the product is made up of high-quality materials and so it can be sued durable in various climatic situations and conditions.

The operation of this device is quiet and is designed for indoor use. The motor used within the device is also durable and has a lifetime warranty.

Hunter Bayview Provencal Ceiling Fan

Hunter Bayview Provencal Ceiling Fan

Key features: Whisper motor, unique design, and five traditional blades.

Pros: Reversible operation, easy to install and noiseless.


Choosing the best celing fan is not a tedious task, but you need to follow certain factors and note down some important points while purchasing a ceiling fan or any other type of fans.

The above article represents various important features and advantages of the device. So try this product and share your views with your friends.

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