Minka-Aire Wave Ceiling Fan Review

Minka-Aire brand of fans maintains their reputation in the market with the help of various advanced features and improvements with it. This brand is very effective, and it offers a higher level of performance and attractive features in all their products.

This is one of the best Ceiling fans with various attractive features with it. The Minka-aire wave ceiling fan is a high-performance ceiling fan.

The important factor of this ceiling fan is its design. The design of this ceiling fan is attractive and it can be used for various interior decorations with high performance and effectiveness.

Minka-Aire Wave Ceiling Fan

The Minka-aire wave ceiling fan is an attractive fan that has a unique design with it. The performance of this fan is high and this is constituted with the help of its attractive features and advantages. Some important features and advantages of this product are given below.

Minka-Aire Wave Ceiling Fan


As mentioned above the features of this device is effective and they add to the device. Here are some important features of the device.


The design is the important feature of the device. The design of the device looks entirely different from other devices. This is because the blades of this fan are build along with the head. Further, the blade is designed in the form of petals unfolding from the head.


The motor used within the device is powerful and it is designed for durable operation. The motor is made up of high-quality material. The dimension of motor used within this device is about 170x 14 millimeter. This motor uses direct drive method for driving the blades.


The blades used within this device are also made of high-quality materials with it. This blade is very effective and it drives a high volume of air into the surroundings. Three blades are used within the device and pitch used within this blade is about 48-degrees. The span of the blade is 52-inches.

Remote Control

The remote control system is used within the device and this system can be used for controlling various operations of the device. This remote control is powerful and it is operated with the help of battery. The range of control is high and so the device can be accessed anywhere from the room.

Wall Control

In addition to remote control, this device also operates with the help of additional wall control option. The wall control is also effective and it can also be used for various speed settings and ON and OFF operation of the device. Unlike remote control, the wall control is wired and it operates with electricity functions.


Than other ceiling fans, installing this fan is very easy because the entire setup is installed direly by the manufacturer. This device does not require down rod for installation because the height from the ceiling is also inbuilt in this fan.

The installation required for this fan is that, mounting the fan directly on the ceiling and wiring it.

Check out the Video review on the product below.

Other Features

Added to this, the fan is also equipped with various other features. This fan is designed with energy efficient technology that can be used for reducing the electricity bill of the user.

The motor uses within this device are the distressed Koa finish motor that can withstand various conditions.

This fan is designed with traditional impact and so it is commonly used for indoor decorations.

The remote system used within the device is handheld and so it offers a higher level of comfort to the user. The design of the system is unique and it offers higher performance.


This is a useful device and it has various advantages with it. This product stands as an ideal product for indoor decoration and it is operated with high performance.

The materials used for building this product is made up of high quality and so the fan can be made to withstand various hazardous environments and climatic conditions.

The operation of this device is powerful and the design of the device is unique. It also has energy efficient design in it and this design is responsible for reducing the power bill of the user. Further, this product has various advanced technology with less cost.

Minka-Aire Wave Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire Wave Ceiling Fan

Key features: powerful motor, ABS blades and variable speed.

Pros: remote control operation, high performance, and increased durability.


Though you can find many different types of ceiling fan in the market, this Minka-Aire Wave Ceiling Fan is something special from other products.

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