Natural Light Solar Attic Fan Review

The attic fan is also a type of fan that has various uses. The important feature of the attic fan is that it offers cool air when the region is hot and offers hot air when the region is cool. The power used for the operation of the attic fan is high. To overcome this, the attic fans are designed with renewable energy sources. The Natural light solar attic fan is also an attic fan that operates with solar energy.


The Natural light solar attic fan is a high-performance fan that operated with the help of solar energy. This attic fan is built with a solar panel that helps to produce electricity. As the solar power is a renewable source of power, using this fan in the houses reduces the electricity bill to a great extent.

Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

The Natural light solar attic fan is operated with the help of renewable energy source. The performance offered by this device is very effective and it is mounted on the roof of the houses. This fan is built with various important features and advantages, some of them are listed below.


As this is a solar fan, the feature of this product is different from other fans. This product is from the natural light company and so the lifetime and performance offered by this device are high compared to other devices. Various features of this device are listed below.

Solar Panel

The fist important feature of this device is the solar panel. The solar panel is equipped along with the device. This panel is used for collecting the solar energy from the sunlight. In addition to this, it also converts the solar energy to electrical energy with which the fan can be operated easily. The solar panel should be placed on the roof because roof receives more sunlight than the ground.


The quality of materials used in the solar attic fan is high. This high quality increases the durability and performance of the device. Further, the high quality also ensures that the device can withstand various climatic conditions such as rain heat etc.


This Natural light solar attic fan is also equipped with a thermostat. This thermostat turns off the device when it senses cool temperature. By switching off the device the performance of the solar panel is maintained constant for a long time. The thermostat uses snap on a feature for turning ON and OFF the device.


This device should be installed on the roof of the houses because the roof receives a high range of sunlight than the ground. Installing this device on the roof is very easy and it can be done with the help of some tools.

The solar panels should be installed at some angles and these angles should be designed perfectly so that the panels can receive maximum sunlight. Further, the installation does not need any wiring and the tools used for installation is placed within the device itself.

Other Features

The motor used in this device is very effective and it uses a high-quality DC motor for operation. Further, 36-watt power from the solar panel is used for the operation of the device. The coverage range of this attic fan is about 2625 square feet and so this device is widely implemented in whole house fans.

The color of this device is a black color to withstand heat and various climatic situations. This black coating covers the steel and safeguards the steel from rust. This device is also implemented with fire safety switches so that the durability of the device can be maintained for a long time.


This is a highly recommended and useful product and so it in commonly used in many houses. This fan offers high coverage range and so it can be used as a whole house fan. The motor used within the device is of high quality and so it oscillates the device effectively.

The solar panel used within the device is also designed of high quality and this panel has the ability to generate 35 volts of power. This product remains durable and it has a long lifetime. The minimum lifetime of this product is about 15 years.

Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

Key features: Adjustable solar panel, thermostat, and attic ventilation.

Pros: Easy installation, safe and long lifetime.

These are various features and advantages of a Natural light solar attic fan. So try this product and reduce the electric bill at your houses.

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