Panasonic Whisper Ceiling Fans Review

Fans are of various types, and bathroom fans are also one of the important types among them. Bathroom fans are used mostly in bathrooms, and they offer dual function. They vacuum the air within it and bring new fresh air into the bathroom.

Panasonic whisper ceiling fan is one of the bathroom fans that performs this function effectively with high performance and effectiveness.

This is one of the best ceiling fan types which is attached to the ceiling of the bathrooms, and they fill the room with cool fresh air all the times.

This is a high-performance fan, and so it is rated top in the market. In addition to this, the fan is also designed with various advanced technologies and features.

Panasonic Whispers Ceiling Fan

Panasonic Whisper Ceiling Fans

The Panasonic Whisper ceiling fan is one of the top rated bathroom fans in the market. This fan is designed with highly durable materials, and so it has high performance and effectiveness to all the users. Some important features and advantages of this fan are listed below.


The Panasonic Whisper ceiling fan is built with various attractive features, and these features make the device durable and useful. Here are the various important features of this product.


The important feature of all the fans is the motor. This fan uses a whisper motor with it. The main function of whisper motor is to reduce the noise of the device and to increase the performance.

In addition to this, blades are not equipped with this device, and so the motor has special adaptation with it. The motor type used in his device is the condenser motor, and it is equipped with the blower.


The blower is used along with the motor, and this is responsible for regulating the air supply within the room. The power rating of the blower is about 120 volts and 60 Hz. With this power, they circulate the high volume of air into the room. This blower can be placed within the ceiling or along with the tub or shower with the help of GFCI branch circuit wiring.


The design and implementation of this device are entirely different from other conventional fans. This device requires a highly durable housing for installing the device safely. Most common housing used for this model of fans is the double bar system because it offers ideal positioning to the device.

With this housing, the device can be installed easily for high-performance.


The grille is also used within the device, and the important purpose of this grille is to safeguard the blower. This grille is attached directly to the housing with the help of torsion springs. Further, the size of the grill used in this model is about 13-inches. The grill is made up of high-quality steel which is coated with white to increase the durability of the material.

Other features

This product also has various other important and useful features equipped with it. The CFM of this fan is high, and it is about 110 in this fan. The installation method is simple, and this fan offers high performance when mounted on the ceiling.

In addition to this, the fan also has side extensions that can be used for extending the bracket up to 24-inches.

This fan is designed for continuous operation, and so the performance of this device remains constant. Further, the design of this fan is unique, and it is used mainly within small coverage range. This device is listed in the UL and CUL safety standards.

Check out the demonstration of Panasonic Whisper Ceiling fan in the below-embedded video.


The motor and the blower used within the device offer quiet operation and so the user can use this device with high comfort. This device has user-friendly installation technique, and it can be installed within a small region of coverage.

The durability of the device is high, and so this device can be used for continuous operation.

The motor and the blower used within the device are kept safe with the help of grille. Further, this device has been listed in various safety standards, and so it can be used by all the people. This device is mainly designed for indoor use especially for bathrooms.

Panasonic Whisper Ceiling Fans

Panasonic Whisper Ceiling Fans

Key features: Condenser motor, blower, and grille.

Pros: high-quality steel, durable and easy to use.


Choosing the best fan with multiple advanced features is rare. If you are in need of a mounted, HVAC system module ceiling fans with light and heat, adapt to Panasonic Whisper Ceiling Fans.

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