Panasonic Whisper Warm Ceiling Fan Review

With the advancement in the technology implementation, Panasonic has found an innovative way to improve the efficiency and qualified features of the warm ceiling fan with impressive configuration.

Most of the people confuse and thinking about What’s more in this Panasonic whisper warm ceiling fan to buy. To tackle the entire user’s confusion, I have described the most significant beneficial factors of the Panasonic whisper warm ceiling fan to prove that it is the best among other branded fans.

What’s Special Inbuilt With This Panasonic Featured Qualities?

The Panasonic whisper warm 110 CFM is one of the best light weight ceiling mounted fan used for creating the warm surrounding even in the deep cold winter season. It stands unique from other devices due to the inbuilt heater setting and noiseless operation.

Panasonic whisper warm ceiling fan

Its durable and quiet consistency makes the installation easier and simple to operate. This smaller type of streamlined galvanized housing tends to attract numerous users towards it. It is specially equipped with the new innovative design feature of contemporary grille of quick detachable type for easy cleaning option.

The inbuilt thermal fused protected motor makes use of the three level safety heater device to perform the extreme noiseless operation. Its grilles are highly featured to withstand against the strong air blow out and other worst weather condition.

Its rust free galvanized exterior housing tends to force the motor to perform the minimum energy usage to save the larger power consumption and money investments. This Panasonic whisper warm ceiling fan constitutes the ability to blow out the air up to 110 cubic feet of air per minute.

Features Included In Panasonic Whisper Warm Ceiling Fan

Proceed below to check out the features of this Panasonic whisper warm ceiling fan.

Fabulous Construction and Mounting 

This Panasonic whisper warm ceiling mounted fan consists of the inbuilt heater to warm the chill season. Its quick heating and cooling up quality makes the user use the bathroom with complete comfort during different kinds of a season.

With its comfy 2×8 construction model, you can make your bathroom for remodeling purposes.

Advanced Heating Element

Its 1400W durable type of stainless steel sheath is used as the heating element which is usually made up of Nichrome wire and magnesium oxide for moderate heat transferring.

The electrical insulation is mated with the thermal fusing protection at the elevated temperature for safeguarding the device and motor against extreme heat exposure.

High Technology Lighting Implementation

This high-tech Panasonic warm ceiling fan is specially featured with the energy efficient lighting implementation for attaining the top rate. It includes two 13W CFL lamps and GU24 sturdy base to drop out more amount of power output.


The installation of this Panasonic Warm Ceiling Fan is simple, for making you clear i have embeeded a installation video below.

Inbuilt Damper Unit

The high-efficiency damper unit is inbuilt in this Panasonic warm ceiling fan to prevent and secure the back drafting problems. The Panasonic motor is well equipped with the qualified thermal cut off fusing to optimize the performance of the heater not to expose for damaging.

Other Features Of Panasonic Warm Ceiling Fan

There are several specifications involved in the Panasonic whisper warm ceiling fan which I have down listed as follows. It includes fully enclosed condenser motor up to long duration timing and lifetime validity. This 110 CFM rated Panasonic warm ceiling fan consists of four-inch diameter of round shape duct.

Its efficient galvanized exterior housing and sturdy motor construction make the operation much quieter. This Panasonic ceiling fan is one of the high quality and top rated fan which is highly equipped with two 18W fluorescent lamps and one 4W night light for offering effective lighting in both day and night.

Panasonic Whisper Warm Ceiling Fan

Panasonic Whisper Warm Ceiling Fan

Key Features – high tech lighting, condenser motor, high versatility.

Pros – effective warmth, sturdy galvanized housing, inbuilt damper unit.


This Panasonic whisper warm ceiling fan is opted for the people those who are in need of little bit warming quality within few minutes along with the ventilation facility.

With the high versatility, low price tag and qualified features, I do hope that this article helps you to find the hidden qualities and features involved in this product that force you to make a smart move along this product.

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