Rowenta Turbo Silence Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan Review

The Pedestal fans are a type of fans which can be installed easily. All the other types of fans have difficult installing mechanism because they are installed with various external components and things.

There are various important products and brands of pedestal fans; one important product among them is the Rowenta Turbo silence speed oscillating pedestal fan.

The Rowenta Turbo silence speed oscillating pedestal fan is a type of floor fan that can be placed on the floor for various operation.

This fan is very effective, and it offers high coverage area and performance to the users. The high coverage area can be built with the help of the oscillation feature built with it.

Rowenta Turbo Silence Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Rowenta Turbo silence pedestal fan is a high-performance fan that can be operated easily. This fan has various important and attractive features.

Rowenta Turbo Silence Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan

These features are used for increasing the capacity of the device. Various important features and advantages of this device are listed below.


The Rowenta Turbo silence speed oscillating fan is an advanced fan equipped with innovative features. This is an oscillating device, and various important features of this device are listed below.


The motor used within the device is the powerful motor. This motor can withstand various hazardous conditions, and so this device can be used both in the indoor environment and the outdoor environment.

Further, the motor is also equipped with a triple capacitor that can be used for variable speed setting.


This is a pedestal fan designed with five blades that are made up of high-quality material. These five blades are uniquely engineered for powerful performance. The blades are specially designed for quiet operation so that the operation of the device will not disturb the work of the user.

Remote Control

This device can be accessed easily with the help of remote control system built-in with it. This remote control system can be used for various operations such as speed control, ON/OFF operation, etc.

The range of the remote control is effective, and so the device can be accessed anywhere from the room.

Variable Speed

As mentioned above, this device can be operated in variable speed with the help of Triple capacitor network. The three capacitors have the capability to operate the device at three-speed levels such as low, medium and high-speed levels. These variable speed levels offer comfort to the users.


Mostly all the pedestal fans are equipped with oscillation feature. The main reason for using the oscillation feature is the wide coverage area. Mostly pedestal fans spread the air in only one direction.

To avoid this, oscillation technique is used for spreading the air at almost 180 degrees. The fan can oscillate 90 degrees on the both sides from its resting position.

Adjustable Height

This is an important advantage of this fan and with this; the fan can be used for operating at various heights. So the users can adjust the height of the fan according to their comfort. The heights can be adjusted from 42 –inches to 54-inches.

Other Features

This device is also equipped with various other features also. The coverage area of this fan is high, and this fan cab is used in rooms and other places also. The volume of air flow is about 1695 cubic feet per minute.

In addition to this, the device is designed with the noiseless design. This design allows the fan to operate at 40-57 decibels noise itself.

Check out the video review on Rowenta Turbo Silence Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan below.

The blades used within the device are protected with the help of high durable windowing that is made up of bronze. The entire fan is made up of steel, plastic, and bronze. The base of this fan is stable, and it also offers a high performance to all the users.


As this is a useful product, this device has various important advantages with it. The noiseless design offers a high level of comfort to the user. The adjustable heights enable the user to operate the device at desired heights.

The performance of the device is high, and it also has a lifetime warranty motor with it. Further, the blades are powerful and are designed with the noiseless design too. This device is durable, and it can be used both in the indoor and the outdoor environments.

Rowenta Turbo Silence Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Rowenta Turbo Silence Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Key features: 16-inch, 40-57 decibel noise, and 42-54-inches height adjustment.

Pros: remote control, energy efficient and durable operation.


Hope the above product review helped you to know completely about the Rowenta Turbo Silence Speed Oscillating Pedestal Fan.

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