Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan Review

Industrial ceiling fans are high-quality ceiling fans which are mainly designed for withstanding various environmental situations and conditions.

As these fans are useful, various brands have come forward with their models and designs of industrial fans, one important product among them is the Westinghouse industrial ceiling fan.

The Westinghouse industrial ceiling fan is an advanced ceiling fan that is designed with durability. These fans can be used for withstanding various conditions and defects within the industry.

These fans are designed with a high coverage area, and they have the capability to circulate a high volume of air within the surface area.

Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse brand is one of the top-rated brands because the products offered by this brand maintains designed widely based on the new innovative technologies and advancements in the world.

Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan Parts

The industrial fan from this brand is mainly designed with high-quality materials to increase the durability of the device.

The industrial fan offered by Westinghouse is similar to the conventional fans used in the houses, but the features of this device vary greatly.  Some important features and advantages of this fan are given below.


Westinghouse industrial ceiling fan is specially designed industrial use fan that has various features. Some important features of this product are listed below.


The motor used in the device is a high-quality advanced motor that can withstand various conditions within the industry. This motor operates at various power conditions with high performance.

The dimensions of the motor are given as 172-by-12 millimeter, and the material used within the motor is the cold rolled steel. The motor has a single capacitor, and it can be operated with various speeds.


This device uses three blades for operation and so the design of this device is similar to the conventional fans used within the market. These blades are made up of high-quality steel, and this steel can be used for withstanding various environment situations and conditions.

Further, the blades are covered with a white coating, and this coating is mainly used for resisting corrosion within the device.

Westinghouse-Ceiling-Fans blades


Though the motor of this fan is coupled to a single capacitor unit, this fan can be operated at various speeds. This can be done with the help of a speed control unit available within the fans.

This speed control unit is designed with advanced technology, and the speed of the fan can be varied to 5 convenient levels within the device. The speed control unit is designed with a wall installation method.


Before getting the best type of fan for your industries, Note down the installation feature from the manual. Installation determines, mounting the device at the correct position with the correct method.

As this is a ceiling fan, its installing method can be performed with the help of ball hanger installation method. The down rod is also used for installation and it is about 12 inch in length. This fan also has a 54-inch lead wire for connecting the power supply to the device.

Other Features

The above mentioned are various important features of the device. This fan also has various other features, which are common in other fans too.

This fan has a built-in energy efficient mechanism so that the device can be operated with very less power. The coverage area of this fan is high and is about 360 feet. This model is designed without lights, but the light kit system can also be implemented with this device.


The Westinghouse industrial ceiling fan has various important advantages. This product can be used in various situations and climatic conditions.

All the materials used within this product are durable, and it offers high performance and effectiveness to the users. In addition to this, the coverage area of this device is high, and so it can be used for industrial applications too.

This fan is operated with a powerful motor that has a lifetime warranty with it. The motor drives the blades effectively at the various speed of operation. The installation method used within the device is also easy, and so the user can use this device with high performance and quality.

Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Industrial Ceiling Fan

Key Features: steel motor, 5- speed operation and white coated steel blades.

Pros: high-quality, long lifetime and efficient air circulation.


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