Westinghouse Petite 6 Blade Ceiling Fan Review

Are you searching for the small-sized petite ceiling fan with more than five blades to cool up your space in a quick manner?

Stop your search and take one glance through this article to know how this Westinghouse petite six blade ceiling fan helps you to save enough space storage, money investment, and accurate cooling effect.

How This Westinghouse Petite Ceiling Fan Differs In Its Functionality?

Most of the people do not know about how this Westinghouse ceiling fan works within the smaller space to provide the extreme cooling effect. With the implementation of the short sized six blades of 30-inch measure, you can able to get the perfect airflow up to 80 square feet in any rooms.

Westinghouse Petite 6 Blade Ceiling Fan

Its standard light fixture quality tends to attract most of the consumers towards this product for purchase such that to hit the top rating. This mechanical ceiling fan is usually suspended only on the top ceiling which makes use of the hub mounting rotating paddles for dynamic air circulation.

This Westinghouse petite six blade ceiling fan is specially designed with the traditional charm to decorate the room. With the high-performance motor of this hugger mount Westinghouse ceiling fan, it provides the reliable and quiet rotating operation to blow out the cool air efficiently.

Features Defining The Westinghouse Petite Ceiling Fan

There are lot numbers of well-qualified features to define this Westinghouse Petite ceiling fan which I have described for your quick reference. These six reversible white-colored pine blades are highly equipped with the opal mushroom glass light fixture in the middle fan head bottom.

It is mainly featured with the six blades each of which consists of 18-degree pitch measuring to improve the air circulation movements around your space. This high-quality ceiling fan includes one light fixture of 60W for providing the soft illumination lighting effect.

This ceiling fan is installed with the three rotation speed switching and pull chain to control the airflow around your space. With this ceiling fan, you can also able to make a reverse direction with the rotation of the blade to circulate the warm air flow during the deep cold winter season.

It is highly inbuilt with the cold rolling type of high-quality motor with the dual capacitors for producing the powerful noiseless form of air circulation. Its hugger mount system is fully protected with the lead wiring to safeguard the device motor not to get overheating during high-speed rotation.


With the right selection of the ceiling fan, you can able to acquire more beneficial measures. The Westinghouse petite six blade ceiling fan includes several advantageous factors which further induce you to purchase this product.

This indoor ceiling fan is perfect for both small and medium-sized rooms such that it does not make the unpleasant sound when compared to other ceiling fans. It is highly inbuilt with a high-quality motor to work efficiently and last for long duration terms.

It’s trustworthy branded quality and features force the people to buy for satisfying their air circulation needs within the less affording range. This cheap petite ceiling fan is available in all shop such that it is well known for its simple and great working structure.

The Westinghouse Petite ceiling fan offers more value to the users not to waste their money investments in other unworthy products. Its energy-saving capability tends the user to save a lot of energy under low power consumption factor. The reversible option is to opt for both summer and winter season.

Here is a video review of Westinghouse Petite 6 Blade Ceiling Fan.

Westinghouse Petite 6 Blade Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Petite 6 Blade Ceiling Fan

Key Features – indoor ceiling fan, high-quality motor, light fixture, noiseless airflow.

Pros – efficient cooling effect, three rotations speeding, low cost, less power consumption.


To keep your space and body with high cooling effect for preventing the unpleasant smelling caused due to sweat, picking up the right petite ceiling fan for your room is important.

Have you ever tried this type of fan for your home? I do hope that this provided information about the Westinghouse Petite six blade ceiling fan review gives you an outlook to know about how varied the price, features and product availability in a market when it comes to deciding the good petite ceiling fan for your space.

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