Westinghouse Solana Two Blade Ceiling Fan Review

The best remedy to withstand hot summer is the fans. There are various brands that manufacture various varieties and models of fans.

Among them, Westinghouse brand maintains its reputation with its innovative technologies and functions. An important product of the Westinghouse brand is the Solana two blade ceiling fan.

The Westinghouse Solana two blade ceiling fan is a high-performance ceiling fan that uses only two blades for operation.

This blades used in the fans are designed unique and it can be used for the durable operation. This fan circulates the air at high velocity and so it offers a high level of convenience and performance to all the uses.

Westinghouse Solana Two Blade Ceiling Fan

The Solano model of Westinghouse brand offers various new varieties and models of fans. These fans are very effective and they offer higher performance to all the users. Further, the unique design and model of this brand attract various people.Westinghouse Solana Two Blade Ceiling FanHence the reputation of this product is maintained in the market only with the help of its design and attractive features. These features and advantages of the device are listed below.


As mentioned above the features of this product makes it unique and it also ensures high performance to the users. The features of this product are unique and it has various useful capabilities with it. Some important features of this product are listed below.


The motor used within this device is a high-performance motor. This motor can be operated at various conditions and in various places.

The dimensions of the motor can be given by 153-by-17 millimeter. The motor is made up of high-quality silicon steel material. The motor also used three capacitors for variable speed operation.

Light Kit

This fan also has a highly durable light kit with it. The light kit is illuminated with the help of an external power supply. The light bulbs used within the device is two 60 W Candelabra based light bulbs.

The operation of light is entirely different from the operation of the fan and so the lights can be used whenever needed.


The fan and the lights used within the device can be controlled wirelessly with the help of remote control used within the device. The remote control is very effective and it operated with the help of battery.

The remote control can be used for controlling the speed of the fans, ON/OFF conditions of both the light and fan.


This is a dual blade fan and so the blades of this fan are designed with high effectiveness. The important feature of the dual blade fan is that it offers high performance with very less power intake.

The blades are made up of high-quality metal with a wenge finish. The blades can circulate the air in a high coverage area and so this fan can be used within the rooms up to 144 square feet.

Here is a youtube video explaining the features of Westinghouse Solana Two Blade Ceiling Fan.

Other Features

Added to the above features, various other features are also equipped with the device. The motor used within the device is equipped with three capacitors and these three capacitors can be used for variable speed operation.

The speed offered by this device can be classified as low, medium and high. The airflow offered by this fan is about 3,313 CFM with energy-efficient technology.

The power intake of this device is very less and it is about 49 watts. Further, the installation method used within the device is easy and this device can be sued very easily.


The Westinghouse Solana two blade ceiling fan has various important advantages and these advantages depend on the features of the device. This device has a dual operation, such that the device can be operated as per the need of the user.

The remote control used within the device is very effective and with this, the person can control various operations of the device from anywhere within the room. The coverage area of this fan is high and also that device can also be sued within big rooms.

The design of this device is unique and it gives an elegant look when placed within the houses. This fan is an energy efficient fan and so it reduces the power bill of the user to a certain limit. Many people prefer this fan because of its durable lifetime and advanced features.

Westinghouse Solana Two Blade Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Solana Two Blade Ceiling Fan

Key features: remote control, powerful motor and light kit.

Pros: long life, advanced features, and variable speed operation.


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