Best 10 Whole House Fans [Buying guide + Reviews]

Having the right whole house fans can greatly reduce your cooling bills. With that mind, we have tested over 50 whole house fans and found the best 10 that are cost-effective & have great performance in circulating air & maintaining house temperature.

If you don’t have more time to spend here, you can go with QuietCool QC CL-4700 Original Classic Fan. It got the #1 place in our list.

Choose the best whole house fans that create a cool circulation and replaces the hot inside air with a chill outside air. The major use of fans is to produce refreshing air and to keep you cool especially during sunny days.

Whole house fans are much more environment-friendly than the other central air systems. The whole house fans can be used for circulating the air within the entire house. Whole house fans are designed quite bigger than other fans because they are used for driving a large amount of air into the houses.

Most of the newly innovated fans don’t produce much noise so you can operate the fan throughout the night to enjoy better sleep. These fans maintain the circulating air within the houses and so the people within the houses stay out of the heatRemoves odor and provides excellent ventilation all around your area.

Table: Top 10 Best Whole House Fans

Top 10 Whole House Fans- Reviewed

In this article, there are a huge collection of whole house fans to select from but you have to choose the best one for enjoying its benefits. After I have been reviewed for more than 50days I have chosen some of the best products here. Whole house fans are excellent to the alternative to use the central AC unit.

1.QuietCool QC CL-4700 Original Classic Fan

Quiet cool 4700 is the best whole house fan on our list. You can save up to 80 % of electricity bills when compared to the air conditioning units. This fan uses whisper quite technology, so it operates very quietly. So you don’t have to worry about the disturbance while you’re in a deep sleep.

It has a patented acoustical ducting system which provides 6 feet gap between the intake grill and the motor front. This Quiet cool whole house fan delivers 4757 cubic feet per minute at high speed whereas providing 3586 CFM at low speed. It is an ideal choice for 2000- 2800 square feet size of the room.

This fan comes with an R5 Insulated Damper System which ensures the excellent cooling breeze into the room. It has a standard efficiency permanent split capacitor motors. It delivers energy-efficient performance.

2.Airking 9166 20″ Whole House Window Fan

This whole house fan is very advantageous, and it can be operated in three useful speeds. This variable speed operation offers a higher level of comfort to the users. The motor used within the device is a powerful motor with specification about 1/6 horsepower, 120 V and 1 phase with the permanently lubricated operation.

It is an ideal choice for all rooms such as large and small rooms. It comes with front-mounted rotary control for choose the favored speed. It has a 3-speed setting, which is low, medium, and, high. You can customize the speed setting as per your preference. It will give a high-velocity air circulation into the room.

This fan also has a front mounted rotator switch that can be used for various speed operations. This fan has high-quality plastic housing, and this housing can be used for enhancing the durability of the device. The blades used in this device are durable, and it has OSHA approval with it.

3.Air Vent Inc. 24″ Whole House Fan

The air vent whole house fan is also a high-quality whole house fan that can be used and operated with high efficiency. This fan has a powerful motor that is designed with the high-quality energy-efficient mechanism in it. The Air Vent whole house fan is about 24 inches.

The blades used in this device offer high performance, and they are made up of steel. Further, this blade is durable, and it can be used and offered for various important operations and functions.

The speed of the air flow into the houses is of two modes; these two modes can be accessed easily with the help of pull chains. With this mechanism, the house is completely kept cool, and this is also termed as a user-friendly device.

4. Cool Attic CX24BDM-2SPD Whole House Fan

The Cool Attic whole house fan is an attic model fan that keeps the houses cool even during hot climates. This fan is durable, and it can be used for circulating the air at about 1,800 square feet. The motor used within the device is a PSC motor, and this motor is protected thermally for safety.

This device offers a balanced precision of aluminum fan blades assembly. The blades used are built with CFM, and four blades are used with this device to increase the durability of the device. This device also has a joint in and joist out the installation for increasing the durability of the device. It also serves as the best for mobile homes and draws cool outdoor air inside through windows.

This fan also has a shutter enclosed with it, and this shutter offers delight finish with air closure within it. This air enclosure is also durable, and it can be used for ventilating the air both in and out of the device. This device also uses switches for low, high and off operation.

5. Broan 353 Gable Mount Whole House Fan

The Broan whole house fan is a useful fan that operates with a powerful motor. The motor used in the device is durable, and it offers high performance. Further, the motor is built with attic applications, so the people within the house can enjoy a cool climate within the house even during hot weather. If you need a whole house fan for a window this would be the best.

This fan operates at 3.4 amps with 1020 CFM. This CFM is useful, and it can spread the cool air up to 1630 square feet. This device is precision balanced with 14-inches diameter metal blade for maximum air flow.

This fan is also enclosed with a high-quality metal housing that is made up of 22 gages stainless steel. This housing also has ribs with it, and these ribs add strength to the users. The installation mechanism of this fan is easy, and this device operates automatically at a variable speed operation.

6. Quietcool QC CL-3100 Whole House Fan 

The next important whole house fan is the quiet, cool fan which can be operated with the high-quality energy-efficient mechanism with it. This device uses attic technology with it. This technology keeps the entire house cool, and so the use of AC can be completely avoided with these devices.

Further, this device is operated with energy efficient mechanism. This product is also referred to as one among the green energy product in the market today. The fan motor used within the device is powerful, and this fan also has a self-contained duct system with it.

The surface area covered by this fan is about 1500, and so it can be used for ventilating bedrooms and various other places within the house. The installation of this device is very easy, and the vertical installing mechanism is adapted within the device than the horizontal installation.

7. Tamarack Insulated Whole House Fan 

The Tamarack whole house fan is a powerful whole house with various advancements and features. The energy efficient mechanism of this fan makes it look attractive and useful. This whole house fan cools the indoor air within the house by expelling the heated air within the house.

The design of this device is unique, and the installation method of this device is easy.  This device can be installed either in horizontal or in a vertical way. It can be mounted with the center joists of 16-inches or 24 inches. The motor used within the device is powerful, and it offers performance and safety.

This is a remote-controlled device that can be operated easily from any location. It has various remote control operations such as ON/OFF control, variable speed operation, etc. all the operations performed with this device is effective, and these operations ensure high performance to the users.

8. Ventamatic Whole House Fan

The Ventamatic Whole House Fan is a 24-inch fan that can be used for various operations. This fan is very useful, and it is driven with the help of a powerful motor that drives the fan blades with the help of belts. The belt used in this model is made up of high quality, and it can drive the blades for a long time.

The motor used within the device is thermally protected, and it operates effectively with the dual operation. It is the best whole house fan for attic so it pulls the cool air inside through open windows and doors also circulate it throughout the house.

The coverage area of this fan is about 1200-2000 square feet, and so it can be used for ventilating the entire house. Further, this device operates at 5.0 amps for higher performance and uses.

9. Panasonic FV-30VQ3 Ceiling Mounted Fan

The Panasonic whisper ceiling mounted fan is quite different from others because it is designed with a completely enclosed condenser motor. The blades of this fan work smoothly and don’t produce any harsh sound. It allows proper ventilation and it can be installed in any attic.

It can be installed in a simple way so by using this fan the cost of cooling your room will be reduced significantly because of increased airflow.

The Panasonic fan operates at 290 CFM using 250 watts; it can perfectly replace the air conditioners that experience wide swings between day and night temperatures. This fan is the best for mounted ceilings the air can be vented directly out of the house rather than through attic vents.

10. Fantech 2SHE0721 Axial Wall Shutter Fan

It is effective and may be easier to install. It comes with a lightweight shutter and one-speed setting which makes the fan very simple. The better the quality of the shutters the less noise will occur when the unit shuts off. The fans typically may consume 400 to 600 watts of electricity but a whole house fan can ventilate an entire house.

The fan motor is located at the far end of the duct to keep away the motor noise so it can be suitable to fit in bedrooms or other living places. These types of fan are good for flat roofs so you can use it conveniently.

During summer days, it can reduce stress and offer better performance than the air conditioning system. It heavily pushes the air out of the attic and minimizes heat gain around the room this fan works much faster and you may begin to feel the cooling effect within a minute.

Things to know about Whole House Fan

What is Whole House Fan?

Central fans are advantageous fans that can be used for circulating the air throughout the region. These fans offer higher uses, and the first version of the centralized fan is the whole house fans. The whole house fan circulates the air and eliminates the heat within the houses.

In addition to it, these fans keep the entire house cool during hot climate. The hot air within the house is exhausted, and the cool air settles in the house. There are various types and models of whole house fans, some whole house fans are used only for exhausting the air within the houses, and some are designed for circulating the air within the houses.

Among these various whole house fans, one should choose attic whole house fans because attic fans take out heat air completely out of the houses and bring in cool air. This fan keeps us warm under hot climate.

Steps To Find Out the Best Whole House Fan

As mentioned above whole house fans are of various types, and one should select the best fans for increasing the durability and effectiveness of use. There are certainly important and useful facts, and these facts should be considered while selecting a whole house fan.

The first factor for finding the best whole house fans is to note the energy. As the whole house fans are an electrically operated device, the power, and energy used by the whole house fans should be less. Less power makes the system efficient, and it reduces the power bill of the users.

The next important factor to be considered while selecting a whole house fan is the performance. The performance and the durability of these fans should be high; these fans should eradicate the air completely away from the houses so that the user will feel comfortable with the device.

The whole house fans designed with solar panel conserve a large amount of power. As solar power is a renewable source of energy, operating the device with solar power conserves energy to a greater extent. It reduces the power bill completely, and so these fans are preferred at first while selecting a whole house fan.

What to look for when buying whole house fans

There are some of the things you need to look for before buying the fans. You have to find out space where you can fix the fan. During summer days fan may produce hot air due to poor ventilation.

Attic ventilation is almost as important as the fan. Because an attic mounted fan can easily push the hot air through attic vents and draws the cooler, open doors and windows for getting cool air from outside. Larger fans work great and move the air quickly but depending on your floor plan small fans can also provide better airflow.

A number of blades

It is good to choose a fan with more blades. This is why because fans with more blades can reduce the noise and it operates quietly. Make sure that the unit has a welded frame so it will never get loosen use foam strips or rubber mountings.

Attic fans can save the 30% cooling costs by getting rid of hot air. Keep away the fan from your home’s frame with rubber mountings or foam strips. Make sure that the fan is fixed properly just to avoid squeaking.

Larger fan

It is a smart choice to pick a larger fan because such fans can easily run at slow speed. The flow of air in a home is largely dependent on the intake vents that are available so proper balance is important for attaining an effective result.

Whole house fans have the capability to entire the house instead of cooling the inside air. Getting cool air is offers better circulation when being inside without any type of air movement. Larger fans move quickly but also check its weight, installation requirements, appearance as well as the cost.

Benefits of whole house fan

Whole house fans help cool your room correctly. It gives a lot of benefits to you. Here some advantages to using a whole house fan in your home.

Fast operation

It will eliminate the hot air and gives fresh air into the room. It is much more environmental friendly when compared to the central air systems or AC units.

Money Saving

In its operation cost about 10-20% less than when compared to the air conditioner cost. It is very affordable to buy. As per the, the heating bill is increased in every year. Whole house fan helps to reduce your electricity bills. It is very cheap when compared to the central air conditioning unit. It is the best alternative for AC units.

Simple installation

The installation process of the whole house fan is very simple. Most of the whole fans are constructed by the roof trusses and attic joists. So you can install it yourself without the help of any experts.

Noiseless performance

It operates very quietly. So you don’t have to worry about the noise. Your children can sleep peacefully without any noise. It will give an excellent cool breeze to your entire house.

Types of whole house fan

Whole house fans are an important thing to increase the quality of indoor air. There are 2 types of whole fans available in today’s market.

Ceiling mounted whole house fan

These fans are mounted on the ceiling of your home, between the loft and your living area. It perfectly suits your budget and, it is very simple to install. These fans produced more noise when compared to the ducted fan.

Ducted Whole house fan

If you want the quietest fan for your home, you can choose ducted whole house fans. These fans are very quiet when compared to the mounted ceiling fan. It is an ideal choice whether you have a kid in your home.

How to install a whole house fan

Installing the whole house fan is a simple process. Here we’ve given the tips for how to install the whole house fan.

Choose the fan’s location

The first thing to install the whole fan is the location. Using the stud sensor then mark the location where you’ll install the fan. You must check if there is any obstruction in that area. After that, remove the insulation.

Assemble the Fan Installation Kit

Using the rough estimate and made a hole into the ceiling. You can use 2-by-4-inch or 2-by-6-inch boards depend on your home architecture. These boards are used to make the box on the ceiling.  This box will hold the whole house fan.

Install the fan

Carefully put the fan into the board box. You should check the fan fits correctly. After that, apply the silicon coating in the gaps between the box and the fan.


Connect the wire to the wall switch. Once you connect the wire, you can control the fan by using the remote or wall switch. You can change the settings wherever in your house. Finally, you set the grill.

Whole house fans Vs attic fans

Attic fan

The attic fan is installed on the loft. This fan leaves the hot air into the outside by using the roof vent. The main thing of an attic fan is they help to prevent the heat from the loft to the living area. It is easy to handle. It can automatically on or off through the thermostat. It will run only while the room is heat. The installation cost of this attic fan is very low when compared to the whole house fan installation.

Whole house fan

The whole house fans are installed in the roof of the house. It absorbs out the hot air from the house and leaves it outside. This fan runs only while cooler evening, night, and morning times. It helps to remove the odors and steam from the room. This fan only takes 3 minutes for cool down the room.

The attic and whole house fan both work well. As per, your home architecture and your family members decision you can choose the fans.

Final Verdict

Whole house fans are energy efficient fans and so it can be used easily by replacing conventional air coolers. These fans keep the entire house cool in all the environments. Whole house fans can be a part of best window fan too.

There are different types and specifications for each purpose. So know the right purpose and then get a perfect whole house fan for you. Programmable thermostats and the temperature controls add extra convenience but make sure heating and cooling options are turned off.

Get the best quality Whole house fans and enjoy the refreshing feel throughout the day! Cool your area with these types of fans and have a happy night sleep. You can also view the different types of fans in this section.

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