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How does a Ceiling fan Work?

Ceiling fans are the great way to cool off during hot summer days and in the chill season; it keeps you warm with an optimal temperature. The rotation of the ceiling fan is built...

Benefits of a Remote for your Ceiling fan

A remote control fan gives you a more versatile option for fan operation. One of the biggest benefits of using the remote control for your fan is, if you wish to use a light...

Ceiling fan Maintenance Tips

Do you experience some wobbling with your fan? Try tightening all of the blade and blade iron screws until they are snug. It is essential to turn off the power and also check that...

How to choose the right size of a ceiling fan

Choosing the perfect ceiling fan and picking the right size is a quite challenging task for you. First, you have to decide what type of ceiling fan you should add to your room, so...

Useful Tips to INSTALL and REPLACE the ceiling fan

A ceiling fan looks stylish and functional also adds an extra décor to your room.  Ceiling fans are heavy to fix so they require some additional support. When you choose the fan make sure...