Top 10 Best Kids Ceiling Fan

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Children are wonderful boon bestowed by God on human and their mischievous activities always brings happiness to the spectators and at times people become rude to them due to some strong loss. We might have seen that a kid’s room which would be quite different from the room of their guests and parents and what is the reason for this change? We must always remember that the mind of a kid is always happy and has no worries regarding their health, money, house, profession, etc.

As per our testing, Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan got the #1 place in our list. In its candelabra light gives an extreme illumination in your kid’s room.

Their bed, their floor mats with the colorful and interesting design is one of their valuable treasures. Availability of large windows through which they can peep into their room is an added enjoyment to them moreover; kids with their pets would prefer to have a pet crate very near to them. Wallpapers like butterflies, Mickey Mouse’s, garland, space, dream and attractive furniture’s and paints, fans are also factors which make them live in their own land. A ceiling fan is one of the essential things while considering the kid’s room. So you should the best ceiling fan for your nursery. 

Top Ten Best Kids Ceiling Fans

Here are some of the popularly available ceiling fans specially designed for the children’s use which will be a humble guide in assisting you to buy a new fan. Each fan has a unique feature which should be noticed and matched with the profile of your kid’s interest in purchasing it.

Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan

Craftmade WB348TS3 kid ceiling fan

Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan is an inspired aeronautically designed ceiling fan which is similar to a shark designed warplane. It is a surface mounted ceiling fan which can be installed and fastened to the ceiling easily. This ceiling fan has 3 blades which are designed to be a warplane blade which is painted with a rich wood finish and it is slightly tilted not only to provide an efficient airflow but also to provide a perfect design of a rotating propeller moreover the diameter of the fan is around 48 inches which are long enough to demonstrate that it is a real propeller hanging down the ceiling.

Additionally, you can expect three flavors in this ceiling fan, namely, black sheep, sop with camel and glamorous glen but all the three are similar in their propeller model with little variations in their designs. This Craftmade Tiger Shark Warplane Ceiling Fan seems to be a shark protruding out of the ceiling with its nose having an eminent propeller whose real model was called as P-40 fighter jets which were used in World War 2. Moreover, the construction of this ceiling is very dynamic in such a way that it has 3-speed controls to control the speed of the motor and this control can be done by simply pulling a chain.

The central part of the dome of the ceiling fan consists of a candelabra light which gets illuminated when the system is switched on and note that the power rating of the light is 60 watts which provides a good intensity of light helpful to do their homework, daily tasks, etc. This aviation inspiring warplane type ceiling fan would definitely drive the kid to become a pilot, astronaut in one or the other day in his life

Roundabout Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan

7247500 Roundabout kid ceiling fan

Roundabout Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan is one of the spectacular and cute little ceiling fans for kids who prefer to own a cool and simple fan. This kid ceiling fan is brushed with nickel to provide a charismatic and able appearance to the children. This nickel indoor ceiling fan is made up of 5 different colored blades moreover the principle of Newton’s color wheel can easily be understood by simply operating the fan. It is nothing but a small experiment which teaches the children about the combination of the VIBGYOR colors forms the white color.

So, when the fan spins no color can be evidently visible except a blank white color and by installing this fan there a good possibility for the children to learn practically about colors. This Roundabout Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan has a doom in the middle which produces a bright luminance effect providing a dynamic night lamp to the kid. Even though the size of this indoor ceiling fan is very small, the amount of air circulated by this eminent equipment is nothing short of abundance and it can even propagate adequate amount of air for a spacious room of about 100 square feet’s. Moreover, the motor which plays a vital role in this ceiling fan is of high ranking quality ensuring proper rotation and thus providing excellent ventilation to its surroundings.

The most attractive feature of this Roundabout ceiling fan is that it has a reversible switch, which can be used to spin the motor in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction and this improvises the use of this ceiling fan to be used in both warm can cold conditions. At warm conditions the ceiling fan circulates the wind from the open windows spinning in counterclockwise direction, and at cold conditions since all the windows would be kept closed and when the fan is operated in the clockwise direction to re-circulate the hot air from the ceiling circulates into the room again and again thus reducing the use of a heater and also reducing the power wastage by 30%.

Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan Company kid ceiling fan

Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan is robust and 3d illusionary flyer ceiling fan designed especially for the inspiration of the children. This kind of ceiling fans due to their external structure attracts the children very much and gives them a feeling that they are really under the propeller of an aircraft which instigates them to become a pilot. Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan also motivates a kid to be a part of ruling the air.

This dominant model of ceiling fan consists of an ultra-powerful motor which spins fast providing surplus ventilation to the room and also the motor provides a quiet performance without even making any noise thus soothing the kid to have a silent nap. This ceiling fan doesn’t have a long shaft to connect itself to the ceiling and so it is very much suitable for the rooms which are very much lowered probably opt for a ceiling below 8 feet. The tail and the land gear setup are supposed to be stuck on the ceiling using tape and some people prefer a double-sided tape which serves the cause very smoothly.

The Hunter Fantasy Flyer Ceiling Fan is equipped with a reversible switch so that it can rotate in both the direction ie) in counterclockwise and clockwise directions. During summertime, the switch can be adjusted to spin the fan in the counterclockwise direction providing fresh air ventilation in the room, whereas during the winter time, the switch can be adjusted to make the fan to in the clockwise direction to provide hot air inside the closed room. Moreover, the switch is off pulled chain type which can provide 3 different speed adjustments and also the motor used in this ceiling fan is issued with a lifetime warranty.

Craftmade Prostar Basketball Ceiling Fan

Craftmade PS52BB kid ceiling fan

Craftmade Prostar Basketball Ceiling Fan is a smart looking ceiling fan which is very similar to a basketball and a net is also associated with it. The silicon steel is used to make the basketball with the realistic leather grain texture and so it is not a real basketball which houses the efficient motor. Additionally, a 17-inch opal glass light is fabricated at the base of the housing thus serving as an appropriate night lamp to the kid.

Since the glass of the light is made up of opal the brightness of the light would not affect the tendency to sleep and no doubt this Craftmade Prostar Basketball Ceiling Fan would be a dream to be installed in the canopy of every basketball fan’s room. There are four blades which are installed to the silicon steel which are made up of four maple plywood blades. Moreover, this ceiling fan is furnished with the remote controller, so that no child needs to feel indolent to find the switch at the late night to switch if off.

By using this remote controller, the kid can control the speed of the fan in 3 varying speeds, and also the fan can be made to spin in the reverse direction also just by pressing a key in the remote awarding a peaceful sleep to the kid. The light system in the middle of the fan seems to be a ball of glowing fire which could also be easily adjusted with the remote. This Craftmade Prostar Basketball Ceiling Fan has a diameter of 52 inches thereby occupying a large area providing immense airflow which is very much close to5000 CFM where CFM refers to cubic feet per minute.

Aire Ryder Vaxcel Alice Ceiling Fan

Vaxcel FN44322W Alice Ceiling Fan

Aire Ryder Vaxcel Alice Ceiling Fan is breathtaking and meticulously crafted equipment designed for ensuring a good amount of air and elegance. This dreamy product comes with a light pink color blade with the soft milky white dome which suits more for the girl child because as you know pink is meant to be girly. The structure of the fan blades seem to be oval and the 5 petals incorporate with each other and thus making the kid below the fan to visualize a pink flower with 5 petals swirling around her.

The fan has a small extension of the doom which is in the shape of a butterfly over which the pink petals are fixed. The central dome which is creamy white has two strings which allow you to control the operations and speed of the fan and it includes three different speeds in which it can be operated based on the need of the kid. Moreover, the blades used in this ceiling fan are of reversible types which contain dotted designs at it back and so the fan blades can also be flipped while installed thus providing two designs in a single fan.

The central dome also contains a 19-watt bulb which produces a bright radiance enough to illuminate a room of 100 square feet’s and the diameter of the fan is around 44 inches and so it can provide airflow event to rooms of greater sizes. This Aire Ryder Vaxcel Alice Ceiling Fan does not contain a remote control feature and so controlling can be done only with the strings hanging down from the doom. Moreover, the height of the fan from the ceiling is about 20 inches and so it would be installed very near to the ceiling and so this fan would not be suitable for the rooms with the standard heights.

Hunter Space Discovery Brushed Nickel Ceiling

Hunter Space Discovery kid ceiling fan

Hunter Space Discovery Brushed Nickel Ceiling is an ideal and unique ceiling fan specially designed for the kids interested in space explorations. This ceiling fan consists of five blades which are kept at an equal distance from each other and the blades are fashioned with a galactic outlook which includes asteroids, comets, stars, etc. Moreover, the blades are manufactured with a dust armor nanotechnology which allows the fan to prevent the accumulation of dust at the sides of the blades whose presence would considerably reduce the amount of airflow.

The blades are also reversible moreover; one among the two designs like black and black moon with stars can be displayed on the blades as per the kid’s wish. Moreover, Hunter Space Discovery Brushed Nickel Ceiling fan is bolstered with the 3-speed adjustment technique, and also the speed adjustments can be made in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction.

This vibrant and dynamic design in this ceiling fan would always keep an absolute room temperature inside the room as required by the kid by spinning the fan in the counterclockwise direction at the summer time and doing vice versa during the winter time.

The central doom is made up a translucent cup which has the decors of a globe and also two CFL bulbs each rating 14 W is placed inside the doom to provide adequate light to the room. Since two bulbs and a motor are used while operating this model of the ceiling fan the equipment may have power hunger little greater than other model and also the Hunter Space Discovery Brushed Nickel Ceiling fan is a flush mount ceiling fan in which the motor housing is directly fixed to the ceiling. So there is no rod available to provide an adequate extension to this model of the ceiling thus making it reliable only for low profile ceilings.

Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Designers Kids ceiling fan

Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan is a long and slender ceiling fan for kids which made up of a white finish over which lies small themes of sports like basketball, football, etc. These humble Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan is a flush mounted fan whose motor housing part is mounted below the ceiling unlike a typical fan with a long hanging shaft. The central part of the doom has a CFL lamp which rates around 60 watts and due to its high power rating, the light would be enough to illuminate a wide room of more than 100 square feet’s.

The size of the blades and the number of on the fan can be preferred by the buyer while purchasing it moreover when the kid in the room becomes tired of seeing a sports theme on his/her fan blade then the blades can be flipped thus providing a neat and milky white finish to the child. The Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan can be made to spin in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction allowing the kid to enjoy the warm and cold climates by providing exact room temperature inside the room.

Suggesting a 42-inch blade or a 52-inch blade lies in the hands of the buyer and whatever may be their suggestion due to its admirable length the Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan can provide an excess amount of air circulation. This ceiling fan is also equipped with the easy pull chain facility to control the motion of the fan with various 3-degree speeds and also the double seal bearings and the self-aligning blades eliminate the noise and wobbles offered by the fan. If you are searching for the fan for your kid’s playroom, Kids Play Ball Indoor Ceiling Fan is a perfect choice.

Craftmade, Bloom Ceiling Fan

Craftmade BL52W, Bloom Ceiling Fan

Craftmade, Bloom Ceiling Fan is a funny and infantile piece of ceiling fan whose structure very much resembles an origami structure done with colored papers. This incredibly looking fan is not flush mounted like other fans on this list but it is supported by a slender shaft to mount this heavy fan with the ceiling. This Craftmade, Bloom Ceiling Fan consists of two sets of fan blades with one bigger set and a smaller set; the fan blades of the bigger set contains 5 blades made up of plastic which are fixed exactly to the motor at a particular angle whereas the smaller set fan blades also contains 5 small blades which are not fixed to the motor, instead they are just connected to a bearing outside the motor and so the smaller set of blades are free from motor rotation.

Once the fan is switched on the bigger set rotates and brings the air down which when incident on the smaller blades they also start to spin but in the opposite direction. This feature allows the cute looking fan to supply ample and stable supply of air to the room regardless of all climatic conditions. Moreover, this ceiling fan can also be operated in reverse direction by pressing a single key in the TCS hand-held remote; while operating in the reverse direction the bigger blades rotate in the reverse direction but the small blades rotate opposite to that of the ceiling fan. Contrasting colors like pink and green are used to visualize the elegance of mixing of colors. Additionally, the doom in the center has two 60 watts candelabra lights of which only one can be illuminated at a time.

Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove Ceiling Fan

Home Decorators Collection kid ceiling fan

Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove Ceiling Fan is a floral structured fan with numerous inbuilt surprising qualities which surprises the buyer after purchase. It is ceiling fan with five well-designed petals with a teak finish moreover, the  blade surfaces are carved with appropriate designs to make efficient friction with air while circulating the same and also Home Decorators Collection Palm Cove Ceiling Fan is a multipurpose fan which can be fitted to the ceiling with any type of mounting that includes standard mounts- mounting a typical fan with a slender shaft; flush mounts – mounting the motor housing just below the ceiling; and angle mount – mounting the fan vertically on an angled rafter of a roof.

Down rods are also available to mount this ceiling fan in the standard mount mode. It seems to appear that the motor of this ceiling fan is housed inside a natural iron housing which gives a gem look and at the same time the opal glass light at the base of the mount draws the attention of all the viewers and this opal glass houses two 9.5 W LED bulbs inside it and thus makes the room still brighter. Also, this ceiling fan posses the quiet motor technology which makes the motor free from noise, regardless of its speed. This exquisite and crafty ceiling fan has to be controlled by the strings and not with the remote and also this dynamic equipment can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes also.

Batman Superhero Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Designers kid Ceiling Fan

Batman Superhero Ceiling Fan is one of the specially designed and majestic ceiling fans suitable for kids to extend their happiness. It consists of four spectacular blades with a white polished surface over which runs the pictures of the batman thus proving true to the name. It is a flush mount ceiling fan which should be fixed to the ceiling but down rods can also use it to change the ceiling fan to be standardly mountable also.

The light kit of the Batman Superhero Ceiling Fan is of alabaster style in which the light seems to glow inside a cup; moreover, the 60-watt bulbs attached inside the cup gives enough illumination. This ceiling fan can be tuned to run at 3 different speeds as per the user’s need moreover, the direction of the rotation can also be reversed thus making the fan a dual purpose fan which brings in air and takes out air when operated in two different modes.

Additionally, the diameter of this Batman Superhero Ceiling Fan is about 52 inches which is quite longer to bring enough ventilation into the room moreover, two down rods with variable sizes like 2” and 4” are provided with this ceiling fan and so these fans should be used in high ceilings when they are used with the down rods.

Benefits of Nursery Ceiling Fan

All they need is the happiness which they can get by speaking to themselves having their own imagination about some characters shown in their favorite TV shows. They start living with those characters, and they so want the pictures of their beloved character drawn on the walls of their room moreover children’s mentality is to be always ahead of others and almost they prefer to sleep upstairs or even they prefer the top rack in a double bed.

They would keep dolls and the 3d structure of their favorite stars, all kinds of games some of which may cause uneasiness to their parents. Children would always prefer multifunctional furniture’s which could be within their reach. For example, a table and a chair which can be folded easily and kept beneath the bed and they require immediate access to the remote of the television near their bed.

Why they need an attractive fan for their room?

Kids often dream to have a specific world for them and keeping this in mind there is a more popular story of Alice in Wonderland which is purely whimsical; while they go to bed their eye and mind starts to dream and think on seeing the fan. A professionally designed fan doesn’t create any sort of happiness and privacy in their minds whereas a colorful fan can do so additionally, the size and the color of the fan should be as per their requirement.

Ceiling Fan in Kid’s Room

Most children like to have a fan which would match the color of their room with designs and cartoons over it and if it is built with any of the designs from his book that provides an additional happiness to the kid because he starts to feel as if he create that stuff and he knows everything about a fan. But parents would spend and try a lot to satisfy the thirst of their kid with a fan something short of his expectation they would feel bad but once they get used to the one the parent has bought then he/she would be ok.

Buying Tips

Moreover, this is different for a boy and a girl, as you know the girl child would prefer her room, bed, fan to be pink in color whereas the boy would prefer his room to be little messy, scientific and adventurous. Knowing the mindset of kids this article provides sufficient information not only to the parents but also to all the folks about picking a ceiling fan for a kid which suits his/her taste very much. There are some factors that the parents should be aware of before purchasing a ceiling fan for a kid. Scroll your mouse to know it one by one.


The first and foremost factor for a kid to become excited with a ceiling fan is the attractive and bright colors of the newly purchased fan. Colors help them in the connection of the neuropathy in the brain. Each color plays a very vital role in a child’s life, blue enhances the cool and a feeling of relaxation, red amplifies the passion and strong feelings, yellow – accumulate happiness, green gives abundance and health, pink for calming, purple for attraction and orange for memory and thinking capacity. So do not bother about the color about your liking and provide importance to the interest of the kid while picking a new one which would make him very dearly to the ceiling fan.


Some of the kids prefer to have a big sized ceiling fan which has huge blades, and it would be pretty much obvious that they won’t worry about the amount of air it circulates. Parents in such a situation can afford to buy a motor with good power rating which would provide enough air and less maintenance. Some kids, especially girls would suggest their fan to be very small and cute, and it would be always in such a way that no one other the kid would get air from the fan moreover small fans are speedy and requires a low power motor only. So, understand the mentality of the kids properly and then pick the size of the fan which matters greatly after you purchase one.


The most required factor in purchasing a new fan is the safety of the kid. Some motors would be made up of cheap quality and due to that design; it may cause power leakages, short circuits which is an impending danger to your kid. So always make sure that the fan is mounted on the ceiling beyond the reach of your kid. The wires in the fan should not be allowed to hang anywhere because kids are totally unaware of electricity; they may pull the cord thinking it be a string for a balloon. Place the power socket away from the bed and window which would immune the kid from electric fires moreover avoid daisy chaining in your kid’s room.

Final Verdict

We feel very glad to submit this kid’s ceiling fan buying guide to our viewers and hope it has yielded you very much. Checking the power rating and the safety issues is a mandatory factor to get the desired product. Apart from that the airflow efficiency, the brightness of the light is to be examined carefully and then fetch a fan which suits your ceiling and is sure about not purchasing a fan which is very heavy. You can see more ceiling fan reviews in this part.

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